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Metallic Gold 36" Jumbo Chrome Latex Balloons | 2 pcs

Metallic Gold 36" Jumbo Chrome Latex Balloons | 2 pcs

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Color: gold
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Make Events Pop with 36" Metallic Gold Jumbo Latex Balloons

Elevate your celebration with the vibrant charm of our 36" Metallic Gold Jumbo Latex Balloons. These oversized balloons are more than just bursts of color; they bring an atmosphere of joy and festivity to any event, making each moment memorable.

CV Linens offers a diverse range of wholesale latex balloons, including Metallic Gold Jumbo Latex Balloons. The metallic gold hue brings a distinctive vibe to events, symbolizing opulence and sophistication. The rich, luxurious effect of this color makes them perfect for upscale gatherings, weddings, or any celebration where a touch of glamour is desired. Picture these balloons enhancing the ambiance of anniversary parties, New Year's Eve galas, or Hollywood-themed events.

Explore other colors with our dazzling 36" Pastel Yellow Jumbo Latex Balloons. These balloons add a delightful touch to events, making them ideal for baby showers or any celebration that benefits from a soft and cheerful color palette.

CV Linens offers more than just balloons; it unlocks possibilities for your event. Pair the balloons with our premium round tablecloths for a sophisticated and cohesive look. For a touch of grandeur, consider our hoop ring kit for ceiling draping, creating an ethereal atmosphere.

Make your next event truly pop by infusing our 36" Metallic Gold Jumbo Latex Balloons and CV Linens' exquisite range of table linens and decor. Your journey to unparalleled event styling begins here.

What are Latex Balloons?

These jumbo balloons are made from latex rubber, as opposed to mylar balloons. Latex balloons are more affordable, flexible, and stretchy than foil balloons, making them a better choice for the base of large DIY balloon decor.

Our balloons can be filled with air using an automatic inflator or with helium. Helium is the best gas to use if you want your balloons to float. However, because latex is porous, they will have a short float time. Air-filled floating balloon decor can be made by filling your balloons with air and securing them with a balloon stick or balloon clip.

If you or your guests are allergic to latex, coming in contact with latex balloons can cause an allergic reaction. To prevent allergic reactions, opt for latex-free or non-latex balloon alternatives such as mylar balloons.

Impress Guests with Our Bulk Latex Balloons!

Add fun and spirited vibes to your party with our 36" jumbo latex balloons for sale! Balloons are the hallmark of any festive occasion due to their affordability and versatility. Latex balloons are especially coveted because they can easily be dressed up or down and filled with either air or helium. 

These jumbo latex balloons can be decorated with paper tassels or tulle for fancy occasions. You can draw on them for a whimsical party touch, they can be used in dramatic archways or balloon murals, and so much more. As a bonus, they are lightweight and easy to handle, so transportation is a breeze. 

Our larger-than-life balloons add an extra touch of excitement to various events. Add to the festive spirit of your celebrations by using jumbo latex balloons for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, gender reveal parties, graduations, and even outdoor displays! They are available in assorted colors, allowing you to create bold and festive photoshoot backdrops.

Beyond the party, balloons are also a great way to express appreciation, boost spirits, and spread joy. Our 36" jumbo latex balloons wholesale are ready to elevate the mood at your party. For a more custom touch, be sure to check out our 51012, and 18 balloons to mix and match for the biggest impact.

Styling Events with 36" Metallic Gold Jumbo Latex Balloons

Transform your event with the vibrant versatility of our 36" Metallic Gold Latex Balloons. These dynamic decor elements are bursts of color that can elevate your event styling in numerous ways.

Create a captivating balloon backdrop that serves as the focal point for your celebration. Use these balloons as backdrops for photo booths, forming archways to guide guests along a perfect walkway. For an added touch of sophistication, pair our balloons with blush/rose gold spandex pillar covers for metal cylinder pedestal stands. This combination can be used to highlight displays for product launches and photo showcases.

Craft stunning table centerpieces by mixing and matching our metallic gold balloons with gingham checkered polyester tablecloths, white spandex folding chair covers, and gold charger plates. This eclectic combination creates a one-of-a-kind display that seamlessly blends colors and textures. 

CV Linens offers a wide range of event decor, leaving your guests in awe of your meticulous event styling. Enhance your event with the perfect blend of color, style, and sophistication.

We Are Your Trusted Latex Balloons Supplier!

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for "36” jumbo latex balloons near me.” At CV Linens, we are one of the best wholesale latex balloons suppliers! The 36” jumbo latex balloons price is budget-friendly, allowing you to save big on your party decorations.

But that's not all! CV Linens is your one-stop shop for all your event supply needs. Explore our extensive collection, from the elegance of sage green polyester round tablecloth to delightful cake and cupcake stands. We offer a diverse range of event supplies to enhance your celebration. 

Take the next step in upgrading your event experience. Shop our collection now and add to your cart the 36" Metallic Gold Jumbo Latex Balloons. Trust CV Linens to make your events truly memorable!

CHOKING HAZARD: Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated balloons or broken balloons. Adult supervision is required. Keep uninflated balloons away from children. Discard broken balloons as soon as possible.

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Color: Metallic Gold Chrome

Size: 36"

Material: Latex

Quantity: 2 pcs