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90"x156" Rectangular Oblong Polyester Tablecloth - Lavender

90"x156" Rectangular Oblong Polyester Tablecloth - Lavender

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Color: lavender
Size: 90 x 156 in.
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90"x156" Rectangular Oblong Polyester Tablecloth - Lavender

Nothing is as joyful as a slow afternoon get-together with your family and friends. Whether it’s a belated New Year’s party, a chill beach summer getaway, an autumn gathering for Halloween, or just a plain simple afternoon with friends to unwind, it’s always a delight to prepare table setups. 

Looking for a quick way to liven up your party? Dress up your venue with our 90”x156” Lavender Rectangular Oblong Polyester Tablecloth to brighten up your table ensemble.

Lavender emerges as a delightful choice for decor as tablecloths, infusing spaces with a subtle and soothing elegance that transforms any setting into a haven of tranquility. The soft and calming tones of lavender serve to elevate any space, creating an ambiance of gentle sophistication that resonates with quiet charm. Dressing tables in the delicate hue of lavender not only introduces a serene color palette but also transforms the setting into a peaceful retreat where gatherings exude a timeless serenity and understated beauty.

Why Use Lavender Polyester Tablecloths

Polyester tablecloths are durable, moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant, making them a good choice for multiple usages throughout your whole year’s events. For your tablecloths, you can choose from different shapes depending on the feel you want to achieve. While good tablecloths are decorative and aesthetic, using the right shape and color can also prove to be functional for the birthday dinner or christening that you’re shooting for.

An oblong polyester tablecloth can do something else by giving you some flow and movement. Either way, a sequin table overlay would be your best bet if you want some shine and shimmer on your dinner table. This would work if you want to put an item or dish at the center stage. 

Another advantage of a 90 x 156 polyester tablecloth is that it is big enough to cover large tables. This is perfect for a set of buffet tables for your celebratory buffet. With your hefty spread, the special food selection can prove to be more enticing.

Oblong tablecloths are perfect for dining tables for your guests. It fits perfectly with circular tables for a more intimate seating arrangement on your special day.

If you’re looking for a simpler look, you can also opt for a rectangular polyester tablecloth for the just right amount of neatness. Stylish elegance that’s simple yet head-turning? Choose this for your master table. Depending on your party’s theme, get creative with your tablecloths to get the right look. 

Design Options for your Party Decor

Elevate your party even further. Add some polyester table runners in contrasting colors to make your setup more enticing for your guests. It will set the celebratory mood you’ve been aiming for. 

Along with your 90”x156” Lavender Rectangular Oblong Polyester Tablecloth, you may choose to pair it up with a table runner in royal blue for some contrast, or orange for some flow and harmony. If you want a bit of a modern look, opt for a black table runner for a sleek vibe. 

For the pre-dinner snacks and refreshments, drape your high tables with some spandex high top table covers. Go for neutral colors that can complement your main 90”x156” Lavender Rectangular Oblong Polyester Tablecloth. Opt for some navy blue, black or navy blue high top table covers.

Elevate your Party with Quality Linens

Elevate your party with only the best top-quality linens. Seat your guests with a premium look by choosing chiffon chair sashes in rust, champagne or navy blue. These colors go exceptionally well with the Lavender Rectangular Oblong Polyester Tablecloth. 

Explore our wide selection of tablecloths to fit your party needs. You can also opt for our 90”x156” Black Rectangular Oblong Polyester Tablecloth. This can be a good alternative for an equally classic look. 

Put the cherry on top of your table setup by getting velvet napkins in bulk. Royal blue, rust, burgundy, black are good options that go well with a variety of table settings. To seal the deal, you can also put up a centerpiece candelabra, or a flower vase. Don’t forget to get some cutlery that’s squeaky clean and neat for your dinner table. Give your guests a dinner to remember with a stunning tablescape. 

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Dress your party in style using quality yet affordable party decor with CV Linens. Shop great options at the CV Linens website for all the items that we’ve gone through. Check out each item for detailed photos and a description that can help you add to cart the items best for your event. Get major discounts to score only the best value for your money. 

Buy your 90 x 156 rectangular oblong tablecloths in wholesale and get major savings. You can also check out some more deals and discounts in our linen tablecloth clearance selection. Buy in bulk and add to cart now to get the best deals with CV Linens. 

Are you a busy bee? You might be a newlywed couple, or a mom who is busy with her children, or a young professional wanting to gather your best friends for your life’s milestone. Have all the best party linens delivered right at your doorstep. Shop with CV Linens now and get free shipping when you order above $99. 

Whatever you’re planning, just be sure to follow the cardinal rule: try and try, mix and match, until you get the perfect blend! Shop hassle-free and party in style with CV Linens.

For more design inspiration, visit our blog, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or Pinterest accounts. Decorate your party with stunning decor from CV Linens and create golden me.

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Color: Lavender

Material: 100% Polyester

Fabric Weight: Approx. 200 GSM

Size: Approx. 90"x156" rectangular (rounded corners)

Pack: 1 per polybag

Care Instruction: Machine Washable & Dryable. Do not bleach.

Drop: The tablecloth will touch the floor when placed on a 8 foot rectangular table with a 30" standard height.

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