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Why use Sequin Event Decor

Nothing adds more glamor and elegance to an event like sparkly event linens. Not only do they add shimmer to your color palette, they also accentuate event lighting, creating a burst of color to your venue.

Sequin linens are perfect for any kind of event. Use them when decorating wedding receptions, birthday parties, baby showers, and even corporate events such as product launch or anniversary celebrations.

Whether you add shine to your venue using small accents and elements like napkins and runners, to large decor pieces such as tablecloths and curtain drapes, sequin linens can make a big impact on your overall styling. It does not matter if you are having a morning, lunchtime, or dinner event, or what season it is, sequins are always in style!

What are the kinds of sequin linens?

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Sequin linens can be found in the form of large Payette's or mini sequins or glitz sequins. The main difference between glitz sequins and Payette sequins depends on the size of sequins, shape and thus, how they are used as decorative elements. There are also larger sequin pieces such as the Spangle Shimmer Sequin that are used as wall backdrops.

CV Linens offers three styles of sequin linens, large Payette, glitz on taffeta, and glitz on mesh.

Glitz Sequin on Taffeta

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Glitz sequin on Taffeta linens have a durable opaque taffeta backing. Compared to sequin on mesh, this is a sturdier fabric that holds its shape better. There are no worries about being see-through when used in natural or bright lighting so this material is also perfect for curtain drapes.

For this style the sequins are sewn closely and overlapping for maximum coverage so the color will be more vibrant because there will not be any sparse areas. Glitz sequin on taffeta is available in stripe, diamond, and solid patterns.

If you are using the glitz sequin on taffeta as draping, use it as a base drape as it offers more coverage, and it blocks out outside lighting. It is also great for when you want it to add a pop of color to your venue.

When using glitz sequin on taffeta tablecloths, you do not need a base layer, and the color will be more vibrant. To create contrast, use white chair covers decorated with solid-colored chair bands to match your sequin round tablecloths. You may also want to use plain-colored table decorations such as charger plates and utensils.

Additional tip: Add glitz and glam to your event by adding decor in different materials. This will help you add a pop of color to your venue while making the sequins stand out.

Sequin on Mesh

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Glitz sequin on mesh features sequins sewn sparsely ona lightweight net mesh backing that is more flexible and more manageable. It is also easier to pack and store as thinner fabric will fold up smaller.

Sequin on mesh linens are available in a classic solid pattern, or in a geometric deco pattern perfect for Gatsby inspired events..

If you are using glitz sequin mesh net drapes , they will be flowy and easier to swag, and making them great for accent color drapes. Lights can also be added behind the sequin backdrop drape for a twinkling effect.

For sequin table cloths, glitz sequin on mesh works great for swaging. It can create a two-tone look with base linen underneath such as your go-to white tablecloths.

What are the benefits of both styles in any linen type?

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Glitz sequins are highly reflective and sparkly. They are perfect for any event, from baby showers to quinceaneras, wedding ceremonies, anniversary parties, or birthday celebrations.

Glitz sequins are a super easy way to add pizzazz to any event, and they are a great way to make any table or area of the venue stand out. Make sure to buy wholesale glitz sequin linens to avail bigger discounts. 

With quality fabrics and party supplies from CV Linens, no matter what style you prefer especially with sequin wedding linens, it will guarantee a stunning result. Choose among our variety of party supplies from balloons to faux florals to LED curtains, to enhance your sequin decors. Purchase other fabrics in the same color scheme for contrast and texture.

Lastly, if you want more sequin, embellished linens, try other CV Linens fabrics such as mermaid scaleflower sequin on taffeta, or circle sequin linens. These are also great options if you want to add a hint of shine to your event. Check out our website for more affordable sequin decorations!

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