Choosing The Best Event Napkins

Hey there, party planners! Are you on the hunt for the perfect event napkins to make your party sparkle? You've landed in just the right spot! Whether it's a fancy wedding or a fun family get-together, we've got the coolest napkin choices for you.

Event napkins aren't just for wiping faces – they're a big part of your party's look! From small birthday bashes to big weddings, the right napkins can make your tables shine

What's Your Napkin Made Of

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Did you know napkins come in different materials? It's like choosing your superhero costume – each material has its superpower! Our linen napkins for sale are super popular because they look classy and clean up messes like a champ.

We've got a linen sale coming up! It's the perfect time to grab those dreamy napkins you've been eyeing.

Size Matters

Just like your favorite hat, napkins come in different sizes. Bigger ones are great for meals, and smaller ones are perfect for snacks or drinks. Napkin size is important to think about so your table looks just right.

Wedding Bells and Napkins

Planning a wedding? Our wedding linen napkins and napkins for weddings are like a fairy tale come true. They're so pretty and will remind your guests of your special day.

Our Best Linen Napkins

Wanna know a secret? Our best linen napkins are loved by everyone! They're not just good-looking but also tough against spills.

Buying in Bulk

Got a big party? We've got velvet napkins in bulk. They're soft, fancy, and perfect for making your big event feel extra special.

Color Your Party

Colors are fun, right? Our dusty blue napkins, velvet napkins bulk, and burnt orange napkins add a splash of color to your party. Blue for a cool, calm vibe, and orange for a pop of fun!

Ring in Style

Napkin rings can be the star of your table. Our napkin rings wholesale and pearl napkin rings wholesale are like little crowns for your napkins. They'll make your table look super fancy.

Save on Your Big Day

Weddings can be pricey, but don't worry! We've got you covered with discount wedding supplies. You can have a beautiful day without breaking the piggy bank.

Best Event Napkin Choices

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During events one of the most important things to offer guests who come to enjoy your occasion is quality napkins. The right napkin can help make them feel more comfortable knowing that they can clean up after themselves and wipe up any accidental spills. 

Another good thing about having quality napkins at an event is that they can match the rest of your decor impeccably to add to the atmosphere. Though it may seem like a small detail, knowing you have the best quality napkins at your event is vital for the success of your occasion! 

What To Look For In Event Napkins

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First, figure out whether you’d like napkins that serve strictly as decor or napkins that are both fashionable and functional. There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these options. You can also pair them together to make an unforgettable tablescape.

Functional napkins are more environmentally friendly because they are reused strictly for cleaning. They also help to absorb sounds making the customers' evenings more peaceful. Functional napkin materials include polyester, taffeta, lamour satin, and satin. They tend to be a bit more plain than decor-only napkins.

Decor-only napkins come in many different colors and designs, and in some cases, can match your linen tablecloths perfectly. Having napkins that match tablecloths or your table runners in both color and linen type will add an overall cohesive and luxe look to your event. No matter the napkin type you choose, you should ensure that it matches your overall event color palette. Our luxury napkins include glitz sequin, pintuck, sequin taffeta, and damask flocking.

Why Use Cloth Event Napkins?

Paper napkins work nicely for some events, especially ones that have children in attendance. If you’re not throwing a kid’s birthday party or BBQ family reunion, cloth event napkins are usually the better choice. There are several ways in which cloth event napkins are superior to paper napkins:

  • They are better for the environment
  • They are better at absorbing and cleaning up spills
  • They help to absorb sound waves
  • They are more colorful and highlight the theme and atmosphere of a restaurant
  • They are more cost-effective. Paper napkins are inexpensive, but they add up when you keep having to buy more all the time. On the other hand, it is very easy to find good quality cloth napkins at a low price, and they can be reused over and over again.

Your Napkins Don’t Just Have to Sit on a Plate

Liven up your tablescape with a napkin fold! From beginner to advanced, we have a napkin folding tutorial you’re sure to love on our YouTube channel. Here’s our latest one on the envelope napkin fold!

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