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Bridal Shower Etiquette for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids stand by their best friend's side during one of the most exciting journeys of her life. As the big wedding day approaches, there's an equally important celebration on the horizon – the bridal shower!

The bridal shower is a time-honored tradition filled with precious memories. It's also the perfect opportunity for bridesmaids to shower the bride with joy and gifts. However, navigating the world of bridal shower etiquette can be a bit overwhelming, and that's where we come in. 

In this blog, we'll be sharing invaluable tips and advice to help bridesmaids plan and execute a truly memorable bridal shower. Celebrates the bride's unique personality and style while ensuring a seamless and heartwarming experience for everyone involved.

What is a Bridal Shower?

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The bridal shower is an age-old celebration designed to honor and support the bride-to-be on her journey into married life.

Its primary purpose is to shower her with love, joy, and well wishes while providing her with essential items she may need for her new life with her partner. 

Beyond gift-giving, a bridal shower also serves as an opportunity for close friends and family to gather and share in the excitement leading up to the wedding day. 

How long a bridal shower is can vary depending on the preferences of the host and the bride. Generally, these events last for about two to four hours, providing ample time for games, activities, gift-opening, and heartfelt bonding among guests. 

Keeping the guest of honor's schedule and preferences in mind will ensure the perfect balance for a memorable and enjoyable bridal shower experience.

Bridal Shower Etiquette 101

New to the world of bridal showers? We’ll give you a quick rundown on the right etiquette for bridal showers. Make sure you throw your party hassle-free with these top tips on bridal shower etiquette!

Who Organizes a Bridal Shower?

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Traditionally, the maid of honor leads the organizing of a bridal shower. She plans it with other bridesmaids' assistance and support.

More recently, throwing a bridal shower can be a shared activity among loved ones. The bride's sisters, aunts, or even her mother, depending on their willingness and availability.

It's important for the hosts to plan well and collaborate with each other when planning. This will ensure a well-coordinated and delightful bridal shower experience for the bride.

Remember, the most important aspect is that the hosts understand the bride's preferences. Know the bride's style and create a celebration that reflects her personality while adhering to bridal shower etiquette.


Etiquette for Bridesmaids 

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Bridesmaids play a crucial role in a bride's wedding journey, offering unwavering support and being there through thick and thin.

A bride can expect her bridesmaids to be actively involved in the wedding planning process, helping with tasks, dress shopping and addressing invitations.

Part of bridesmaids’ tasks is helping throw a bridal shower to remember. As an essential pre-wedding event, the bridal shower allows bridesmaids to honor and celebrate the bride-to-be. It allows them to show their love and support, while sharing in the joyous excitement of the upcoming wedding.

There are tons of roles bridesmaids can help out on to come up with the ultimate bridal shower. They can co-host the event, coordinating games and activities, or helping with decorations and setup.

Bridesmaids can also contribute by sharing heartwarming stories, planning a touching toast, or assisting in creating a personalized gift for the bride.

The bridal shower is a team effort. Having the bridesmaids actively participate makes for a memorable celebration that the bride will cherish forever.

Bridal Shower Etiquette for the Bride

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As a bride-to-be, navigating the world of bridal shower etiquette can be both exciting and overwhelming. Here are our top reminders on bridal shower etiquette for the bride. 

Firstly, provide your potential hosts with a list of guests you'd love to have at the event. Make sure it includes those nearest and dearest to you.

Secondly, brides ideally should graciously accept a bridal shower. It's a wonderful opportunity to connect with loved ones and create lasting memories.

Etiquette for Guests

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As a guest attending a bridal shower, it's important to follow certain etiquette guidelines.

When it comes to gift-giving, the most common bridal shower gift is something from the couple's wedding registry. The registry is carefully curated by the couple to include items they need as a couple.

Choosing a gift from the registry not only helps the couple start their married life with practical items. It also shows that you've taken the time to consider their preferences. If you opt for a gift not listed in the registry, be sure it aligns with the couple's taste and needs.

Next, the bridal shower guest etiquette involves responding to the invitation in a timely manner. Once you receive the invitation, RSVP as soon as possible, even if you cannot attend the event. This helps the hosts with planning.

When it comes to bridal shower etiquette on whom to invite, the guest list is typically curated by the host. This is often done by bridesmaids.

As a guest, follow bridal shower invite etiquette, trust the host's judgment in determining the invitees, and avoid asking to bring additional guests unless explicitly stated in the invitation. 

As bridal shower etiquette for the mother of the groom, navigating bridal shower etiquette may differ slightly. While the mother of the groom is not traditionally responsible for a bridal shower, it's a thoughtful gesture to assist.

Lastly, according to bridal shower gift etiquette money and financial gifts are allowed. That is if you prefer to give money instead of a physical item. When presenting a cash or check gift, consider using a tasteful card or envelope and avoid mentioning the specific amount. It's the sentiment and thought behind the gift that matters most to the couple.

These bridal shower etiquette for guests contribute to a memorable celebration for the bride and guests. A bridal shower is a time to celebrate love and unity. Your thoughtful gestures will surely be cherished by the couple for a lifetime.

Decoration Ideas For Your Bridal Shower

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Celebrate your bridal shower with elegance and style with a fairytale theme. Dress your tables with some light blue round tablecloth with a touch of rose gold overlay for some depth. Pair these with our dusty blue linen napkins in bulk.

Top off your tablescape with some acrylic charger plates to elevate your dinner table. To complete your look, dress your chairs with some delicate chiavari chair covers for sale at super affordable prices. 

Preparing For Your Bridal Shower

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Express your heartfelt wishes through thoughtful cards at the bridal shower. A carefully crafted message in a beautifully chosen card can touch the bride's heart and make her feel cherished. Bridal shower card etiquette plays a significant role in conveying your love and well-wishes to the bride-to-be.

Another lovely tradition often seen at bridal showers is the giving of corsages. According to bridal shower corsage etiquette, selecting a beautiful corsage, typically made of flowers or decorative elements, is important. When gifting a bridal shower corsage, consider the bride's favorite flowers or colors to make it even more special and meaningful.

If you want to go for a boho chic bridal shower look, get some CV Linens faux burlap tablecloth and chocolate chair covers. Pair these with some earthy color decor like green velvet table cloth or sage table linens. If you’re looking for a statement color you can also opt for some turquoise table linens

Fun Ideas For Your Bridal Shower

While a bridal shower doesn't necessarily need a theme, having one can add a layer of cohesiveness to the celebration. Choosing a theme that reflects the bride's interests, personality, or favorite things can make the event even more memorable. 

1. Creative Themes for Your Party

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Choose from different themes: a vintage tea party, a tropical luau, a glamorous Hollywood affair, or a cozy rustic gathering. A theme provides a fun way to incorporate decorations, activities, and even attire. This also gives guests a chance to get creative and fully immerse themselves in the festivities.

There are tons of backdrop draping ideas to instantly set the vibe for any theme. Simply buy a pipe and drape backdrop stand and get creative with a variety of backdrop options with adjustable backdrop stands

Complete your tablescape with some cylinder pillar stand to bring depth into your dinner table. Buy some wholesale cake stands to save big on your tablescape decor. Top it off some clear beaded charger plates to instantly elevate your look.

From decorations to food and games, incorporating the theme into every aspect of the bridal shower can create a fun and unforgettable experience that celebrates the bride's unique style and preferences.

2. Fun Games

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To make your bridal shower a blast, infuse it with fun and engaging activities that will keep everyone entertained. Plan a variety of games and icebreakers that encourage interaction among guests and create a lively atmosphere. 

From classic bridal shower games like "Bridal Bingo" and "He Said, She Said" to more personalized activities like creating a memory scrapbook for the bride, these games are sure to generate laughter and joyful moments. 

3. Personalized Crafts

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Additionally, consider adding a DIY station, where guests can make personalized crafts or keepsakes to take home. Photo booths with fun props are also a hit and can provide wonderful mementos for both the bride and guests.

For your tropical luau themed- bridal shower, learn how to hang a flower wall and instantly cover your venue with elegant florals. For a Hollywood glam bridal shower theme, set the theme with some 14 foot curtains for a flowing and elegant backdrop. Pair these with some high top table linens to complete your look.  

Lastly, don't forget to include some delicious treats and refreshments that match the theme or the bride's favorite snacks. With a thoughtful mix of creative activities and delightful indulgences, your bridal shower will undoubtedly be an enjoyable and memorable event for all.

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