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3 Ways to Budget for a Carnival Themed Event

carnival themed event with red sequins and striped tableclothcarnival themed event with red glitz sequins and striped tablecloth

Budgeting a Carnival Themed Event

If you’re looking for a super fun, vibrant theme for your event, go for a carnival theme! A carnival theme is great for kids parties and baby showers. It is also a unique theme for the wedding of a playful couple. Carnivals invoke the simple pleasures of childhood mingled with the glitz and glamor of a truly fabulous party. It also opens up the opportunity to have a lot of fun activities that you might not see at other types of parties. If you are into doing things yourself, here are some suggestions for creating a carnival themed event on a budget.


Games are what will take your party from a nice gathering to an event to remember! There are many great carnival themed event games that you can choose from. You could have a ring toss or a balloon darts board. Try to get guests to throw ping pong balls into tumblers or have a fish pond complete with poles and paper fish. You could even have face painting, which is not a game, but is a ton of fun and goes with the spirit of a real carnival. For each game give out tickets. At the end of the evening guests can visit a prize table to redeem tickets. You will need friends who are willing to man each station but even they will have a great time. For a children’s prize table you could have things like suckers and gumballs, kazoos and yo-yo’s , bouncy balls, stamps and stickers – all of which can be bought bulk at an inexpensive price. For a wedding reception, offer more grown-up party favors.


Naturally, a carnival themed party should have bright and festive decorations. Use place settings to accent bold linens. Having additional linens to hang and drape over chairs can add to the bold carnival effect. In our mock up above, red and white sheer voile drape panels are hung behind the table to decorate the room. They are held with gold rhinestone drape clips which match the gold rhinestone napkin rings. curly willow chair covers compliment the striped tablecloth while the striped chair band for chairs matches the tablecloth. If you look closely, you will see that the sash for chairs also has a gold rhinestone napkin ring being used as a sash clip to help tie it to the napkins. The striped tablecloth completes the table!


It’s relatively easy to make a carnival-inspired menu and will greatly depend on what you and your guests will enjoy. Some suggestions include a corn dog, or really any food, on a stick. Serve corn dogs with french fries in paper cones. Offer little bags of popcorn, cotton candy, and peanuts for a quick snack. Pretty much any food you can eat while walking is fair game! But, if you need some suggestions, you could visit a carnival or theme park. One of the great things about carnival foods is that while you may pay an arm and a leg for them at a carnival or theme park, the at-home versions are comparatively inexpensive.

A Closer Look at Our Carnival Themed Event


Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆ (medium difficulty due to draping)
Set Up Time: Approx. 40 minutes with drapes

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Go All Out For Your Next Event

Your next carnival themed event can be the blow out of the year while not costing you arm and a leg! With these suggestions, you can plan your own carnival party to celebrate with friends and family.

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