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Complete Your Next Event with Burlap Favor Bags

Burlap Favor BagBurlap Favor Bags with Butterflies

Favors don’t have to break the bank, especially with our burlap favor bags!

These little bags are cute as a button and at $0.59, it’s a price point no one can pass up! Take them at face value and fill them party favors for your big event, or get creative for a craft extravaganza. We’ve just done a major restock of everyone’s favorite favor bag because they sell out f-a-s-t!

They don’t quite match your wedding decor you say?

Break out your DIY skills and add some lace or paint polka dots!

There is nothing ‘burlap’ about your wedding?

Save them for a birthday party or fall celebration.

Simply can’t think of a use you could have for Burlap Party Favor Bags?

That’s okay. Read below and you’ll be on your way to creating memorable event favors!

Burlap Favor Bag

Five uses for burlap favor bags:

1. Scarecrow Halloween Treat Bags
All it takes is a set of googly eyes, an orange triangle nose, and a black marker smile! Fill with candy and you have perfect Halloween favors for class parties or neighborhood kids.


2. Place Cards

Place Cards are the new standard for weddings and other special events. Label your bags with your guest’s names then fill with candy or small gifts so your guests can use them find their way to their seats and have something to take home!


3. Fill with Tea Leaves

Looking for a dignified wedding favor to dazzle? (Or even if you are not at the moment, it’s always a good to have stash of an impromptu gifts on hand.) Loose tea leaves in a burlap bag always make an elegant gesture! Our burlap bags are the perfect packaging for a loose tea favor to tantalize your guests.


4. Coffee Koozie

Make your wedding guests the envy of the coffeehouse by gifting them their very own burlap coffee koozie as wedding favors! This is a easy DIY, simply remove the bag’s drawstring then stitch the bag shut. Once the bag is closed, add a big button to the center of the bottom 1/3 of your bag, then a loop of thin, elastic large enough to fasten around the button to the bottom of the opposite side. Wrap the bag around your cup and button it up, then BOOM! You have instantly upgraded your wedding favors for pennies!


5. Cookie Mix

Great for adding a very personalized stamp to your special day, or if you need a small holiday gift for teacher or coworkers! All it takes is throwing together some dry ingredients for cookie mix, then dividing it into several portions and pouring it into plastic bags. Disguise the plastic bags with your burlap bags and add an instruction tag for completing cookie gift perfection!


What will you do with burlap favor bags?

Now that you have fresh ideas for using our burlap favor bags, we want to know your plans! How would you use Burlap Party Favor Bags? 


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