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How Important Are Event Tablecloths

Tablecloths are believed to have existed since the first century AD in Europe. They have been around for so long that some might consider them old-fashioned, but they are far from being so. They continue to be popular, particularly event tablecloths. If you want to stock up on these and other party supplies in bulk, look for a trusted wholesale supplier like CV Linens.

Are tablecloths old-fashioned? 

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Despite the long history behind the use of tablecloths, they are still as fashionable and practical as ever in home decor and events. You can find them in trendy colors, designs, styles, sizes, and materials here at CV Linens. If you mix and match them with other table linens sold here, you can quickly put together a stylish, elegant, and fashionable look for your events.

Tablecloths are still of great importance, especially to event planners. They are practical because they can give tables a new look that matches an event’s theme. They are functional because they protect tables from spills and stains. It makes sense to stock up on tablecloths if you want to change the appearance of your decor according to the client’s preferences.

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Why do you need event tablecloths?

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  • Efficient Cleanup 

Cleaning up after an event is as important as preparing and setting it up. The former also takes up much time, but tablecloths can cut that time short. The mess is limited to the table cover, which you can remove, wash, and dry. There is no need to clean every table surface or worry about them getting stained.

  • Versatility

Tablecloths are available in many sizes, styles, shapes, designs, and fabrics, so you can easily match them to round, square, rectangular, or cocktail tables. Suppose you shop at a one-stop shop like CV Linens that sells wholesale event tablecloths, table linens, disposable dinnerware, chair covers, backdrops, centerpieces, arches, and other decors. In that case, you can mix and match your event supplies to suit the theme.

  • Improved Atmosphere

Thanks to the varied colors, styles, and materials, a venue looks different once you bring tablecloths into the picture. They instantly give any space a makeover and the feeling of being fancy, no matter how simple the venue looks.

  • Cohesive Look

Event tablecloths can tie everything together. They serve as a good foundation for what other linens and decors you should pick out. For instance, if you have unique mint green tablecloths, get white curtains, gold chargers, white table runners, and gold table centerpieces.

  • Layer of Protection

Tablecloths are not only visually appealing. They also provide a definite function by protecting table surfaces from spills, scratches, and stains. Their protection can prolong your tables’ lifespan. Tablecloths protect glass tables from unsightly smudges, prevent water rings and heat marks from damaging wooden tables, and hide your tables’ flaws.

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How do you save money on event tablecloths for weddings? 

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Affordable tablecloths are available, but these can add up if you buy several pieces. The following pointers can help you save money when shopping for event tablecloths for sale: 

  • Buy in bulk

If you are looking forward to hosting significant events, buying event tablecloths for rectangle tables or any shape in bulk would be more practical. You can find these at CV Linens, along with event tablecloths for round tables, square ones, and cocktail types. 

Linens usually cost between $20 and $80 per piece. Wedding tablecloths for the dining tables will likely cost more, but they are worth splurging over because guests will likely interact with them. They should feel pleasant and of good quality to create a positive impression on the guests.

If you think of rentals, wedding tablecloths range from $20 to over $80 per piece, depending on their size and the materials used. Renting tablecloths is out of the question if you plan to use them on various occasions.

Fortunately, you can find quality but cheap wholesale tablecloths at CV Linens to help you save money. You can save even more money with discounts on your bulk orders. 

Choose Standard Tablecloths

Tablecloths come in various sizes, designs, and materials. If you want durable options that are likely within a limited budget, go for polyester tablecloths. You can find them in standard tablecloth sizes of 60”, 70”, 90”, 96”, 108”, 114”, 120”, and 132” for round tables. They are available for banquet tables in 52” x 69” or 52” x 92”.

Look for Discounts 

An excellent example of this would be CV Linens’ free shipping on orders above $99 anywhere in the US.

Tips on Decorating Events with Tablecloths

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Make the most out of your affordable yet special event tablecloths with these tips:

  • Buy the Right Tablecloth

Consider factors like the event theme, color scheme, venue, season, level of formality, and the clients’ preferences. Formal events may require luxurious satin tablecloths, while casual outdoor events may need patterned, bright-colored tablecloths. 

  • Find the Right Size and Fit

Choosing the right tablecloth size is the first step before you shop for table covers at CV Linens so they will look elegant, not awkward and messy.

Decide on the overhang of the tablecloth. Casual dining usually requires only 6” to 19” of overhang, while formal occasions need 30” over the table’s edge, enough for the tablecloth to brush the floor. A tablecloth that is too short or too long for the table might ruin the overall aesthetics of the event. 

  • Layer Them Up

Even if you start with standard tablecloths, you can make them more attractive with layers, details, and textures. Use a solid-colored tablecloth as a base, then put an overlay with a complementary or contrasting color. Play around with your creative side on this one. 

Feel free to use textured tablecloths, such as those with sequins, lace, or embroidery. They will serve as an additional layer of decor for your events. If your clients want plain tablecloths, you can embellish them with table runners, centerpieces, or table napkins. 

  • Maintain the Tablecloths

Use only properly washed, cleaned, and ironed tablecloths in your events. Stained or wrinkled tablecloths can ruin the impressive aesthetics of the occasion. Follow the manufacturer’s proper care instructions. 

Despite being around for centuries, event tablecloths are still important and practical to use, from protecting the tables to achieving a cohesive look. Now, they are available with more options and more opportunities for discounts if you know where to look. You can get both if you browse for event tablecloths wholesale at CV Linens today.

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