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Dress Up White Banquet Tablecloths for Under $12

Upgrade your venue’s white tablecloths with affordable accents!

Looking through bridal forums and scouring Pinterest for the best decorating tips for your big day? We hear you! Don’t drive yourself mad trying to enliven white polyester linens – we have you covered.
The typical wedding forum bride’s venue choices tend to be ballrooms, halls, and lodges. These type of venues are likely to include their plain white polyester house linens as part of the rental package. We understand it can be tough to justify buying more linens when you’ve already paid to rent perfectly functional linens…but an entire venue filled with blank white banquet tablecloths can look pretty bleak, which is why most bride’s opt to enhance their table decor beyond the basic package.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your White Banquet Tablecloths

There are a few tricks to add extra pizzaz to your plain white banquet tablecloths without costing you a fortune. I’ve put together five different linen looks for under $12 per table – that’s less than a meal when eating out! Each look is centered around standard white polyester table linens with all of the accessories you need to make your tablescape shine.


white banquet tablecloths

Option 1: Overlay & Napkins

Cost per table: $10.93

90″x90″ Taffeta Table Overlay $6.79
(6) Lamour Napkins $0.69 each (when bought in bulk)

When you’re searching for a way to inexpensively add a pop of color to your white banquet tablecloths, organza may seem like a great solution. While organza is beautiful and appropriate for some events, organza’s sheer properties will not be add the touch of color you’re looking for. Luckily, there are opaque alternatives to organza! For this first look for under $12, a 90″x 90″ table overlay with lamour napkins are also a fantastic way to incorporate more color into your reception day decor!


white banquet tablecloths

Option 2: Textured Table Runner & Napkins

Cost per table: $10.43

Rosette Table Runner $6.29
(6) Lamour Napkins $0.69 each (when bought in bulk)

Being on a budget doesn’t mean textured linens are completely out of your reach! A little texture over a white banquet tablecloth goes a long way. A Satin Rosette Runner is all you need to add gorgeous texture to your special decor. Take your tablescapes to the next level by combining the contrasting textures of sleek satin rosette with a soft touch of Lamour Satin napkins!


white banquet tablecloths

Option 3: Table Runner, Napkins & Rose Petals

 Cost per table: $9.72

Sequin Taffeta Runner $2.59
(6) Lamour Napkins $0.69 each (when bought in bulk)
Silk Rose Petals $2.99

Spring for the small details! For under $12 you can beautify your white banquet tablecloths by sprinkling silk rose petals over base linens. Sequin Taffeta will give you a hint of sequined luxury without the expense of a full glitz sequins decor, and it’s subtle enough to fit a variety of venues. Tie this look together with Lamour Napkins for a luxurious mix of fabrics!


white banquet tablecloths

Option 4: Table Runner, Napkins & Napkin Clips

Cost per table: $11.87

Swirl Embroidery Table Runner $2.99
(6) Satin Napkins $0.59 each (when bought in bulk)
(6) Rhinestone Napkin Clip $0.89

Bring on the bling! Dramatic rhinestone details are within your budget with our Rhinestone Napkin Clips. You can coordinate a sparkling focal point for under $1 with napkin clips. Paired with our Swirl Embroidery, your table won’t look like you were on a budget – only that you have great taste. Even economical fabrics like polyester can look extra posh when you add the right accents!


white banquet tablecloths

Option 5: Table Overlay, Napkins & Rose Petals

Cost per table: $10.38

Polyester Overlay 54″ x 54” $3.49
(6) Taffeta Napkins $0.65 each (when bought in bulk)
Silk Rose Petals $2.99

You can change the color of your tabletop for only a few dollars by adding an overlay and matching napkins! The large blast of color is just the beginning of this simple look – it’s the colorful rose petals that set this look apart! The rose petals an undeniable wow-factor with a touch of metallic contrast.


Decorating on a Tight Budget?

We can help! Be sure to check out our Deals of the Week to see if you can score the decor you’re after for a great price!  



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