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How to Make DIY Balloon Garlands Like a Pro

Balloon garlands are a great party decoration. If you've never made one before, it might look like a complicated process. But don't worry, making a balloon garland is easier than it looks - and even if you're a beginner!

Putting together a memorable birthday party or special event requires more than just a guest list and some catering. It also requires a great eye for event decor, from table and chair linens to show-stopping photo backdrops!

Of course, no celebration will be completed without balloon decorations such as organic balloon garlands. Balloon garlands are a phenomenal, gorgeous, and affordable way to enhance your event's overall aesthetic. With so many balloon colors to choose from, you can use a balloon garland to spruce up any occasion in no time.

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From birthdays, bridal showers, and weddings to baby showers, gender reveals, graduation parties, and much more, balloon garlands are the trending party decor of all celebrations!

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The best part of all? DIY balloon garlands aren't difficult to master, as long as you have the right tools and know-how. Check out these two easy step-by-step balloon garland tutorials and a few balloon garland tips and tricks!

What Are Balloon Garlands?

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Balloon garlands are large, eye-catching air-filled balloon installations made with latex balloons. This is not to be confused with balloon columns or balloon arches, which generally only use one-size balloons and minimal colors for a uniform look. 

Unlike symmetrical balloon arches and columns, organic balloon garlands are made with balloons of different sizes, colors, and finishes to create a beautiful multi-textured balloon sculpture! In organic balloon decor, there is no need to follow a strict design so there is no way to mess up, making the process that much more fun! 

What do you need for a DIY Balloon Garland?




Latex Balloons

When it comes to balloons, it's best to use a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes for added textural dimension. 10” and 12” balloons are the most popular balloon sizes to build the base of the balloon garland. 

Smaller or tiny 5" balloons are perfect to help fill in any sparse areas as well as add another layer of volume. On the other hand, adding 18” or 36” jumbo balloons will help cover more space quicker or simply make a grand statement!

To liven up the garland further add a mixture of balloons in different finishes such as matte, glossy, metallic, and even diy confetti balloons. The contrasting styles will complement each other to ensure that your balloon garland matches the overall theme of the party.

Electric Pump

Because most balloon garlands require at least 25 balloons, you're not going to want to blow them all up with a hand pump. Instead, you're going to want to get a balloon blower pump. Electric balloon pumps are easy to use and some are equipped with dual nozzles that can inflate hundreds of balloons in half the time as a hand pump!

Save your fingers from cramping and blistering from repeated balloon tying using a balloon-tying tool.

Gathering Materials

Next, you're going to need the material to hold the balloons together. You can use string, although a clear fishing line is preferred because it’s more durable and discrete.

You can also use balloon tape, which is arguably the easiest material to use. But don't let the name fool you though! Balloon tape isn't sticky like regular tape; it's a strip of plastic with pre-cut holes that you can thread your balloon knots through.

Lastly, there is the 260 balloons option! Using balloons used to create animal shapes will provide the most flexibility. This is very important because it lowers the risk of the balloons popping when arranging or hanging up the garland.

Balloon Glue

In addition to your fishing line, string, or balloon tape, you're going to want an adhesive. The adhesive will help close any gaps even further as well as help maintain the shape of the garland. You can use glue dots that are double-sided or a low-temperature glue gun to do the trick.

The last item needed for a diy balloon garland kit is command hooks, or nails to hang your balloon garland to the desired area! 

Balloon Garland Tutorial

Two Fool-Proof Methods You Can Try Today

Once you've picked the party theme and purchased your party supplies, it's time to get building. We're going to look at two of the best methods you can use to create your very own DIY balloon garland. We prefer the balloon tape or 260 balloon method, both of which produce gorgeous, sturdy balloon garlands that will last for at least one week!

round balloons

Step 1: Blow up all the balloons, large and small. Don't worry about sorting them by color or size, but do make sure you're aware of how much you're inflating your balloons. You don't want to over-inflate your balloons especially if the event will be outdoors and you know it's going to be a hot day. When the air and gas inside the balloon heat up, it's going to expand, which could lead to some serious popping!

Tip: For perfectly filled balloons, fill them up and gently press them against your chest or leg to let a bit of the air out to give them the perfect rounded shape.

threading the balloon


Step 2: Grab your balloon tape and start threading the knots of your balloons through the holes to the length of the garland you need. Alternate colors but don't worry if two balloons of the same color or size are next to each other. You should also alternate the direction of your balloons (one up, one down, and so forth) to create a more full, textured appearance.

Tip: Leave at least one empty hole at the beginning and end of the garland and avoid attaching the balloons too close together. It's best to start by skipping every other hole on the tape as this will help the balloon garland from becoming too stiff causing it to have an unusual shape. If it's too sparse you can always add more balloons. 

Step 3: Time to hang up the balloon garland!  Using the empty holes at the ends of the balloon tape, secure your garland to the command hooks, nails, or preferred hanging option. 

Tip: To attach a garland to a pipe and drape system,  you can use zip ties or pipe cleaners to tie the garland to the pipes.

Step 4: Once you have attached the balloon garland base, it's time to start adding the filler balloons. Filler balloons can be placed just about anywhere on a balloon garland, as long as it adds to the aesthetic. This is where your glue dots or low-temperature glue gun come in. 

Start by adding a glue dot to both sides of the filler balloon and press it against the larger balloons in the sparse area. When applying your balloons with a glue gun, dab a small amount of glue on your filler balloon and hold it in place for twenty seconds while the glue hardens. 

balloon and tape

Tip: You can also add foil balloons, flowers or any decor that matches the party theme. 

Watch as your guests become amazed as they take a look at the stunning balloon garland!

balloon garland decorations
pink balloon setup

Step 1: Blow up your balloons and let out some of the air to give yourself a long-ended knot. Why? You're going to be tying these knots together!

Step 2: Pair off your balloons by size and tie them together at the knots so that you have a double and quad cluster.

Tip: For added texture, include triple-balloon clusters or a mixture of two different-sized clusters.

Step 3: Take the fishing line and tie it to one balloon in the cluster, making sure to leave an extra line on the end to tie your balloon garland to its structure 

Step 4: Connect another balloon cluster to the previous balloons by making a figure-8 with your fishing line and pulling the balloons together. Continue until all the clusters are attached.

Tip: Don't pull the line too tight so you can maneuver the garland easier. Better yet, replace the fishing line with 260 balloons for more flexibility!

Step 5: Fill in any gaps! Attach the fishing line to a filler balloon and wrap it around the balloons where you see a gap.

Tip: Consider adding trios of fillers rather than single, this will create a more appealing shape and fill out your balloon garland better.

Step 6: Using the extra line at the ends attach the garland to stair railings or around command hooks or thumbtacks to create a beautiful wall hanging. 

Additional Tips

We've gone through our two top tutorials, but that's not all we have to offer. Let's take a look at some extra tips that will make your balloon garlands (and the process of making them) even better!

If you don't want to build the entire balloon garland ahead of schedule but know you'll be crunched for time on the day of the event, don't sweat it! Air-filled latex balloons generally last over a week.  You can inflate the balloons in advance without worrying about any deflation. Then, put them in a 55-gallon trash bag to keep them safe until set up and make transportation easier.

There are plenty of ways that you can further spice up, deck out, or customize your balloon garland. If you want to give your balloon garland an extra zing, consider adding other decorative items in between the balloons. These can include paper tassels, foam or artificial flowers and greenery, and a handful of mylar balloons. This will add more texture and make your balloon garland all the more beautiful to look at!

Finally, one of the best ways to customize your balloon garland is to create your very own colors. All you need to do is take a look at the color wheel to see what different color combinations can create. Then, take two different colored balloons and double stuff them so that when they're blown up, both colors will show through, blending together and creating a custom color!

Where Can You Use A Balloon Garland?

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Balloons are cheery and colorful and when made into a balloon garland they add three-dimensional texture to any area! Best of all because they are lightweight, balloon garlands can be attached to a wall, wedding arch, pipe and drape set, staircase, or any other supporting structures.

One of the most popular areas to place a garland is dessert tables. The fun color and large size enhance the treats at the table making the dessert table that much sweeter! Another fantastic way to use garlands is to pair them with drapes or wall panels. The additional contrast in textures between the balloons and backdrop material will make this set up a hot spot for photo ops! 

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Another balloon garland idea is to create miniature garlands made from smaller balloons that can double as table decor. A fun way to liven up the table is to use them as table runners as well as for trim decor when using table skirts!  So let’s float on over to learn how to create one!

CV Linens Is Here to Help You With Your Event Supply Needs

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Birthday balloons are birthday party decorations that have long represented happiness and celebration but balloon garlands provide a modern flair to any event! By mastering the art of DIY balloon garlands and balloon decor basics, you'll be able to spice up any event you plan!

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CV Linens is proud to provide supplies and decor tips that bring the wow factor to events. From table linens to floral decor to balloon supplies, we're here to be a one-stop shop for event planners everywhere. Take a look at our latex balloon basic blog to master all future balloon decor ideas!

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