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Plan Your Gender Reveal Party in 3 Easy Steps

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A Gender Reveal Party Isn’t Just a Trend… It’s a Must!

The gender reveal party trend has gone from popping up once in awhile to just as essential as a traditional baby shower!
These adorable pink and blue parties are a super fun way to announce the gender of your new arrival. If you’re planning a gender reveal party, I have a fail-safe plan for putting together your special day.
Follow along and I’ll let you in on every trick you’ll need for your little prince or princesses big debut!


Step 1: Decorations

Pinterest is bustling with themes for gender reveal parties like Touchdown or Tutus, Boots or Bows, or Mustaches or Eyelashes. No matter what theme you choose, the backbone for gender reveal party decor begins with pink and blue! We created our look above to serve as the base for any gender reveal party theme.


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Step 2: Refreshments

When you have beautiful party, you have to fill up a dessert table with beautiful snacks! Up the ante for your pink and blue color palette by dazzling your gender reveal party guests with pink and blue snacks. For sweets you can offer individually bagged servings of pink or blue cotton candy, gumballs, macarons, and decanters filled with pink lemonade chilled with frozen blueberries!


Step 3: The Big Reveal

The reveal is special moment everyone has waited for! Whether you’ll be announcing the gender with smoke bombs, a special cake, or popping balloons filled with colorful paint, there is one thing forgotten detail you must consider: timing is everything! You don’t want to blow the big surprise within moments of your guests arrivals or hold your guests hostage after the party has peaked. A good rule is to budget your time for the reveal 2/3rds of the way through the festivities. For example, if your party is 2 hours long gather your guests roughly 40 minutes before the end of the party for the reveal. This way you can build the anticipation, then spend the rest of the party talking baby names!

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