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Outdoor Spring Birthday Party Ideas to Try

Planning a spring party means bringing the event outdoors where the sun is shining, the air is warmer, and the flowers bloom. It starts with picking the best theme based on the celebrator's preferences. You're good to go if you have the right outdoor spring birthday party ideas and an excellent party essentials supplier of party linen, backlighting, disposable dinnerware, drapes, and such.

Choose a theme for cohesive outdoor spring birthday party ideas 

dessert table

There are many themes you can play around with for planning spring birthday parties, such as these:

  • Tea party 

It is an excellent choice for a relaxed spring birthday party, where you can pair tea with finger sandwiches, scones, and pastries. The party is on if you have some vintage china or even some elegant charger plates and pretty disposable dinnerware. These party essentials are perfect for those who do not want to risk taking their expensive china out. You can find disposable plates and cutlery with expensive-looking gold trimmings and designs that do not look plastic. 

  • Hawaiian birthday decor outdoor 

Prepare fresh flowers, colorful paper garlands, faux palm trees, and tropical fruits. You can prepare light food, such as milkshakes, fruit cuts, mojitos, juices, and ice cream. A Hawaiian theme is perfect for a poolside or beach side party. Remember to remind guests to bring their swimsuits and hula skirts. 

  • Flower theme

Spring is not complete without flowers. Aside from putting fresh flowers, you can also prepare cakes or cupcakes with flower icing designs. Use bright, cheerful colors. Ask everyone to wear their best floral prints. 

  • Rainbow party

When you gather spring flowers, you can quickly be reminded of rainbows. Why not organize a rainbow party? Use vibrant colors for the theme, from the decorations and table settings to the drapes, tablecloths, and chair covers. 

  • Pastel party

Pastels are connected to spring and are easy to use as a party theme. You can set the tables in mint green, soft yellow, and pale pink. It does not have to be uniform colors for everything as long as you stick to the pastel range. Apply the same theme in choosing drapes for events and other party linens.

Pick your color scheme 

pastel balloon

You can choose the appropriate color scheme depending on the theme the celebrator likes. It is easy to figure out if you want a rainbow or pastel theme. 

If you have more limited options and want to stick to what you already have, such as a set of dishes or tablecloths, you can use these to start planning your theme and color scheme. Then, it will be easier to create a shopping list. 

You can pick a lead color with two supporting colors for your spring outdoor decor. The more you stick to these colors, the more visible the scheme will be. 

Design spring-themed invitations

invitation card

Highlight the fact that you are holding a spring birthday party. Use floral invitations showing your theme and dress code, if any. Give them out a few weeks before the party. 

Include lots of flowers

flower table decor

Flowers are among the best decorations for any spring party. They could be in bouquets, on party invitations, or as dried flowers decorating the tables.

Ask your party decor supplier if you want an all-out flower wall backdrop panel. You can use faux flowers in future spring-themed events and get value for money. It would also be a good idea to try hanging flower stems, flower bush bundles, flower-patterned tablecloths, and flower wall decors. 

Organize your tables and chairs

wooden table and chairs

Pick a sturdy outdoor table as the main table for the party. If you need more tables, look for other tables you can join together and cover up with long tablecloths. These can be white tablecloths you can enhance with table runners later. 

If you have quite a large crowd, prepare foldable chairs. If you want a more formal theme, dress them up in sophisticated chair covers. You can throw in some candle holders as centerpieces and light some candles as extra light sources.

Put together a makeshift bar

drinking cocktails

Not every party has a barista, so a makeshift bar will do. Prepare a smaller table with glassware and bottles of drinks. Make sure it is sturdy and cover it with tablecloths colored in the party's color scheme.

Encourage guests to help themselves to drinks. You don't have to hire a barista or get stuck mixing cocktails or topping up glasses. 

Light the venue up 

outdoor dinner

Proper lighting is one of the critical outdoor birthday decorations you should pay attention to. The party does not have to end when the sun sets, even if your venue is outdoors.

Use candelabras as centerpieces for the tables if you have a more formal theme. But if you have a more casual setup, you can have backdrop lighting all over the venue.

Plan fun activities

ring toss

Make your party fun and memorable. If you have a mostly adult crowd, there are lots of backyard games you can play, including the following:

  • Ring toss

This game works for all ages, but the older your guests are, the further they should be away from your colorful target bottles. 

  • Capture the flag

It is one of the classic games you can play. It is also perfect for a big crowd with active people ready to run around, sweat it out, fight to secure the team's flag, and be sleek enough to remain uncaught. 

  • Water piñata 

This game is perfect if you don't have a pool or are far from the beach and still want water elements at your party. You can have fun breaking balloons filled with water and cool off in the warm weather. 

  • Hit the can

You don't need to go to a carnival to play this game. Just assemble a few empty cans in the yard, and give your guests a ball they can use to hit the cans.

  • DIY ping pong table

Bring on the competitive spirits in you with a ping pong championship. 

Spring is all about bright colors, outdoor activities, and flowers. You can start planning your next event using the outdoor birthday party ideas mentioned above. Use these ideas to pick a suitable theme, buy the right chair covers for folding chairs, decorate with the right centerpieces, and complete the spring look with the appropriate drapes. Shop at CV Linens today for your party needs.

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