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How to Plan A Luxury Wedding on a Budget?

Just by definition, a luxury wedding would mean spending a considerable amount of money to pull it off. A regular wedding would cost $20,000 to $30,000 while a grand and luxurious one would go in the range of $100,000 to $500,000. However, it is not always like that.

With proper planning, research, ingenuity, and a creative mind, you can turn a simple DIY idea to look and feel like a million bucks.

There are many things you need to consider to pull it off without breaking the bank. From the most obvious things to the smallest details, everything should be considered to make it feel like the grandest event while still sticking to the budget.

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Find A Luxurious Wedding Venue

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The most expensive aspect of every wedding aside from the food is the venue and the whole wedding reception. When considering the budget, luxury wedding planners, DIY brides, and event organizers may want to consider unique event spaces for the said date.

A luxury wedding venue is not always about the glitz and glam but the entire experience it gives. Designing an empty events hall will take a huge amount of the budget since you have to consider all the decors involved.

But looking for other location options, you might want to check out unique places like an art gallery, botanical gardens, or a dressed-up grand ballroom. It can give a different look and theme and still pull off a jaw-dropping feel.

For outdoor ceremonies, considering a garden is a great option. Holding the ceremony in your own backyard can be done. Just add the small details to still make it look grand.

Simple additions like a glamorous wedding arch backdrop stand and proper backdrop lighting can spell the difference between a simple occasion and a fairytale wedding

Luxurious Wedding Style Tips

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Backdrops add a certain touch to an event and can make a simple setup look extravagant.

They can be used to create various styles, from elegant and modest to joyful and festive.

A simple tip when learning how to design a backdrop for any event how to design a backdrop for any event is to make use of the area given for the ceremony altar or the bride and groom’s table and main stage. Try to fill the background as much as possible to give the newlyweds a proper background that can show astonishing photos when taken.

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Another tip to make a luxurious event is to add glitz and glamour by placing accents of crystal and gold all around the venue. From small details to the most obvious ones.

Just like this gold crystal napkin ring which is very beneficial to the overall theme of a wedding.

You can also consider adding gold luxury wedding flowers gold luxury wedding flowers to the backdrop to add more style to the big occasion. Instead of the usual centerpieces, you can also add these special wedding candelabras to spruce up the party.

When choosing colors, black, white, and gold give out the most classy and elegant look. While adding shades of pink, purple, grey, or blue is always safe and great to make an event extravagant.

Learning the importance of choosing the best table linens is essential since it is a crucial way to establish the mood for a gathering.

Do It Yourself Decoration

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Not all luxury weddings should be priced in a high range. For those who still want this kind of event but want to cut a little bit on the budget, there are DIY ideas organizers can do to still make an event grand and still give a human touch to the overall design. Particularly on the crystal centerpieces, which can cost a lot.

As an example, here is a video we have to show you how to assemble a royal wedding candelabra centerpiece with hanging crystals:

CV Linens offer a wide range of wedding furnishing for different event uses. From round tablecloths to chair covers, and even crystal and beads backdrop to bring out the luxury in any event. We are the top seller of bulk tablecloths to fit any kind of event from weddings, baby showers, corporate events, birthday parties, and more.

Plan Ahead

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While costs are already high for events like these, you can save a lot of money when you plan ahead. Wedding venues and reservations can cost a lot less when you book them more than a year in advance compared to planning just a few months before.

Plus, there will be plenty of time for you to save money for the wedding.

Research Well

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While you have a lot of time to prepare, research well the best possible options with the best costing considerations. You can choose up to three to five options for every aspect of the event and weigh the pros and cons of each so you can carefully plan.

Consider Brunch

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Another way to cut costs without sacrificing any luxurious aspect of an event is to consider booking a venue and placing the event at an earlier time.

Compared to a sit-down menu, brunch options can save you hundreds of dollars.

Luxurious Wedding Trivia: The most expensive and luxurious wedding dates back to the Ottoman Empire. It was the matrimonial event of Hatice Sultan to Muhaship Mustafa Pasa. The wedding reportedly took place in the 17th century when the celebration stretched for two and a half weeks.

Parades and different kinds of ceremonies were held during this time with thousands of gifts offered ranging from pieces of jewelry, food, furnishings, and more.

Apart from the non-stop dancing, fireworks displays, and all kinds of festivities, large five-meter trees, and artificial trees were pulled across the city and displayed on the main road as part of the decoration for the town.

We have covered the essentials you need to know when planning a luxury wedding. Specifically, the most vital ones that usually cost more and take up most of a wedding budget. Just remember to be more imaginative when considering the venue and the decoration.

Visit our Pinterest and Instagram pages for more ideas and inspiration you can do for your next event.

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