Make Vintage Veil Pop with a Rhinestone Silver Runner

Make Vintage Veil Pop with a Rhinestone Silver Runner

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Rhinestone Vintage Veil Pop

We have found the way to take Vintage Veil to the next level by adding a with a touch of glittering rhinestone silver runner and a fantastic splash of a bold red!

We are crazy about the dramatic look of our black, lacy Vintage Veil Overlay on a crisp, white tablecloth. Vintage Veil has been a favorite for conjuring an air of beauty and romance. We love incorporating Vintage Veil into weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, and more. The trick to pulling off this high-glamour look is keeping your color palette a strict black, white, and silver. Keeping your base linens sedate will create an absolute explosion of color when it comes to your napkins! We played up Vintage Veil’s subtle silver threading by coordinating it with a glittering mass of Rhinestone silver runner and other rhinestone accents. Black Vintage Veil balances out the bling without being overpowered.

For maximum effect, we placed our stunning bright Red Satin Napkin in the center of our Charger Plate. Using this technique will make an enormous impact with minimal effort!

Use this Vintage Veil with a Pop of Color look for your Wedding, Birthday Party, Anniversary, or other special event!


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