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Top Works of 8 Best Restaurant Interior Decorators

Restaurants need good interior decoration to make the diners feel welcome and comfortable, set a particular ambiance, and establish their brand and identity. If you are looking for inspiration to change how your restaurant looks, you can get plenty of it from the work of interior decorators and from knowing the latest trends in the field.

After carefully looking into these inspirations, can you confidently start looking into what wholesale linens, dinnerware, and decors to buy. 

Why Restaurants Need Interior Decoration

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If you run a restaurant business, it takes more than good food to keep diners coming. You should complement it with an excellent restaurant design decoration for the following reasons: 

  • To Ensure The Diners' And Staff's Comfort

Interior decoration considers space planning, efficient traffic movement, proper lighting, ergonomic furniture use, and acoustics impact. As a result, it maximizes space use, keeps the service efficient, and provides everyone with an enjoyable experience. 

  • To Keep The Customers Engaged

Restaurants with beautiful art installations, unique furniture, or creative setup leave diners with memorable moments. 

  • To Set The Ambiance 

A well-designed restaurant interior can make diners feel welcome, relaxed, and visually impressed. If you want an intimate and cozy ambiance, use warm colors like oranges, reds, and yellows. If you want a relaxed and calm atmosphere, choose lots of greens and blues. Incorporate these colors in the tablecloths, table overlays, chair covers, backdrop curtains, centerpieces, and other decorations. 

  • To Establish The Restaurant's Brand

A restaurant's interior can amplify its brand message, story, values, and personality. The restaurant's colors should be found throughout the place's visual elements.

Trends Restaurant Interior Decorators Are Keeping Up With

If you want to keep up with the restaurant interior design trends, consider the following: 

  • Nature-Inspired Theme

nature inspired restaurant

More restaurants add natural elements to their interiors, such as stone and wood, indoor plants, and living walls. This look gives the space a fresh and welcoming feel as if you're bringing the outdoors in. If you are looking for a celeb home inspiration in a similar style, check out Kendall Jenner's LA home. It has comfortable furnishings with warm colors and earthy tones, where she can feel relaxed during her downtime. 

  • Vintage Aesthetics 

vintage themed restaurant

These retro vibes often come from art deco-inspired lighting, mid-century furniture, signs and posters with retro typography and graphics, vintage mirrors and artwork, and retro colors like avocado green, mustard yellow, or burnt orange. 

  • Eco-friendly Design

eco-friendly cafe

This trend is usually evident in using energy-efficient lighting, recycled materials, and eco-friendly furnishings.

  • Open-concept Kitchens

coffee shop

Many restaurants have adopted this growing trend that allows diners to watch chefs prepare their food, allowing for an interactive and memorable dining experience.

  • Multi-functional Spaces

minimalist cafe

Famed Australian interior designer Shayna Blaze emphasizes the importance of functionality. She is fond of using flexible furniture arrangements, smart storage solutions, and other designs that enhance a space's ability to serve her clients.

The same idea has emerged among restaurant designers focusing on creating multi-functional spaces. More restaurants now provide a dining area that can be converted into a social hangout, co-working space, or event venue. These are possible with communal tables, flexible seating arrangements, and adaptable spaces.

  • Minimalism

modern style restaurants

This concept uses simple color palettes, clean lines, and uncluttered spaces to reinforce the diners' feeling of calmness and sophistication. 

How To Design A Modern Restaurant

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If you are going for a modern look in your restaurant, here are some tips: 

  • Pick A Cohesive Color Palette

Choose neutral colors such as white, black, or muted tones, and add pops of colors to your tablecloths and restaurant table setting ideas, from the charger plates and napkins to the centerpieces. You could have a white tablecloth, black charger plates, and bright-colored napkins.

  • Use Table Runners

These can give your tables a modern touch. Make sure they are in a contrasting color to your tablecloths. 

  • Pick Strategic Spots For Your Backdrop Curtains 

Choose backdrop curtains with colors complementing your restaurant's color scheme. Put them where they can be a focal point, such as the dessert corner or bar

  • Play With Textures 

A good example would be to use patterned or textured charger plates, such as the reef acrylic plastic chargers or waved scalloped acrylic charger plates from CV Linens. You can also add tablecloths with subtle textures. Ensure to use only a few textures, or the restaurant might look cluttered.

  • Choose Stylish Tableware And Accessories

Use contemporary glassware, minimalist flatware, and unique charger plates. Add some modern centerpieces or decorative napkin rings, which you can find at CV Linens. Look for the modern rectangular tall metal frame stand centerpiece or the glass crystal bowl centerpiece. 

8 Inspirations For Aspiring Restaurant Interior Decorators 

coffee time

Here are some of the top restos done by celebrity interior decorators: 

The restaurants are designed by David Rockwell with a modern and sleek style and some contemporary and Japanese influences. He uses warm lighting, natural elements, and custom furnishings. 

This New York City restaurant is designed by Ken Friedman. It has a rustic and cozy style with modern and vintage elements, such as quirky art pieces, dark wood, and exposed brick walls. 

This NY City restaurant is designed by Ralph Lauren. It has dark wood, equestrian-themed decor, vintage artwork, and leather banquettes. 

Bentel & Bentel worked on this Las Vegas, giving it a contemporary and sleek decor with many clean lines, natural materials, and minimalist design. 

The Beverly Hills restaurant's look is by Waldo Fernandez. It has a chic and contemporary decor with a mix of traditional and modern elements. You can see statement lighting, luxurious elements, and rich colors.

AvroKO designed this New York City restaurant with ornate chandeliers, plush velvet seating, and speakeasy-style entrances, showing off the eclectic and glam decor with some modern and vintage elements. 

If you are dreaming of an industrial-chic resto, GATO is an excellent model. Creme Design decorated it with industrial-chic elements, exposed beams, raw materials, and vintage accents.

This Beverly Hills restaurant is designed by Kelly Wreastler. Its outdoor cabanas have geometric shapes and pastels, and its marble-motif wallpaper and furnishings are in whites and blues. Wreastler also worked with celebrity clients like Cameron Diaz and Christina Aguilera.

Get inspiration from these famous restaurant interior decorators. When you finalize the look you want, shop at CV Linens to make your restaurant interior design ideas come to life. Order now!

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