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Trending: Blush and Champagne Wedding Palette

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Blush and Champagne Trending Love

“I love blush and champagne, but I can’t have the same wedding colors as two of my friends. All of our weddings will look the same,” my consultation client lamented. “I’ve always wanted blush and champagne wedding, but now I can’t have one.”

This consultation was a tough one. My client and I had worked hard on planning the details for her wedding decor for days. Hearing her disappointment over abandoning her beloved color palette broke my heart. It took a few minutes of coaxing before I could convince her that two weddings can have the same color palette but look completely different!

A little reassurance and a few mock up photos later, my client was back on her way to being a bride in blush and champagne. Luckily, our huge selection of trendy blush and champagne items in different textures and finishes means no two blush and champagne weddings need look alike!

The Blush and Champagne Rise to Fame

It’s easy to understand what’s to love about a blush and champagne wedding color palette. Blush and champagne are poised to become the iconic color combination for capturing the spirit of the mid 2010’s. CV Linen’s blush is a ringer for the 2016 Pantone Color of the Year, Rose Quartz, while champagne is blush’s perfect neutral companion. Fortunately for all of our blush-crazed brides, CV Linens saw this big trend coming and prepared by adding a wealth of blush and champagne products!

Blush Your Way

Are you in favor of an understated linen look, or do you dream of glamourous textured tablescapes? It doesn’t matter whether you wish for a subtle decor or a sequined celebration, we have a blush and champagne look for you! With five different types sequined blush linens alone, your options for customizing your blush and champagne wedding are endless.

Get Our Look

We put together our blush and champagne wedding look based on two factors: price and convenience. One of our favorite things about Ribbon Embroidery is that it’s low maintenance (almost no ironing) and it can be used over a standard white or ivory polyester tablecloth that most venues provide. Paired with a simple runner and napkin, ribbon embroidery speaks for itself and only a minimal centerpiece is needed!

We used:

Ribbon Embroidery 90″x90″ Overlay – Blush
Lamour Satin Napkins – Blush
Lamour Satin Table Runner – Champagne
Rhinestone Round 13″ Charger Plates – Champagne
Loose Acrylic Crystal Diamonds – 300 pcs


Creating Your Blush and Champagne Wedding

If you’re planning a blush and champagne wedding, the simplest place to begin is by taking a look at our selection of blush and champagne linens to give you an idea of how many options you have. After you’ve narrowed your fabric options, you can move forward with your plans for combining colors until you reach your ultimate blush and champagne dream.

If the decorating possibilities seem overwhelming, I am always available for a free design consultation!


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