Classic Tips to Keep Your Wedding Decor From Looking Dated

Classic Tips to Keep Your Wedding Decor From Looking Dated

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Wedding Photos Can Look Dated…

Your mother’s cringe-worthy puffed sleeved wedding dress. Your great aunt’s neon yellow wedding linens. What dated wedding details will be captured forever in your wedding photo album? Keep your wedding looking timeless and classic instead of tired and tragic!


5 Tips to Keep Your Wedding Looking Timeless


1. Think Timeless, Not Trendy

It can be tough to forecast which fads will look silly in the near future. You can avoid this by (literally) taking a page from history. Search through photos of beautiful weddings throughout the ages. You’ll notice your favorite weddings typically rely on a few common tropes:

• Sedate color palettes
• Luxury linens
• Gorgeous florals

You can’t go wrong by channeling a classic formula for success instead of banking on the look of the moment.


2. Your Color Palette is Everything

Classic wedding colors are always a win, however a bold color palette isn’t out of the question. A fuchsia and navy color palette is spot-on when your signature color is hot pink. On the flipside, if you don’t have strong opinions about fuchsia, or if it’s a risk for clashing with your venue, skip it! This doesn’t mean you have to give up your trendy color palette entirely. You can always save your bold color palette for your bridal shower or first anniversary party decor!

Here are a few great examples of classic color palettes to help you get started:

Option 1 → White & Navy Blue

Event Reception

Photo: Sanderling Resorts


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Option 2 → Ivory & Apple Red

Place Setting


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Option 3 → Blush & White

Blush Place Setting
Photo: Pinterest


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Option 4 → Champagne & Ivory

Wedding Linens Reception


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Option 5 → Silver & White

Sequin Table Linens
Photo: One Wed


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Option 6 → All Champagne

Sequin Glitter Table Reception


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3. Keep It Neutral

There’s a reason why white, ivory, champagne, gold, and silver have made a mark on wedding decor – it’s because they work! These color staples will complement virtually any venue or season (using a neutral color palette is perfect if you haven’t locked down your venue yet but want to get a head start on planning.) You can even try a monochromatic look by focusing on a single color for every part of your decor.


4. Accent to Impress

Let’s talk about what makes a great accent color. The first step should be finding an accent that will blend harmoniously into your venue. (A pastel yellow wedding with rust orange shag carpet? No thank you!) Your accent color should comprise no more than 25% of your decor. You can use your accent colors in napkins, table runners, table overlays, or centerpieces. You can also add a splash of color with tablecloths in your chosen accent color for specialty tables such as a sweetheart table or gift table. If you have a favorite color in mind finding an accent color should be a snap! A quick rule of thumb for choosing your base linen is warmer colors will look better over an ivory base, while cooler colors look best on white.


5. Get Luxury Wedding Linens

More texture will take your decor to the next level! A little variation in your tablescapes will give your wedding an extra luxe look. You don’t have to spend a fortune on dressing every table in luxury wedding linens (especially when you get an awesome wholesale discount from CV Linens) to make a huge impact! If you’re not sure what linens you will need, you can always rely on wedding go-tos such as lace, lamour, ruffles, and rosettes.


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Start Shopping For Your Wedding Linens

Keep our 5 tips for a classic wedding decor in mind to pull off a fresh, flawless, and photo-ready decor! Pretty and well planned decor will stand the test of time. Need to kickstart your ideas? Visit our Pinterest to start finding your inspiration.

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