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Why Use Chair Covers for Wedding Reception

What value do chair covers add to wedding receptions? Is it necessary to use it for chair decorations? Will it cost you more for the overall decor? Well, these are just some of the frequently asked questions that we are happy to answer and guide you through.

Chair covers are used as decor to complete the overall look of any party. Mostly it's used to dress up the standard chairs used in receptions. It’s an easy and affordable way to cover up your old chairs that may be in poor condition. It instantly gives a uniform and clean look to chairs that would otherwise have scratches or uneven coloring. 

Chair covers for events are a standard part of any decorating team’s must-haves. Wedding planners and event organizers always add them to set an elegant and luxurious mood to any party.

In this blog, we’ll tell you all about the basics of this essential party decor and give you a rundown on why you should use chair covers for weddings!

Practicality Meets Style

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Chair covers are an overlay for chairs and are made with fabric to slip easily over a chair's backrest. They are used mostly at wedding receptions, formal events, and other big occasions.

They are used with different chair materials to give the event a coordinated theme and elegant character. They can be used with wooden chairs, folding, metal, and plastic stackable chairs for parties with a large guest list. Its purpose is to conceal unwanted features on reused chairs like damages, scratches on overly exposed parts or vulnerable parts.

The most commonly used colors for chair covers at events are black and white. Black banquet chair covers are applied for formal settings such as seasonal parties and corporate events. White banquet chair covers are used for wedding receptions, parties, and other celebrations.

You can avail of this easy-to-use decor item even if you're on a tight budget. Buy bulk chair covers for weddings at discounted prices and get huge savings. You can rent out plain standard chairs on a budget and still get that luxe vibe with this decor.

Luxury Decor at Low Cost

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Buy wedding chair covers cheap by purchasing wholesale. This is an easy way to buy quality party decor even on a budget. You'll want to know about our new & exclusive affordable chair covers.

At CV Linens, you can choose from different types and materials for event linens. You can be sure these party linens are cheap yet of great quality. We provide you with fair prices on many high-end items that will help you get more for each dollar.

Tips in Choosing Chair Covers

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1. Chair Covers for Different Chair Types

Some of the most trendy chairs in events today are the Chiavari chairs, folding chairs, and banquet chairs. You’ll want to know what chairs you’re using to choose the right covers for them.

Chiavari are versatile types of chairs that are lightweight. These chairs are ideal for sudden changes in chair arrangements. They are also stackable for a neat and fast post-event clean-up. They feature a minimalist structure that is perfect for adding chair covers.

A folding chair is an easy to set-up type of chair. It is collapsible which is convenient for storage and transport. Banquet chairs are commonly used in restaurants, hotel ballrooms, convention halls, and country clubs. They are also lightweight and easy to stack.

It's important to know what kind of chairs your venue will be using to be able to pair them with chair covers that fit well.

2. Choose Based on Theme

Remember to choose the type of chair covers according to your theme. Whether the event is a birthday party, corporate event, formal gathering, or wedding reception, always choose ones that will serve as a statement. Make sure they complement the overall look and that they elevate your chair decor.

For convenience, consider using spandex chair covers for outdoor receptions and when expecting many guests. These are stretchable and wrinkle-free, giving you and instantly clean look. On the other hand, you can consider using polyester chair covers for casual occasions.

3. Add Color to Your Party

Finding the right colors in your theme can sometimes be hard. Over-using a color that doesn't actually complement your color palette or theme can easily be an eyesore for guests.

It's best to use chair covers with lighter or muted colors. Though experimenting with color contrast is also great and using a color scheme chart would be useful.

As for chair covers for weddings, aside from white, there are many options to choose from. Consider using brown chair covers for weddings. This neutral color is underrated but can easily go well with a wide range of other colors. Use a spandex chair cover in brown to transform any average banquet chair into lovely, earth-toned seating:

Another color suitable for wedding receptions is the navy blue chair cover. This color gives off a cool and elegant vibe to any event. They also come in different shades of blue for easier color coordination.

Color is important when choosing linens and chair covers for weddings. They help set the overall mood of the party.

4. Add Texture and Depth to Your Table Set-up

Chair covers are a great way to add texture and detail to your dinner table setting. Experiment with different materials to get a sophisticated look. 

There are chair covers for parties with different choices of material you can use depending on your theme. Choose from polyester, spandex, satin chair covers for weddings, or velvet chair covers for weddings.

You can also use chair sashes as a final decorative touch. Choose from different fabrics: satin, spandex, burlap, organize, or taffeta. Spandex material covers are commonly combined with spandex bands.

For a finishing touch in your decor, use linen napkins for sale. Get tablecloth napkins in the same fabric as your chair covers to coordinate your design pieces.

For more tips on choosing the perfect chair coverings, you can also check out our website for more styling tips.

Mix and Match with Other Decor Items

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You can also check out some of our low cost budget saver items that will complement your chair covers. Complete your wedding reception stage with some wedding arch backdrop stands and silk hydrangeas flower wall backdrop panel.

Dress up your dessert table with cake and cupcake stands. Pair them with folding chair covers for wedding receptions and get that fun outdoorsy vibe.

Elegance on a Budget 

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Undoubtedly, there is nothing more exciting than achieving the right look for your dream wedding, anniversary or any big party. Instantly get that clean and coordinated look with our chair covers and table linens.

Get quality yet cheap tablecloths and other event linens for sale at CV Linens. Buy chair covers for weddings, birthday parties, and other special occasions in bulk and get wholesale prices.

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For more design inspiration, check out our blog, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest for more decor ideas.

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