Little Known Ways to Use Black Lace

Little Known Ways to Use Black Lace

Black Lace table runner with apple red napkins and table runner with rhinestone napkin rings

Holidays and Linen Budgets Don’t Always See Eye-to-Eye

Mid-September is great for getting a leg up on planning your holiday decor, but if you’re like me you’ll want to savor those those last days before full-on holiday madness takes hold. Plus, I always have that pesky conscience reminding me not to spend frivolously before the holidays.

But what if there was a cost effective way to add a few versatile pieces to your decor that you could use the whole year through? If you’re dying for new linens but need to stay within a budget for the impending holidays, just add black lace to your collection!

If you’re an event planner, party person, or just plainly passionate about linens, you probably have a whole stash of solid colored linens. Satin, lamour, and taffeta linens in solid colors are staples of decorating, and we all have our favorites on hand.

While you’re building your tablescape, keep your color palette conservative by focusing on only a single bold color. Layer a black lace table runner runner over a solid table runner for an instant transformation. Finish off coordinating the look of a spandex chair bands to complete your look! We chose to keep our above tablescape simple and romantic.


Get the Mock Up Above


Accents and Tips for Decorating with Black Lace

  • Use a crystal product for your centerpiece
  • If using flowers try tight floral arrangements, such as pomander balls
  • Use Silk Rose Petals in your main color around the centerpiece


What Event Would You use Black Lace at?

With such a versatile look, black lace can pair perfectly with solid colors for Valentine’s Day, weddings, anniversary parties, and birthday parties!

Which color would you likely pair black lace with? Let me know in the comments below!


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