How to Drape Round Wedding Arches With Chiffon

How to Drape Round Wedding Arches With Chiffon

Backdrops can effortlessly transform any event venue and highlight the occasion's theme. They are also great at masking the venue's imperfections, easy to customize, and excellent spots to turn into a photo booth. Among the most popular backdrops for weddings would be round wedding arches because they are easy to use and flexible when it comes to decor options. Depending on the budget, they can be mounted, freestanding or suspended, and they can accommodate more flowers or fewer ones.

Why Are Arches Used at Weddings?

flowery wedding arch
white wedding arch

Wedding arches are essential in the ceremony because they serve as the focal point in an outdoor wedding or wedding reception and the most commonly photographed decoration on the big day. It serves as the ultimate backdrop throughout the ceremony and when the couple turns to the wedding guests as a newly blessed couple.

Round arches also double as a backdrop arch for photos, dessert tables, baby showers, and other small gatherings.

If you want a durable circle wedding arch you can use beyond a single wedding, go for metal arches. They are easy to set up and use, especially if you want to do it yourself. You can find DIY packages complete with metal pipes and screws you can assemble on your own.

How do you Decorate a Round Wedding Arch?

As mentioned earlier, round wedding arches offer flexibility in decor options. You can turn them into balloon arches using fresh or faux flowers, greenery, and balloon garlands, backdrop drapes, or neon lights.

If you want to use faux flowers, cut the flower panels vertically, then secure them to the arch one by one with zip ties. Fill the gaps with individual flowers. Even if they are invisible from the front, trim the zip ties. For the finishing touches, you can add twinkling lights in the background. It would be easier to execute your dream look for the backdrop stand once you see your decorated arch.

How do you Drape Round Wedding Arch with Fabric?

simple wedding arch

One of the interesting circle wedding arch decor ideas you can try is draping the arch with fabric. It is as simple as draping the fabric over the arch and passing the metal frame through the curtain pockets. Whatever method you choose to decorate the arch, you should secure the material to the metal frame with zip ties, floral wire, and pipe cleaners.

Use the fabric panels as your faux curtains, then consider the rounded wedding arch as a big window with fabric panels on both sides. Secure the flowy fabrics with flowers and ribbons following the wedding theme. You can also choose to drape the material to the arch and use the arch drape as the altar backdrop.

Another option is to wrap the fabric around the wedding circle arch as tight as possible. If you want flowy sides, you can do it loosely.

What Fabric Do You Use for Wedding Arch?

chiffon fabric
sheer voile

There are many kinds of fabrics to choose from, with chiffon fabric in white as one of the best. Chiffon is ideal if you are looking for an elegant material with less sheer. It looks delicate with its woven netting effect. Chiffon is also favored for its ease of use because of its flowy material and how relatively affordable it is compared to other fabrics.

Since chiffon is available in various colors, you can combine dark and light tones to give your arch a more appealing edge. Bind two pieces of chiffon to create an eye-catching accent for the occasion. The amount of sheer you can get from chiffon can make it seem like you have a wedding arch with a waterfall of light. It might give the wedding altar or reception an illusion that it is glowing.

Sheer voile is another popular option. It drapes easily, and its width is two times the size of other fabrics. It is also flame-retardant, which makes it an ideal choice for weddings with champagne and candles.

sequin linens

Sequin linens are also great options to drape over round wedding arches. If you have a gold circle wedding arch, you can use gold sequin linens, too. They are not only popular options as tablecloth runners but also easy to use as a backdrop. Treat them like a round tablecloth when draping it over the arch.

These pieces of fabric are available in different shades to match the wedding's color scheme.

What are some wedding arch styling ideas?

round wedding arch
colorful wedding arch

Now that you're done decorating the round wedding arch with fabric, what else can you do to make it pop from the rest of the venue?

You can use LED, delicate fairy, or string lights to create a dreamy wedding backdrop, especially if you have a sunset or nighttime wedding. They make the venue look romantic and magical. You can weave string lights around the arch to give it a dramatic appeal or hang lanterns from the arch or around the base.

Floral arrangements are a great way to decorate wedding arches, too. You can use them to tie back curtains, keep them scattered around the arch, or put them on top. You can also hang strands of flowers from the arch like a curtain for a storybook-like look.

Backdrops give appeal to any special occasion. Round wedding arches became popular backdrops because they are easy to decorate, match any wedding theme, and alternate as a backdrop for a photo booth, sweets table, and head table. They can be decorated with fabric, flowers, greenery, and twinkling lights to add a more romantic and dramatic effect to the venue. If you are looking for an easy wedding backdrop to work with, consider round wedding arches as an excellent option.

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