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Ways to Make Your Small Event Space Feel Big

Are you excited to plan an event but feeling concerned about the size of your venue? Don't let a small event space limit your creativity. You can give your guests an amazing experience by creating the illusion of more space with a few clever tricks.

Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or a small gathering with friends, these tips will help you maximize your limited space.

Read on to learn how to transform small event venues into stunning and spacious oasis, from maximizing natural light to designing a backdrop for an event.


10 Ways to Make a Small Event Space Look Bigger

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Working with small event venues is one of the most difficult challenges for event planners face when it comes to event planning. Smaller venues require more creativity and resourcefulness to appear and feel as grand as their larger counterparts.

However, just because a venue is small does not mean it cannot be transformed into a beautiful and inviting space. With the right small event space ideas, even the smallest of venues look and feel bigger than they are.

Here are 10 event space design ideas to make a limited space look bigger:

Go easy on the decoration

One of the most common mistakes when executing a small event space design is overdoing it with decorations. Instead, take a minimalistic approach and select just one statement piece. For example, a flower wall backdrop can create a stunning focal point. It can provide a pop of color and texture without taking up too much room.

You can check out our blogs for more event space decor ideas and floor to ceiling backdrop ideas

Drape the Ceiling

Draping the ceiling is an excellent way to make a small venue space appear bigger. It does not only create an intimate atmosphere. It also adds height and dimension to a small space.

Choose light-colored drapes, such as ivory or white ceiling drapes, to reflect light and make the room feel brighter and more spacious.

Create the Ideal Seat Plan

Seating arrangements are essential for any event, especially in small spaces. A well-planned seating layout can maximize the space and create an open and airy feel. Use smaller tables to seat as many guests as possible.

Use a mix of seating styles, such as banquet chairs, couches, and lounge seating. And, make sure to leave enough space between tables and chairs to make it easy for guests to move around.

Make Use of Natural Lighting

Natural lighting can make any space feel brighter and more spacious. Allow natural light in by opening windows or doors. Use sheer curtains to soften the light and create a soft, romantic ambiance. You can also use artificial lighting to supplement the natural light and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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Carefully Choose the Colors for Your Small Event Space Design

The colors you choose for your event space plays a significant role in how spacious it feels. Stick to lighter, neutral colors that will help to brighten up the space and make it appear bigger. Avoid using too many bold or dark colors, which can make the space feel cramped and confined.

Use Round Tables

Round tables are a fantastic choice for small event spaces because they create a more intimate and cozy feel. They take up less space than rectangular tables and allow you to fit more people in the room. They also make it easier for guests to engage in conversation with each other.

Use round tablecloths from CV Linens to complete the look and create a cohesive and elegant appearance.

Use Vertical Elements

Another way to make a small event space feel larger is to use vertical elements. Look into glass crystal centerpiece stands, hanging decorations, and even elevated seating areas. These elements draw the eye upwards, giving the impression of more space.


Include Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to give the appearance of more space. You can make a room appear larger and brighter by strategically placing decorative mirrors around it. Place them on walls opposite windows or doorways to reflect the natural light. They will make the space feel even more open.

Avoid Oversized Furniture

When it comes to limited event spaces, oversized furniture can be a big no-no. This can actually make the space feel cramped and cluttered. Instead, choose smaller furniture pieces that are proportional to the size of the room. By using smaller pieces, you can make the space feel more open and breathable.

Using narrower furniture or ghost chairs is one of the best event space decor ideas for small spaces. Ghost chairs are transparent, so they take up less visual space. They make the room look bigger. Narrower furniture also creates a more streamlined and modern look, making the space feel more open and sophisticated.

Pick Furniture in Colors That Match the Venue’s Walls

Using furniture that blends in with the venue walls is one of the best ways to give the impression of more room in a small space. If the walls are white or light-colored, use furniture in the same shades. That will give the room a coordinated appearance. 

This technique tricks the eye into thinking the space as larger than it actually is. Furthermore, using furniture in a similar color palette as the walls provides a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

Why is Space Important in Events? 

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Space is an essential component in any event. It sets the mood and creates an inviting atmosphere. It can also make the guests feel at ease.  

An event space that is too small can make guests feel cramped and uncomfortable, which makes the event less enjoyable. On the other hand, a space that is too big can make the event seem empty and disjointed. That's why it's important to find the right balance when choosing an event space.

Another reason is that it impacts the overall logistics and flow of the event. It can be difficult for guests to circulate and engage in conversation in a cramped space. A well-designed and sizable event space, on the other hand, can entice visitors to move around. This often results in an engaging and successful event.

By following the event space design ideas shared in this blog, even a small event space can feel and look bigger.

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Decorate Small Event Venues with CV Linens

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While a small space may present its challenges, there are many small event space ideas to make it feel bigger and more inviting. 

And, by partnering with a trusted supplier like CV Linens for your event linens and decor, you can ensure that your small event space looks and feels as stunning as possible.

From tablecloths to chair covers, CV Linens offers a wide range of products that can help elevate the ambiance of any event. We also offer a variety of event decor items, such as napkin rings and centerpieces that can help tie the entire event theme and style together.

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