9 Essentials for Breaking into the Event Planning Business with Only $900

9 Essentials for Breaking into the Event Planning Business with Only $900


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Have you been thinking about branching out and starting your own event decorating business? Your dream isn’t as far away as you may imagine! CV Linens clients have gone on to start booming careers as event planners with as little as a $900 order of wholesale table linens. Follow along to learn the top 9 items you can order to jumpstart your passion project!


9 Wholesale Table Linens and Accessories to Invest for Event Planning 

1. Pipe and Drape Set – $190.99

Have you stumbled upon photos of gorgeously draped events and thought “how did they do that?” The answer is Pipe and Drape sets! This beginner Pipe and Drape Set features a 18″ x 18″ base, 5 to 8 feet tall telescopic uprights, and 5 to 8 feet long crossbar – perfect for adding a pop behind your dessert or sweetheart table. CV Linens carries affordable and professional Pipe and Drape sets. As a pro you will need a Pipe and Drape set made from high-quality material. With sturdy professional Pipe and Drape set, you won’t risk a disaster or sacrifice durability. Best of all, this particular Pipe and Drape Set can be upgraded to grow as your business grows!

2. Glitz Sequin Backdrop 8′ x 112″ – $82.99

One look at event planning decor trends and you will see that Glitz Sequin Backdrops are everything! Our 8′ x 112″ Glitz Sequin Backdrops are amazing because all it takes is one panel to fill out your new Pipe and Drape set. Take your pick of whatever color you would like, although black, white, gold, or silver drapes will give you the most diversity for a wide array of events.


3.  8′ x 118″ Sheer Voile Drapes (Quantity of 2) – $16.99 each

Sheer Voile Drapes are more versatile than you would image! You can use sheer voile drapes to build backdrops, partitions, or even to swag over a Glitz Backdrop for a layered effect. The sheer material will give your weddings or special events a dreamy ethereal look. To get the most out of your new sheer drapes we recommend sticking to neutral with white or black, but colors such as fuchsia, turquoise, and royal blue are also in high demand.


4. Universal Satin Self Tie Chair Covers (Quantity of 100) – $2.29 each

Universal Chair Covers are worth their weight in gold! So much of event decor goes into disguising unsavory chairs. With a quality set of Universal Satin Chair Covers you have a chair cover solution for any occasion! From banquet chairs to folding chairs, our Universal Chair Covers will fit virtually any chair making them your best chair investment. You can easily home launder or professionally launder your chair covers and inexpensively replace stained or damaged chair covers as needed. As we’ve mentioned before, we recommend sticking with a neutral color to get the most out of your first chair cover purchase. The most common color requested for weddings is white.


5. Satin Napkins (Quantity of 100) – $0.55 each

With Satin Napkins you have two options: either purchase 100 in a single color, or order 25 in different colors to alternate throughout your events. (Tip: If you order 100 of a single color you qualify for a higher bulk discount.) Napkins are a fantastic way to add color and elegance to your tablescape! 100 napkins will get you started for decorating any event. The most commonly used colors are white, black, and silver, though blush/rose gold has been especially trendy the past few years.

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6. 120″ Lamour Satin Tablecloths (Quantity of 12) – $13.49 each

The perk to purchasing wholesale table linens is definitely the discount for ordering large quantities. Twelve round 120″ tablecloths will dress tables for up to 120 guests! Lamour Satin Tablecloths will give your events a more polished, professional result in any color. Basic white, black, champagne, or ivory Lamour Tablecloths serve as an amazing base linen for any occasion, and if you need to shake up an event’s decor you can always add a Table Overlay atop your chosen color. On a 60″ round table (the most common venue size) these tablecloths will touch the ground, and on a 72″ table they will be slightly raised off of the ground.


7. 120″ Round Rosette Satin Tablecloth – $42.99 each

A 120″ Rosette Satin Tablecloth is another fantastic utility piece for your event planning business. A Rosette Tablecloth in white, black, or champagne can be used to dress up a guest of honor or sweetheart table, create a jazzy cake table, or even hung from a pipe and drape set for another touch of color and texture. Satin Rosette is a safe luxury linen choice as it’s a proven timeless fabric that will always be in-demand for events.


8. Rhinestone Velcro Napkin Rings (Quantity of 100) – $0.75 each

As the name implies, these rhinestone bands with a velcro closure make easy work of adding shine to your napkin folds. You can also use Rhinestone Velcro Napkin Rings to add flare to the back of chair ties, or combine them to clip together drapery! The benefit of using rhinestone mesh over true rhinestones is not having to worry about a gem falling out, meaning they’ll last longer and be a better investment in the long run.


9. Mermaid Scale Table Runners (Quantity of 12) – $5.99 each

Mermaid Scale Table Runners are just a suggestion for any higher-end table runners. Table runners can be used to simply add a stripe of color, but why not make your decor stand out with luxury table runners? Mermaid Scale Table Runners will add a stunning, sequined appeal to your tablescape, but don’t limit yourself. For a few dollars more you can upgrade your table runner inventory to Glitz Sequins or substitute Petal Taffeta Table Runners!


The Grand Total: $947.71

1 order, 9 items, 329 pieces of wholesale table linens and accessories to kickstart your career in the event planning! We want to hear what items you used to break into the wedding and event planning industry. Let us know what linens you used to get your start on Facebook!

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