Preserving Your Event: Photo Booth Fun

Preserving Your Event: Photo Booth Fun

Your Photobooth Backdrops

One of the best things about having an event is not only experiencing it, but being able to revisit it for many years after! To make an event truly timeless, consider adding a photo booth to your event. A photo booth provides a fun outlet for your guests to be themselves! A photo booth will leave you with memories, and show you a different side of the event. There are so many ways to have a photo booth, from a professional photographer, with an instant camera (think Polaroid and Fujifilm Instax) where your guests can leave you a note on the image. Even with your guests using Instagram and uploading with a specific hashtag! Don’t let the idea of a luxe photo booth deter you from a lifetime of memories. No matter your event or budget, you can totally make it work!

No matter what photo booth you decide, the key factor is the background! From glam to rustic, the photo booth possibilities are truly endless. We’ve come up with a small guide to the most popular photo booth backdrops to point you in the right direction! All of our Fabric Rolls are perfect for a DIY photo booth background.


Preserving Your Event: Photo Booth Fun glitz sequin backdrop

Photo: Ruffled


Glitz is HUGE in worlds of photo booth backdrops, for obvious reasons! The sequins on Glitz provide a gorgeous, shining photo booth backdrops. These backdrops will continue to sparkle in the photo. This versatile fabric can be used for an ultra-luxe event, rustic wedding, or even a birthday party. The key is in the choice of color. We have tons color of options for your event. For a chic and glam event we recommend Gold/Silver/White/Black.

For rustic, we have Champagne/Blush/Mint Green. For adding a bold look to any event we have every color from Apple Red to Aqua Blue. An extra perk of Glitz is that is also looks beautiful when draped. Don’t be afraid to experiment with hanging your photo booth backdrops! You can shop our full line of Glitz Fabric Rolls here. We also have Glitz available in tablecloths, table runners, chair bands, and  napkins.


Preserving Your Event: Photo Booth Fun lace backdrop

Photo: Flourish Studio Photography


Another option that has been growing in popularity the last few years is lace. Commonly seen in outdoor, rustic/vintage themed weddings, lace is gorgeous when placed over a natural backdrop. Take your photos close-up to see the lace detail and hinted blurred background of being outside or take them from far away to see the entire set up. Take advantage of the beautiful nature around your event venue! The set up can even be used as a location for professional photos taken during the event. You’re definitely making the most of the idea with photo booth backdrops. Best of all, lace is easy to hang when wrapped around trees with wire or rope!

We currently offer four classic colors of lace (White/Ivory/Champagne/Black) in 6″, 12″ and 18″ rolls and 40 yards. The versatility of our lace options ensures you can use the same lace for your photo booth backdrops, party favors, decor, and more.


Preserving Your Event: Photo Booth Fun sheer voile backdrop

Photo: Social Justice

Sheer Voile

The epitome of a dreamy, fairytale background! Make your event feel effortlessly whimsical with multiple Sheer Voile backdrops. Use Sheer Voile drapes together over traditional fairy lights. From an elegant wedding to a princess party, sheer backgrounds are pure magic and can be used both indoors and outdoors. This popular style usually features a place for the subject to sit. You can use a simple stool, but another great option is a Chaise chair for multiple people to sit on. Be sure to have something handy to tie back the top draping to the sides as well. Our Sheer Organza Sashes are perfect for tying the sheer voile and come in an array of colors to complete your palette. In stock, we have White, Ivory, and Black Sheer Voile drapes in  8ft x118, 10ft x118″, 12ft x118″, and 14ft x118".


Preserving Your Event: Photo Booth Fun pattern backdrop

Photo: DreamLove Photography


Patterns are the ultimate way to show off your unique personality and vision in a small space. With all of the pattern and color combinations available your event will truly stand out in the most fun way possible! If you’re looking to skirt the edge of playfulness but still want to keep your event simple and chic, try using a color that is close to neutral, such as Champagne/Navy/Gold/Silver.

On the opposite end of the spectrum you can go all-out with some Fuchsia/Zebra Print/Flocking/Turquoise to really make a statement!

Among the patterns we offer are Chevron, Chevron Sequin, Stripe, Stripe Glitz, Zebra, Greek Key, and Flocking Damask. All of them are in 10 yard and 40 yard lengths. Pair these lively backgrounds with playful props such as the ever-popular mustache-on-a-stick, giant googly eyes, silly hats, and clown noses for some hilarious results! Order a larger roll to incorporate the same pattern all throughout your event.

 Here are a few things to keep in mind while planning your photo booth:

    • You’ll want to match your wedding/event colors or theme so that you can display other photos from the day next to the photo booth images and have them coordinate well.
      • If your photo booth is inside you’ll want to place it near a light source, such as a large window or artificial lighting. For outside photo booths have your subject’s back face the sun or place them entirely in a shaded area; facing your subjects towards the sun could cause harsh shadows on the face and more than one image with closed eyes!
        • If you’re going to use a fabric as the background you’ll want a piping system to hold it in place as most venues do not allow holes or tape on their walls. Our Piping Sets are perfect for photo booth backdrops! Don’t forget to also snag a Drape Support Clamp and an extra bar to add multiple layers of photo booth backdrops (such as with the Sheer Voile.)


          We hope this has sparked some ideas for your next photo booth background! You can take a look at our Pinterest inspiration board to get a head start on planning props.

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