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Wedding Candle Centerpiece Styles and Decor Ideas

A candelabra is derived from the Latin word candela, or candle. It is used as a decorative piece especially as a candelabra wedding centerpiece and can come in large, standing, branching arms to hold several candles at a time. In some religions, it holds significant meaning expressing faith and hope with its light. Well it sure does bring a bright light to all occasions.

Most antique candelabras are made of brass, silver, glass, or wrought iron with classic style viz. Rococo, Gothic, Baroque, and Georgian. Modern candelabras can be seen in different types of materials, including gold, silver, brass, copper, crystal, or iron.

It also comes in various types, such as candlestick, chandelier, girandole, julleuchter (yule lantern), ljuskrona (light crown), menorah, torchere, and Charlottenburg candelabra. 

Instructions on How to Assemble a 10-Arm Candelabra

10 arm candelabra

In the contemporary world, candelabras are often used for its decorative value. You'll see it in birthdays, wedding parties and other special occasions.

Here is an example of an unassembled candelabra that will guide you through assembling each part.

The pieces shown in the picture include the following parts:

  • 12 stem poles in four assorted sizes
  • 1 square base
  • 10 hurricane glass cylinders
  • 10 candlestick holder cups
  • 2 threaded stud bolts

This type of candelabra has a tall, multi-length arm to hold at least 10 candles. It gives modern aesthetic features with its brilliant, distinctive style. This all goes for other types of candelabra. Each has a different style and feature to match different tastes and occasions.

The 10 candelabra arms can be arranged in many ways to match any decor style. We’ll walk you through a step-by-step tutorial on how to Assemble a 10 arm Candelabra: 

Step 1 - Begin by screwing the smaller stems to the screws on the base;

Step 2 - You will repeat this with a total of 8 stems;

Step 3 - To make the two long stems, and connect any two poles using the threaded stud;

Step 4 - Next screw candlestick holder cups on the stems;

Step 5 - Lastly add wax or led candles and cover them with hurricane glasses.

Candelabra centerpieces are also a perfect addition to weddings! This enhances the mood and the decorative centerpiece serves as an elegant touch to the whole theme. 

Candelabras for wedding decor are also multipurpose; they can be blended into an entryway, a wedding altar, or a tablescape.

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Styles and Decor Ideas: Candelabras for Weddings

Royal Hanging Crystal Candelabra Centerpiece - Gold
48" Tall 10 Arm Candle Holder Candelabra Centerpiece - Gold

Candelabra wedding decor is a scene stealer for any tablescape and party venue. It serves both classic and modern vibes and brings elegance to an even more sophisticated setting. Mostly when you want to add extra spice to the decor, instead of candles, use florals, greenery, ribbons, crystals, wax or LED taper candles for a more sophisticated look.

Here are some different styles of candelabra wedding centerpieces for you!

1. Single Acrylic flower/candle holder centerpiece - 24” height 

Acrylic Flower/Candle Holder Centerpiece Stand 24" Height

This single flower or candelabra candle holder centerpiece is a sophisticated acrylic pillar that can surely add impact to wedding decor.

This centerpiece is lightweight, durable, and made of acrylic that can mimic glass. Compared to glass, this type of material is much more versatile, especially when transporting without fear of damage, and it is also much easier to assemble.

2. Candelabra Centerpiece with Hanging Crystals - Gold

Candelabra Centerpiece with Hanging Crystals - Gold

This candelabra centerpiece that comes with three inches of hanging crystals has four small arms that hold candles or florals and one large bowl centerpiece in the center. This is also perfect for birthdays, celebrations, and anniversaries, aside from weddings.

3. Royal Hanging Crystal Candelabra Centerpiece - Gold

Royal Hanging Crystal Candelabra Centerpiece - Gold

The royal hanging crystal candelabra centerpiece, which has six candle tops, including the center bowl, has a brilliant shine and glaring design. The acrylic drops and curved arms with five arms are 27" tall with a 7" D base. It has a perfect, glaring centerpiece that serves as a polished feature.

With a classic and modern vibe, this elegant piece will uplift the mood. Tall candelabras for weddings have a mesmerizing look, and this allows light to scatter evenly. A good decor piece for a romantic vibe.

4. 48" Tall 10 Arm Candle Holder Candelabra Centerpiece - Gold

48" Tall 10 Arm Candle Holder Candelabra Centerpiece - Gold

A 48" tall, 10-arm candle holder candelabra centerpiece that is unique and eye-catching! It also has a modern feature with ten subsided glass cylinders that have a base in polished gold metal.

This is perfect for in-suite candelabra wedding centerpieces, tables, aisles, entrance stairs, stage decor, buffets, and/or floor wedding candelabras.

It is simple, which will also suit a minimalist-themed party because of its graceful yet modern features.

5. 12 Arms Candle Holder Wedding Candelabra Table Centerpiece 48"H - Gold

12 Arms Candle Holder Wedding Candelabra Table Centerpiece 48"H - Gold

An elegant centerpiece perfect for wedding tables or reception decor. It's 48" in height and plated in gold. Imagine the scenery when placing it on tables, buffets, aisles, entrance stairs, dessert tables, and/or floor decor!

A modern wedding candelabra centerpiece that has twelve disc candle nozzles with cylinder glass hues. It has 10 arms that can take in 10 candles or LED taper candles that provide a glowing atmosphere. You can find more design ideas for candle holder centerpieces from our blog and other online resources.

Wedding candelabra centerpieces can be purchased and are available in CV Linens. Check out our website to see our wide variety of options for wedding decor and event linens. Get more for less when you buy in bulk and avail of our wholesale prices. We also offer free shipping for orders above $99. Get more for less out of every dollar.

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Wedding Candelabra Centerpieces for Your Party

We’ve gone through our step-by-step guide on how to assemble your own candelabra decor. We’ve also given you a rundown of our top candelabra decor recommendations and decor ideas.

An important thing to remember is to coordinate with the venue coordinators regarding flame guidelines and regulations. It is to ensure that no accident will occur during the event. For venues that do not allow flames, you can always consider using non-flame candles, such as LED candles, or instead use florals. You can find tons of DIY design ideas for centerpieces and wedding centerpiece design inspiration online.

Get creative and glam up your party with these candelabra centerpiece design ideas. For more design inspiration, visit our blog, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts for more styling ideas.

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