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How To Cover Table Skirt Clips

You want to avoid inconveniences while having a large dinner with many people. For instance, your tablecloth is sliding, and everything on top of it is in a mess, both the serving pieces and the food. One simple way to prevent that accident is securing your tablecloth. All you need is a simple instrument called table skirt clips.

Another important addition that stylishly enhances the aesthetic appeal of your tablecloth is a table skirt. Whether you're striving for a glam or business-like appearance, table skirts and clips make it simple to create a gorgeous table look. This excellent clip has many patterns, may be used outdoors, and will keep your tablecloth from slipping. 

These table skirt clips can be pretty helpful for outdoor meals, picnics, or other activities where the wind is likely to blow. In this blog, we will give you a guide on how to cover table skirt clips adequately.

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If you are a visual learner, you can learn how to attach a table skirt to your table and hide the table skirt clips, so they don't ruin the look of the table setting by watching this video.

How To Cover Table Skirt Clips

This is a guide on quickly hiding your table skirt clips or velcro straps and achieving that glam table skirt design.

The first method is To attach the Table Skirt Around Your Table:

Step 1: Using velcro command strips, put one foot apart from the other around the table. Make sure that near the corners of the table, you add strips closer than a foot apart.

step 1

Step 2: Put the table strips on each velco straps by following the strips around the table.

step 2

Step 3: You can steam your skirt to create an exceptional finished look. This method is recommended to be used on any  table that doesn't require a tablecloth.

step 3

 The second method is to cover the table skirt clips.

Step 1: Place your ironed tablecloth over your table.

step 1

Step 2: Add a command strip to the top edge of the velcro table skirt clip and cut off any excess length. It is recommended to use one table clip per foot of your skirt.

step 2

Step 3: Attach your skirt to the velcro clip. Make sure that in between every clip, your sash drapes loosely. 

step 3

Step 4: Gather the material between each clip and pin it to the skirt using your choice of pins.

step 4

And now, you achieve the best look for your table skirt design while hiding the table skirt clips.

step 5

Table skirt clips are often an overlooked aspect of event decor but should definitely not be underestimated. While they must perform the important task of holding a tablecloth or table overlay in place, their appearance can be distracting. This will guide you on how to skirt a table with the blend of table clips seamlessly with the overall theme and ensure your events look polished and professional.

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