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Decor Pieces for your Modern Fairytale- Themed Weddings

A fairytale wedding is an event that will never be forgotten. A fairy tale wedding theme is perfect for couples who want a whimsical, magical atmosphere where guests can dream of being transported back in time to an enchanted place. The decor and overall ambiance of this type of wedding are romantic, fun, playful, and nostalgic

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Couples who want a dreamy wedding are sure to have been inspired by classic love stories and fairytales. But, if you're getting married in today's modern world, why not put a new spin on a classic theme?

Instead of just doing a traditional wedding theme with chiffon, lace, and other details that have been done over and over again, try going for an "enchanted" theme to give your event something fresh. Achieve this breathtaking by transforming your venue into the setting for a modern fairytale using a few affordable key elements from CV Linens!

Handwritten Signs

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Handwritten signs are an absolute necessity for anyone planning a modern fairy tale-themed wedding. These signs can be used to display all of your event details, including the wedding timeline, wedding seating chart, and wedding menu. It's also a great place to write a thank you note or a special welcome message to the guests.

You can make this type of signage with chalkboard paint and either butcher paper or poster board. You'll also need some kind of frame around the edges so that everything stays in place when displayed. The frame could be made from wood pieces glued together or even painted cardboard boxes; anything goes as long as it looks good!

You can also use mini chalkboards or acrylic signs. These handwritten signs are also perfect for table placeholders, so guests will know where to sit. Simply place them on top of an elegant charger plate to easily provide contrast to the table.

Floral Arches

floral arch

What’s a fairytale wedding without dreamy floral arrangements? From the bride’s headpiece, to the table centerpiece, to backdrop decors, intricate flower arrangements are a central element to most wedding celebrations.

Flowers are a great way to add color, texture and greenery to your wedding. They can be used as the focal point of an arrangement or as an accent piece.

Floral arches can be used as a walkway, or as the backdrop for your ceremony. Alternatively, floral arches can be used to create a photo booth for guests and/or framed around the cake table.

CV Linens offer wedding arch backdrop stands in different sizes and shapes, from round, geometric, rectangular, to chiara-style sets of three. Embellish them with loose floral pieces and tulle or cheesecloth table runners.

Use flowers in both big and small ways; for example, you could use wildflowers for a more rustic look or roses in glass vases for some extra glamor.

Eye-catching Lighting

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rustic bulb garden lights

Paper lanterns are a great way to add some color and romance to your event. They are easy to use and can be hung from the ceiling or placed on backdrops. You can choose any color scheme you want, whether it be your wedding colors or just a bold primary color that stands out against white linens.

If you love the idea of a fairy tale-themed wedding, but don't want to go with something as traditional as a princess dress or castle, then you may also want to consider going with a modern take of the concept with a chandelier. A chandelier is a beautiful way to bring elegance and drama into your venue that won't feel too or clichéd.

LED fairy lights and bulbs on the ceiling are a great way to add a romantic, magical feel to your wedding. Fairy lights can be used in a variety of ways, from hanging from the ceiling to wrapping around pillars or trees. These ideas will help you decide how best to use fairy lights at your wedding reception:


  • You can hang them from the ceiling using fishing wire, which is easy to set up and looks great when lit up with twinkling white lights. This type of lighting creates a beautiful ambiance if used throughout the room or along one wall or corner of an area.
  • If you want fairy lights that are more dramatic, consider using strands of large light bulbs strung together at different lengths across your venue's walls and ceilings instead - they'll give off more sparkle than small bulbs on their own!


Table Centerpieces

elegant table setting decor

If you're planning a fairy tale-themed wedding, then you'll want to consider tall candelabras or candle displays on the tables. This can be done in many ways, but one of the most popular is to make sure that your classic table centerpieces are affordable yet high quality and  suitable for your theme

Crystal balls have always been associated with magic and mystery since they are often found in fairy tales like Aladdin or Cinderella. They can be used for centerpieces at the table or as decorations hung from trees outside the venue if you want something more subtle than having glowing orbs at every table inside your reception hall.

Candles are another way of achieving a similar effect: they give off light while also adding some magic into your decor! If possible arrange them in unique patterns or use them with a crystal candle holder to achieve a breathtaking effect!

Layered Velvet Drapery

floral wedding backdrop

Imagine walking through the halls of castles, you will easily notice their heavy floor to ceiling drapery that often comes in layers, an opaque, much thicker base layer and one of two layers of a lighter linen material and color.

Easily recreate this look  with CV Linens backdrop curtains and easy-to-assemble pipe and base bundles! Check out these velvet curtains for your base drapes, and sheer voile curtains for your layers. For more information on everything you need to know about event draping, check out this Draping 101 for beginners and experts alike.

Learn how to easily set-up a three-layered backdrop curtain drape decor with this how-to video from CV Linens.

These pieces of decor will get you and your partner feeling like you're in a fairytale. If you want to go the extra mile , get a carriage! Complete the look by hiring a driver who will run your horse-drawn carriage.

fairytale carriage

That way you can ride along in style and look like royalty in your photos. You could even have the driver wear old-fashioned clothing, so it looks like he went straight out of a classic Disney fairytale.

In the end, you should always keep in mind that it is your wedding day, and there is nothing more special than celebrating your special day in the way you wish to. Try these unconventional wedding ideas and embrace your memorable and unique wedding celebration.

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