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5 Essential Colors For Jewel Tone Weddings

Jewel Tone Weddings with Sequins in Plum/Eggplant and Navy BlueJewel Tone Weddings with sequins in plum, emerald, navy blue with charger plates, napkins, tablecloths, chair sashes, and more on chiavari chair

Jewel Tone Weddings are the Perfect Way to Show Off Your Unique Style

For couples who want a strong and vibrant color scheme for their wedding, jewel tone weddings make a delightful way of commemorating their special day. If certain colors are especially meaningful to you and your fiancé, such as the color of your ring or your birthstones, use these shades at your wedding reception or in the ceremony itself! Jewel tone weddings base their decoration around the different shades and tints of a few chosen hues. While couples can choose as many colors below as they desire, most stick to two or three to blend together to create day as unique as a gemstone.

Emerald Green

Emeralds have been mined since the days of the Egyptians. These mesmerizing stones add depth and elegance to any color palette. We carry an extensive line of emerald green items that mimic the regality of a true emerald. Try our glitz sequin line in this color to provide a backdrop for oasis, turquoise, or gold. If you’d prefer to use emerald as your primary color, a solid table cloth will give the pop of color you’re looking for. Emerald works well as both the main attraction and as a secondary color because of its unassuming yet regal air.


This luscious color is extremely versatile and good for any wedding, from rustic to bordering on royal. It blends well into a wedding bouquet and even a few ribbons in this color highlight the beauty of any flower arrangement or dress. There are many purple gemstones, from amethyst to opals – find the shade that works for you. We embrace the deep, rich tone of plum but also have lighter victorian lilac and lavender options. For wedding reception inspiration we used a mix of glitz sequin and organza in our mock up above.

Navy Blue

Sapphires are the birth stone for September and are associated with loyalty. What better choice for jewel tone weddings? And even without the associations of the stone, this is one of the most striking color choices available. Not simply a background color, any use of navy blue add a level of sophistication and beauty to your reception. If you prefer a more gemstone like linen, our glitz sequin line will dazzle your friends and family, and give what is truly a wedding to remember. We used a mix of our glitz sequin, organza, and lamour satin in navy blue in our mock up above.


In ancient times, garnets were believed to provide strength, protection, and passion. These lovely burgundy colored stones go well with both silver and gold and provide a color that is popular at jewel themed weddings. For just an accent of this color, choose napkins or a table runner. The best part with purchasing wholesale linens is you can reuse them for many years throughout different events! To achieve the glow of garnets, our apple red glitz sequin line is similar in color to burgundy and will add a striking choice at any wedding reception.


Luminescent as stars, aquamarine stones are made of the same materials as emeralds, but instead of green, they are a striking light blue. This color calms and soothes and will make your wedding appear to be an oasis in the desert. To bring this color into your wedding, use any of our satin oasis items. Oasis will pair well with navy blue, plum, and emerald green with silver accents.

A Closer Look at Our Mock Up


Difficulty Level: ★★☆☆☆ (relatively easy)
Set Up Time: Approx. 35 minutes with drapes

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Why not Substitute?

If one of the jewel-tone colors aside from navy blue or plum has caught your eye, start with these recommendations to find the linens that are perfect for you and your style!

Which Colors Are Your Favorite for Jewel Tone Weddings?

Jewel tone weddings allow you to mix and match, so find the colors for you! Perhaps navy blue and plum will be your choice? Or an arresting emerald with hints of burgundy, for the daring. Work with your wedding planner to pick out the items that are perfect for your day to help these colors shine!

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