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Sequined Weddings on a Budget

Nearly all of my design consultation clients are pining after the same thing.

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The verdict is in, people are crazy about having a wedding with sequin tablecloths!

We don’t have to explain to you what’s to love about our Glitz Sequin Linens. Pinterest is filled with glittering, glitz sequin goodness. Instagram is twinkling with sequined weddings. We definitely understand the appeal, especially of sequined weddings on a budget. And no, sequins are not too much for a wedding. If the couple wants a sparkly, magical event to celebrate their love, you should go for sequins and glitters.


With our glitz sequins’ variety of color and superior sparkle, it’s no surprise that nearly all of our customers are clamoring to bring glitz to their wedding day! There is no question you can wear sequins to a wedding, whether you are a guest or even the bride! If the goal is to make a dazzling entrance, a sequin wedding dress is the way to go.

Sequin Tablecloth Sticker Shock Is A Real Thing!

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Consultation clients and I work together to design a glitz wedding of their dreams….which sometimes result in a price tag of their nightmares. Here’s a little known secret: you can absolutely have a glitz sequin wedding on a budget! All it takes is a little retraining of your imagination. You don’t need to shell out $29,000, the reported average wedding budget in 2023. Why not enjoy the glittering beauty of a sequin table runner or the glamorous appeal of a payette sequin backdrop on a budget? Get them at CV Linens at low wholesale prices.

I have a few tips for helping you find your happy place before you even begin designing your glitz decor on a budget!

Love The Decor You Can Have, Don’t Grieve Over What You Cannot Have.

If you have explored the possibility of having a full-blown sequined soiree, but it’s simply not possible without breaking the bank, it’s time to be realistic. Let go of the photos you may have seen of receptions decked out in wall-to-wall sequined linens or sparkling sequin wedding decor pieces. Your wedding will be gorgeous and resemble something similar to the look you desire, but if you don’t adjust your expectations you could be setting yourself up for decor disappointment. Let’s make low cost wedding table decorations glamorous and opulent despite the financial limitations.

Spring For Pieces You Love, Let Go Of The Ones You Don’t.

If you’re in love with Sparkle Glitz Sequin Chaivari Chair Slip Covers find a way to incorporate them into your decor, even if your budget only allows for a few at your Head Table! If the Glitz Tablecloths are what makes your heart sing, but you could take or leave the matching Glitz Spandex Chair Bands and Glitz Napkins, forgo the glitz accents and opt for affordable substitutes instead.

Consider Combining Sequins With A Matching, More Economical Material.

Glitz makes an elegant pairing with some of our other linens at a gentler price point. You could easily alternate Accordion Crinkle Taffeta Tablecloths with glitz sequin tablecloth, for a still stunning tablescape! If this is not enough, dress your tables up with a gold sequin table runner. It should help many couples achieve their dream sequin weddings on a budget. 

Allow Me To Demonstrate The Four Sequin Tablescapes For Any Budget!

The Full Glitz Sequin Tablescape $143.83 – $160.83

This look is the ultimate in glitz sequin decadence! If you are interested in this full glitz look don’t be discouraged by the price tag. If you are committed to the full glitz look, consider using it for your Sweetheart Table or alternating full glitz tables with partial glitz tables!

blush sequin tablecloth

The 3/4 Glitz Sequin Tablescape $88.98 – $105.90

Not all sequin enthusiasts want all the sequins! This 3/4 Glitz Tablescape is also a great solution for anyone in love with the sparkle but cringing at the price of a full glitz tablescape.

blush sequin tablecloth

The Partial Glitz Sequin Tablescape $38.38 – $54.40

A little shimmer goes a lot further than you would imagine! Do not underestimate the power of a few sequined accents. Adding glitz sequin touches will definitely give you the glamour you desire at a price you can afford!

blush sequin tablecloth

The Basic Glitz Sequin Tablescape $24.06 – $30.48

This is the smallest touch of sparkle you could manage while still claiming a sequined decor. Do not venture any smaller than a glitz runner for the sake of capturing the twinkle you desire.

blush sequin tablecloth and table runner

Budget Wedding Venue

Are you looking for an affordable, yet memorable wedding experience? Look no further than Royal Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, where budget weddings are their specialty. You can get married at the chapel of your dreams without breaking the bank. Their friendly staff is committed to making your special day unique and unforgettable. With different packages to choose from, you can customize your wedding to fit your needs and budget.

Still Need A Little Help?

If you need help designing the glitz sequin wedding or other special event of your dreams, get in touch! I would love to help you construct a wedding decor at a price that won’t give you a heart attack.

How To Calculate A Wedding Budget

Calculating a wedding budget breakdown is not easy. First, figure out how much you can afford to spend, then set aside 12.5% as a contingency to stop you from overspending. Then, divide the remaining budget into two, half of which will be allotted for the venue. Compute the price per head to create a realistic guest list and allocate the rest of the budget to your priorities. 

Ensure you stick to wedding ideas on a budget throughout the planning stage. One way to do that is to find a reliable supplier of affordable wedding party supplies, such as CV Linens, willing to help you save money while pulling off the wedding of your dreams. They do that by giving their loyal customers CV Linens Rewards. 

Why Complete Your Sequin Weddings On A Budget With Cv Linens Rewards 

If you shop at CV Linens, you can enjoy all the benefits of the upcoming CV Linens Rewards program. It starts with earning points to access exclusive member benefits every time you shop for wholesale tablecloths, drapes, backdrops, and other decorations. You will earn one point for every $1 spent on the event supplies shop and more points if you follow the shop’s social media pages, write reviews, and more. 

How will you get your reward points? Sign in to your CV Linens account, and you will automatically enroll in the program. You can then claim discounts and exclusive benefits, such as Make Your Own Sale Day and Birthday Rewards, and continue planning your sequin weddings on a budget. If you don’t have a CV Linens account, sign up for one now!

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