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Top 5 Wedding Color Trends for Spring 2023

Top 5 Wedding Color Trends for Spring 2023

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If your wedding bells are set to ring in the spring, your bridal plans have already begun to bloom. Through the swirling wintry air, the scent of spring has emerged with a breathtaking view. The top five wedding color trends for spring 2023 inspire a beautiful palette of beauty, grace, and a whisper of vibrant accents. This year’s wedding theme is all about soft blends and brilliant color pairings for your wedding and reception.

The wedding color ideas for 2023 are whimsical and inviting, with the delicate cues of floating blushing petals. Choosing the right shades for your wedding palette can become a time-consuming ordeal when presented with the varying hundreds of hues available. In this guide to 2023’s top 5 color trends, we will explore and explain the trending details you need to know for your upcoming spring wedding.

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Spring weddings begin in March and last throughout May. It is a blissful time of year with fresh sun-kissed air, allowing your event to stay indoors or journey outside under the light blue sky. As nature surrounds us with vivid spring tones, trees and flowers come to life. Nothing could be more romantic than starting your lives together amidst all that spring has to offer. 

The color trends for this season are sweeping with spring accents. The designs have captured the very essence that spring represents. You will find a mesmerizing mix of depth and vibrancy alongside sincere pastel wedding colors, earthy tones, blossom hues, bright colors, and light neutrals that will create the wedding you have always wished for. From customized designs to displays and décor, your wedding will begin with a cue of color and your signature style. Table linens, room décor and bridal party attire are all a part of your wedding theme. Every detail will be enhanced through your wedding colors and design.

While reviewing the color palette trends, imagine what your wedding will look like in each pairing. Willowy drapes, flawless candlesticks, and fine plating details are a great place to start your dreamy wedding journey. It will help you envision your wedding hopes into one colorful spring theme. Without further ado, here are your top 5 official color palettes for your spring wedding this 2023!

Dusty blue wedding reception table setting with napkin, charger plate, and flower arrangement

Spring Sky

Dusty Blue, Dusty Rose, Emerald Green


  • Victorian cottages
  • English tea
  • Chic rustic

Beach wedding featuring dusty rose and emerald green florals

The Color Palette

There are three main elements of the sky in spring. Dusty blue as the skies open, a soft dusty rose greets early mornings, and a genius emerald green along the skyline of sprightly refreshed trees. Sheer white and gray accents tie the color palette with a crisp yet softened effect. This color scheme accommodates several wedding themes and concepts. Victorian settings and glorious gardens to a rustic chic style, indoor and outdoor weddings will be picturesque at any time of day you choose.

Trendy Tips

Balance is key when combining medium hues with blush tones. Avoid one singular color from becoming too loud through tablecloths, chair covers, and floral applications. If your flowers or flower wall panels are primarily pinks and dusty rose, try a dusty blue tablecloth for a stunning yet contrasting effect. If an even mixture of tones is apparent in your decor, use the bright emerald cues from leaves and greens to bridge them all together. 

To harmonize the gentleness of the rose and the prominence that blues deliver, accenting styles with white and gray promise a perfect presentation. Glass charger plates and a backdrop of sheer drapes are savvy finishing touches. Dusty blue and rose chair sashes, tablecloth overlays and silk peony napkin rings will continue the contrast resulting in a charming style for your special day. Consider adding pink tablecloths or some pink chair covers to this color palette.


Dusty rose/mauve bridal party

Springtime Enchantment

Blush, Dusty Rose, Sage Green, Emerald Green


  • Vintage elegance
  • Traditional
  • Enchanting fairy tales
  • Whimsical romantic

    springtime dusty rose table decor

    The Color Palette

    Enchanting spring weddings will captivate the ambiance of the season. Romantic blush blooms dance alongside the beauty of a dusty rose hue. Poetic sage greens complement the natural blends of emerald with breezy spring white details. This wedding color palette is the perfect vision of elegant nostalgia. You can bring your theme outdoors or indoors as the array of color depth will beautifully pair with any light.

    Trendy Tips

    This particular color palette is as versatile as it is whimsical. They will accommodate every style from glamorous to garden chic. It is a palette that mingles flawlessly with your wedding. This also means you will want to highlight each shade throughout the day. 

    Tablecloths and overlays are the perfect way to blend the colors together. Charger plates that have an embellishing touch adds a solid decorative focal that will enhance your wedding color themes versus a plain option. Using natural details such as floral sprays, greenery and baby's breath create a delightful response while contributing emeralds and white into the mix. Breezy voile drapes and ruffled chair sashes will add just the right amount of whimsy to your dreamy wedding design


    Lilac and lavender invitations

    Lavishly Spring

    Lavender, Victorian Lilac, Sage Green


    • Vintage elegance
    • Traditional
    • Enchanting fairy tales
    • Whimsical romantic
        Lavender, victorian lilac, and sage green wedding

        The Color Palette

        The scent of fresh lavender and Victorian lilacs fill our senses with hopes and wishes. Lovely sage notes are gently accompanied by soft whites and shimmering grays. Lavender and lilac hues can be as grandeur or simply stated as you would like.

        These colors for a wedding are vibrant with an airy side that is brilliant in the springtime. It lends a lavish look that can also be light and breezy. The spring color palette is exquisite when outside for the striking contrast with its natural surroundings. If you are having an indoor wedding or reception, you will love the way the enriched color scheme is enhanced with your decorative design. 

        Trendy Tips

        The tones of lavender, Victorian lilac and sage are a classic combination. Due to its lustrous appeal, you will want to avoid one solid color from becoming too heavy through the theme. Where lilac or lavender is used, combine either a lighter or deeper color cue. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen will be picture-perfect in elated spring tones. The colors can easily carry a number of materials and looks.

        The color palette presents a great opportunity to incorporate textures such as taffeta, chiffon, polyester or satin variations for tablecloths and overlays. Charger plates are ideal with a silver or deeper decorative colored trim. Lavender or sage napkins and chair bands can also display an enriched tone while keeping chair covers on the lighter side. Adding a host of greenery and ivy can be set with a beautiful archway or backdrop draping for a luxuriously dramatic effect. Silver candelabras or candlesticks will make for a flawless addition to your wedding ensemble


        happy newly wed couple

        Perfectly Spring

        Baby Blue, Fuchsia, Sage Green


        • Rustic elegance
        • Traditional classic
        • Contemporary couture
            beautiful pink bridal bouquet

            The Color Palette

            Nothing celebrates the season like a beautiful musing of spring wedding colors. Baby blue and sage are springtime novelties, while the brilliance of fuchsia enlightens the day. The accents to use are the delicate wisps of blush and classic ivory. Perfectly spring colors will gleam indoors or out in a fine display of spring elegance and glitz couture. Rustic and traditional trends receive a classy invitation when incorporating this charming wedding palette

            Trendy Tips

            Dressing baby blue and sage in the luxurious melody of blush and ivory is pure wedding poetry. You can keep the look soft with pops of fuchsia or glam up the style with a couture flair. Bridal parties can adorn these colors with baby blue, blush or sage dresses and a pretty bouquet that highlights fuchsia florals or ribbon.

            If you are looking for tablescapes that will dazzle guests, infuse glitz sequin table runners and chair bands in fuchsia to the scene. Lighter and airy looks benefit from blush, ivory or sage overlays, ruched chair covers and flowing voile drapes. Consider using the beauty of chiffon or polyester materials for a glamorous touch. Accenting your designs with ivory lends a blending point for each color. This color palette is wonderfully styled to complement all of the aspects of your perfect spring wedding. 

            rustic modern wedding reception

            A Spring Melody

            Seafoam Green, Blush, Sage Green


            • Classy traditions
            • Sophisticated chic
            • Beach elegance
            • Vintage Victorian
                sage green wedding gown

                The Color Palette

                A lavish seaside affair greets a vintage garden space with spring melody wedding color combinations. Fresh and airy seafoam green is delightfully paired with the harmony of blush and sage tones. Mesmerizing gold, like gold charger plates, is set with a sheer white, like white round tablecloths wholesale, to captivate the moment in spring style. An outdoor ambiance can include beautiful beach themes, pavilion concepts, or a fascinating lake view. You can refresh an event by bringing spring indoors with classic finesse. 

                Trendy Tips

                Seafoam green is a color that can be used as boldly or quietly as you would like. The dual shades of green are a gorgeously paired combination. Using a blush or sage overlay to fashion your ensemble when opting for solid materials such as taffeta or polyester. Sheer or softer options can be decoratively placed over lighter hues.

                Chiffon, vintage veil, lace and embroidered pieces can all be used in any of the colors in this spring palette. Charger plates with gold, beaded or reef shimmering accents will enhance each place setting with a bit of depth and shine. Using drapes and your choice of greenery and flowers will impress an inviting ambiance. Blush florals can be arranged with hints of sage to unify the overall look of your wedding. 

                OTHER PRODUCTS USED

                elegant bridesmaid in pink

                A Final Note

                From dusty roses and blues to whispering blushes or scintillating greens, your palette will enchant your wedding day. Every lavish spring detail is completely yours to inspire timelessly. Where you have your wedding or reception will collaborate effortlessly with all five spring color trends. Breezy outdoor settings hold a perfect backdrop of spring green elements while bringing your celebration indoors, your creative expressions will be the highlight of your grand design. 

                With fresh and airy color trends, your tables will be elegantly dressed while the room decor flourishes with an eloquent spring style. Saying your I do’s in the presence of the endless charm and whimsical styles of spring will truly create the wedding of your dreams. 

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                Top 3 Colors for Spring 2023

                Dusty blue wholesale wedding reception linens and fabric

                DUSTY BLUE

                Dusty Blue is one of the most popular colors this spring and you can find it makes a big presence in wedding color palettes all year round!

                Dusty Rose/Mauve wholesale wedding reception linens and fabric

                DUSTY ROSE

                Dusty Rose will be making an appearance in many color palettes this year since it's such a beautiful neutral pink tone to add to any event and perfect for floral arrangements! 

                Sage Green wholesale wedding reception linens and fabric

                SAGE GREEN

                You can't go wrong with sage green for your color palette, from soft greeneries to a pop of color for your wedding decorations. This color will be everywhere this year!

                For more beautiful wedding inspiration and how-to trends be sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest!

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