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Top 5 Summer Wedding Color Schemes for 2020

As the spring temperatures dwindle and the early summer temperatures get started, so do summer wedding activities. The gorgeous warm weather offered by the summer months leads the way for summer love that will eventually become summer nuptials. Extended sunshine-filled days, warm summer nights, and fewer holidays to plan around are a few reasons why it's easy for summer to be a popular wedding season!

From late June to late August, the weather will be ideal for summer weddings with gorgeous warm days and romantic picture-perfect sunset nights. Summer is one of the most popular wedding seasons, whether the wedding takes place beachside, a charming backyard filled with florals, or indoors with magical ceiling lighting and glittering sequins. People find it’s the best time to tie the knot! The wedding color palette is vital, so making sure you’re up to date with stylish reception decor in this summer's hottest color trends will create an unforgettable summer wedding.

You may be familiar with some of the new trending wedding colors for summer, as they have similar eye-catching hues as some of the most popular and timeless wedding colors we’ve used for years. An example of that is blush vs dusty rose, and baby blue vs dusty blue, the dusty colors are similar to the classics, but with a refreshing twist! In this post, we will explore the top 5 color palette trends for summer 2020 and how they can be used to bring your dream summer wedding ideas to life!

Every Bride's Favorite Season

Each season offers unique advantages that make weddings and special events a unique and memorable experience! Fall is complemented by breathtaking color-changing foliage and warm seasonal colors that remind us the holidays are here. Winter offers picture-perfect snowy backdrops and glittering lights, and spring is filled with blooming florals, fresh weather, and fun pastel colors. 

However, summer offers three key important advantages that make it a bride’s go-to season! One of the main reasons that make summer great for events is the minimal amount of holidays to plan around! Having to plan a wedding around the holiday season can be a real chore as most people want to get their shopping and decorating done early, host dinner parties, and spend time at home with family. 

The summer season having only a few holidays sprinkled in will make planning your special day that much easier not to mention it gives everyone an event to look forward to!


Another perk of a summer wedding is the vast variety of wedding venues to choose from! You can soak up the sun with a refreshing waterfront venue by the beach or if the temperate gets as hot as your wedding color palette, you can opt for an indoor wedding ceremony in a climate-controlled environment with a gorgeous lakeside view everyone can enjoy!

Last but certainly not least, is nature in all her glory! During summer in the presence of the sun, everything in nature is blooming and at its most vibrant. The trees are full, water is sparkling, the flowers are blooming, nature is the best environment for beautiful and free photo backdrops! Garden weddings and backyard weddings can be kept cool under the tree shade and naturally decorated by stunning flower arrangements whose aroma will fill the air with the occasional summer's breeze. All these key elements come together to make summer the perfect season for romance!

Awe-Inspiring Trendy Color Palettes for Summer Weddings 

Following in nature’s footsteps, summer color trends are inspired by the vibrant and flourishing tones visible everywhere you turn. Inspiration will be absorbed from breathtaking sunset and sunrises, translucent turquoise beach waters, cheerful marigold fields, ever trending greenery, and all shades in between! We’d like to introduce you to some of our favorite trending colors for summer weddings, which are a perfect blend of modern and classic tones with a vibrant twist!

Summer Sunsets


Perfect for:  Romantic Modern Wedding Themes

The Color Palette

Inspired by the romantic and captivating summer sunrises and sunsets, this color scheme will create a dreamy effect in a monochromatic fashion. Stunning combinations are achieved with the deep burgundy hues while muted dusty rose and champagne tones become the ultimate neutral pair for soft blush accents. The different tones of pink come together to create perfect elegance. The soft and romantic muted pinks, deep reds, and neutral tan hues will be the perfect color palette to showcase the love that everyone is coming together to celebrate!

Decor Tips

There’s nothing that screams romance more than candlelight and when paired with soft pink hues you have a winning duo! Imagine a sweetheart table with a smooth satin burgundy tablecloth topped with a scalloped sequin champagne tablecloth twinkling from the candlelight of hundreds of flickering candles. Sounds magical, doesn’t it? Tall flower arrangements with dusty rose peonies, ivory roses, and burgundy amaranthus flowers can be used to match the color of the bridesmaid dresses or the bride's bouquet, which can all be tied in with the attire of the groomsmen and groom!

Tropical Destination Getaways 


Perfect for:  Tropical Destination Weddings

The Color Palette

Whether you’re taking a flight to a destination far away or you’re partaking in an at-home DIY destination wedding, this color scheme screams welcome to paradise! The mixture of refreshing teals next to vibrant fuchsias enhanced by the brightest of emeralds will instantly make anyone feel like they’re on a tropical island! Perfect for weddings taking place at a beach, lake, or even a backyard pool, with the right decor and color palette everyone can feel like they’re in paradise!


Decor Tips:

Allow the energetic colors in this scheme to speak for themselves by starting with a crisp white tablecloth or take a leap with eye-catching teal linens. The addition of sheer chiffon runners flowing down the middle of the table topped with tropical palm leaves and vibrant floral arrangements including birds of paradise or orchids flowers will make for a stunning table setting.

In addition, teal, peach, or fuchsia colors can be added in the form of charger plates, napkins, and tropical fruits! While chairs can be left bare to allow the tablescapes to glow for themselves, the addition of weaved chiffon sashes on Chiavari chairs or flower and leaf wreaths will create a breezy effect to complete the look!

Modern and Effortlessly Elegant


Perfect for:  Modern Minimalist Weddings

The Color Palette

Simple, relaxing, and elegant, this is what comes to mind with this breathtaking color palette. Sage green, gold, white, and grey makes perfect sense for a stress-free elegant and modern summer wedding. A combination of neutrals that complement each other with sage accents and greenery to stand out next to crisp whites and keep things fresh. The classic gray tones add a modern aesthetic, while metallic golds add a classic elegant finish! From table linens to bridal party attire, this color palette is easy to follow and adds a fresh and trendy feel for your wedding that will never go out of style!

Decor Tips

This particular color scheme offers the most versatile and modern decor opportunities with the silver lining of minimal balancing! The presence of white table linens will instantly make small venues feel more open and inviting creating a relaxed atmosphere. The use of eucalyptus or light refreshing greenery garlands in place of table runners will smoothly continue the minimal and natural decor.

The organic decor can be continued with the use of marble charger plates that combine both white and gray tones. Furthermore, adding gold cutlery and sage napkins will tie the entire color scheme together! For additional table decor, try including gold candle holders with gray or white candles, and flower arrangements can be primarily light-toned greenery with white roses or baby breath to keep the event feeling fresh and modern!

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day


Perfect for:  Rustic Country Chic Weddings

The Color Palette

A modern take on a charming rustic wedding, sunflowers, and navy weddings are usually a go to for country weddings taking place in summer for their sunshine-filled petals and bold blue hues. By adding more marigold and introducing cool and trendy dusty blue to the color scheme it makes for the perfect twist on a classic wedding theme. Lively canary yellow tones are reminiscent of the sunshine rays that pop beautifully in contrast to icy dusty blues and deep navy during summer! 

Sage accents will incorporate the abundant green trees and blooming nature in surrounding areas to create an effortlessly romantic combination! This palette is great for backyard weddings at home and can even be used for fall.


Decor Tips

Dusty blue bridesmaids' dresses  implemented to compliment the  bride dressed in white with a bold sunflower bouquet. We recommend chiffon wedding arch drapery and tables dressed with table runners and classic burlap , burlap lace , or modern chiffon .

The combination of small navy blue accents like napkins or glassware will give a perfect monochromatic balance while the vibrant yellow tones found in the boutonnieres and bouquets can coordinate with marigold flower arrangements to brighten up the table decor. The canary and sunflower accents can be used to make any personal details desired to stand out and brighten up the room!

Warm Summer Nights


Perfect for: Boho Desert Chic

The Color Palette

This color scheme is filled with abundant earth tones that perfectly capture a favorite summer tradition, bonfires! Full of warmth and romance, burnt orange and dusty rose will capture the warmth of the bonfire and the romance that summer sunsets provide. 

Champagne and metallic copper elements will add a balancing touch to keep the colors from becoming too overwhelming! If copper isn’t your cup of tea, it can easily be switched out for a mustard gold tone instead for an equally magical boho look. We absolutely love this moody summer color palette trend and we can see why it’s become such a popular trend for summer weddings this year!


Decor Tips

Natural elements are key to completing this natural scheme! Bare wood tables can be enhanced with lace, chiffon, or macrame runners or dressed up using burlap or neutral champagne linens topped with lace runners to compliment the bride’s bohemian dress! The addition of terracotta flower vases with dusty rose flowers or pampas grass over wood slabs will create stand out centerpieces against the light tablecloths. Complete a chic place setting with metallic charger plates, gold hammered silverware and copper tumblers! The addition of candlesticks and tealight candles will add a warm romantic ambiance with the lights flickering and reflecting off the copper accents in a fashion that truly captures the bonfire theme!

Summer Wedding Magic

Whether you go with a soft and airy color palette or a bold and festive palette for your summer wedding, any of the trendy color schemes mentioned will definitely enhance the romance of your wedding. When it’s finally time to tie the knot and you’re surrounded by family and friends at the wedding alter you’ll want to be sure your surrounding environment and decor is exactly what you’ve always dreamed of. We completely understand the importance of making sure every moment on your special day is magical! We hope this article gave you inspiration for your wedding plans so you can start putting all the pieces together for your perfect summer wedding. 

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