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Chair Sash Inspiration

March 10, 2015

Have you ever decorated with a wholesale chair sash? Chair sashes don’t have to only be tied in a simple bow! There are so many options for decorating your chairs for your special day besides just using the same sash tie. It can be maddening to simply use the same tie over and over again. Here are a few ideas to up your chair sash game! You can experiment with your chair sashes until you see what sash tie will give you the most amazing result.

We are always on the lookout for creative ways to use our large selection of Chair Sashes!

We hope you will be as dazzled by these examples of Wholesale Chair Sash Inspiration as we were.

Tying Options for Your Wholesale Chair Sash!

Recreate this interesting look with our Standard Striped Satin Wholesale Chair Sashes in Black and White! 


This gorgeous rosette knot would be stunning made out of our Taffeta Sashes. 



Make a rainbow out of our Organza Sashes!


These intricate knots could shine in recreated with our Satin Sashes. 

Have you ever used our wholesale chair sash is the one for your special events? We would love to see photos of our chair sashes in action!

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