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Universal Satin Self Tie Chair Cover

Every celebrant or event planner knows that any party worth throwing is one that people will remember. So each designer, whether a professional or hobbyist, will strive to strike an elegant and classy look for their big day.

Event planners get this by carefully selecting event décor for any occasion. One affordable and easy way to achieve this look is by using linens and chair covers that suit your party's theme.

Chair covers are an easy, fast and economical way to give your event a clean look. It gives old chairs a new look simply by using the right covers.


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You can also choose from a variety of materials like the Satin Self Tie Chair Cover. Or you could opt for different styles, and colors to suit your taste. There are many possibilities with chair covers to give your party a dash of style.

But if you're on a budget, just how do you make a DIY chair cover for less? We'll teach you the steps on how to cover a chair with fabric to give your event a polished look instantly!

How to tie a Universal Satin Self Tie Chair Cover

Step 1: Position yourself behind your chair.


Hold the top two  of the cloth and drape the cover over the full chair. You will want to keep the cover center and make sure all sides of the chair are covered to the floor.

You may be wondering how much fabric to cover a dining chair is needed. You may need 6 to 7 meters of fabric to cover a typical dining chair. If it's a larger chair with skirting then you may need to add a few inches more to this length.

Position enough of the material to cover the chair. A good rule of thumb for correct fit is to move about 8-10 inches of material where the 2 corners are about halfway in the middle of the backrest.


step 1

Step 2: Holding the top 2 corners, pull back against the lower corner of the backrest and tie a double knot. 


Pull together the top to bottom, and then left to right for a perfect fit. You will want to keep the knot as low as possible since the fabric will pull itself up as you're tying the knot.

step 2

Step 3: You can tuck in the ends of the chair cover

Check all sides of the chair to make any adjustments necessary. This is how you tie a self-tie chair cover.

step 3

Step 4: Accentuate with sash clips

To add a little extra, you may useRhinestone Velcro Drape or Sash Clips to add some shine to your event décor.

step 4

These are the steps to dress up your chair to  instantly elevate its look and create an elegant look at an extremely affordable price.


Choose from our wide array of chair cover options here at CV Linens for high quality yet affordable decor. Try our satin chair covers or our Spandex chair covers at incredibly cheap wholesale prices. 

Whatever theme you're going for at your upcoming occasion, chair covers are a good way to quickly glam up your event and you can even do it yourself with our Universal Satin Self Tie Chair Cover.

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