What’s the Best Wedding Decoration to Make You Look Better in Photos?

What’s the Best Wedding Decoration to Make You Look Better in Photos?

Glitz Sequin Drape/Backdrop Image

Glitz Sequin Drape/Backdrop Exampels

Best Wedding Decor for Picture Perfect Photos


Your wedding day; all eyes will be on you. You deserve the kind of other-worldly radiance that will show up in photos! Sequin Curtain Backdrop Drapes are a new trend in wedding decor, for more than the obvious sparkle appeal. Photographs against a shimmering, neutral toned background will enhance the natural glow of all skin tones while the glittering effect reflects light off of hair and eyes to ensure everyone looks amazing. Use them throughout your event for effortless cohesion; from a photo booth to draping behind your head table!

Before your mind conjures images of childhood dance recital costumes and balks at the mention of “sequins,” the sequins of today’s wedding are anything but the bulky, rainbow dots of the past. Refined patterns with a large selection of colors ensure it’s easy to incorporate glitz and glam into any color palette for an additional chic, dramatic flair.

Champagne Glitz Sequin Curtain Drape Gold Glitz Sequin Curtain Drape Silver Glitz Sequin Curtain Drape Rose Gold Glitz Sequin Curtain Drape

Large, sequin backdrops have been an expensive DIY venture in the past, often taking an expertise in sewing and hours upon hours to complete. Forget the stress and planning because we’re happy to announce that CV Linens now offers intricately sparkling Glitz Backdrops! Each backdrop drape features overlock stitched edges and a pocket for easy display on a user-friendly pipe sets. Gold, Champagne, Silver, and Blush drape backdrops are available in measurements of 10 ft x 52”, 12ft x 52”, and 14ft x 52” to ensure they’ll fit wherever needed during your event.


Glitz Fabric Roll


Glitz Sequin Fabric Rolls available in a variety of colors. You can also use the comment box on check out to order any color glitz we currently carry in a Fabric Roll, including Apple Red, Aqua Blue, Purple, and Turquoise.

Feel free to email us and let us know if there are any fabrics or patterns you’d love to see become a backdrop!

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