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Cheap Wedding Supplies: How to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget

Weddings have become increasingly extravagant and more expensive than they used to be. Especially with the pressure of social media, some couples tend to go all-out on their wedding day like most celebrity weddings.

While it is totally fine to splurge on your big day, not everyone has that amount of money to spend for one day. If you are a couple who wants to use your money on other priorities, such as buying a home or a car, or going on a lavish honeymoon trip, you may decide to spend less on your wedding day.

There are plenty of ways to style and plan a wedding on a budget using surprisingly cheap yet quality wedding supplies. In this article, we will answer your most important questions about planning a wedding with a small budget. We have also included a few DIY tips on wedding decorations.

Unleash your creativity and make your wedding day extra special with a personal touch on your decorations and other wedding elements. Worry not because you can create your dream wedding without going above your budget with affordable wedding supplies from CV Linens. .

What is the cheapest place to have a wedding?

outdoor wedding reception
simple garden wedding

If you really want to save when choosing wedding venues, have a free wedding in your own home or garden. You may also seek out friends who can offer their homes or patio for a garden wedding ceremony and reception. Another option is to have a city hall wedding, and then rent a restaurant for the reception.

There are also a lot of free parks or public areas to hold a small wedding ceremony. Just make sure it is well coordinated with local city officials to avoid problems on your wedding day.

What is the cheapest month for a wedding?

simple garden wedding

January, March, April, and November are the least preferred months for weddings. May through October are peak wedding months, so pricing for venues and vendors are often higher during those times. Christmas and Valentine's Day marketing campaigns are frequently conducted in the months of December and February. Try any of the least popular months to avoid peak prices.

Also, if you are looking for the cheapest days to get married, consider marrying on a weekday. Especially on Mondays, catering suppliers and event venues tend to have discounted prices on off-peak days. This way, you can also limit your guests to the ones that you truly want to spend the celebration with you.

How do I plan a wedding within my budget?

Envision Your Wedding

The first thing to do is to envision your wedding. How many people do you want to be there? What does the wedding ceremony look like? Will there be a separate wedding reception? What will be dress code? How much food are we going to serve?

These are just some of the questions you want to answer before planning your wedding within a budget. 

wedding planning

Set Your Wedding Budget

Agree on a budget with your partner, including a small percentage of contingency funds for slight adjustments, and stick to that. This way, you will not have to go overboard because you have a set target budget.

wedding budget

Wedding Day Essentials Checklist

List down all the things you will need. Ask yourself twice if such wedding elements will make or break your special day. Determine your wedding non-negotiables and eliminate anything that you wouldn’t really need from your list. 

to do list

Set The Wedding Date

Decide on a wedding venue and your preferred date and time of the celebration. All other wedding suppliers such as food, decorations, guest access and means of transportation will be impacted by your wedding venue and schedule. Choose off-season months and non-peak days to save a little extra money on your wedding day.

garden wedding
wooden wedding sign

Find suppliers for your wedding

If you are into DIY arts and crafts, consider putting a little extra effort on the decorations. Instead of hiring professional events stylists, do your own decorations, invitations, and giveaways instead.

wedding coordinator

Buy bulk wedding tablecloths at an affordable price. These quality tablecloths can simply be cleaned and stored for your next celebrations such as baby showers, birthday parties, or anniversaries!

wedding table decor

You can also seek help from personal events stylists who are also looking to build-up their business. Agree on a discounted amount of service in exchange for using photos of the wedding decoration for their portfolio.

What is considered a small wedding?

A small wedding usually has 20 to 50 guests in total. There are also so-called “micro-weddings”, which have a much smaller number of guests, typically less than 20, and are held at a much smaller venue. 

backyard wedding settings

What are the 3 largest expenses with a wedding?

The top three largest expenses with weddings are typically venue rental, food, and events styling. These are the top 3 things that you need to consider in planning your wedding.

However these three factors greatly depend on how many guests you invite, as you will need a bigger venue and a lot more food if you invite 150 guests compared to 30 of your closest family and friends. Event styling will also matter, because you will need more decorations, tables, and chairs, if you have a bigger wedding guest list. 

To make sure that you will not go overboard with your wedding expenses, sit down with your partner and agree on the final number of guests for your wedding.

If you don’t want other relatives and peers to feel left out but you want to stick on a wedding budget, consider sending them giveaways or wedding keepsakes. Add a note that you prefer a small wedding but you want them to still be a part of it. You may also set-up a virtual wedding ceremony so they can still be a part of your wedding day.

To save on wedding supplies, sign up for the CV Linens newsletter to receive exclusive discounts, weekly deal notifications, and more! You are sure to save a lot of your budget without having to sacrifice quality and style for your small wedding. 

DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas

If you are really looking to save money from professional events coordinators and expensive wedding suppliers, you may opt to DIY your wedding decorations!

It may sound daunting, especially above all the wedding preparations and all the things that could go wrong on your most important day. Trust us when we say that a little practice can go a long way. 

How to drape triple-layer curtain backdrops

If you are having a small wedding, instead of renting wedding supplies, purchase materials in advance and try to set up your decorations beforehand. Check out this CV Linens video on how to do triple layer backdrop drapes with materials that are available at our website. 


  1. You will need basic curtain drapes such as White Poly Premier Fire Retardant linen backdrop for your base drapes.
  2. You will also need White Chiffon Curtain panels to layer your curtain drapes. You can opt to use other colored- chiffon drapes to create contrast.
  3. Easy to use Pipe Set Bundles and valance hangers are also available at our website. For Pipe set bundles, you may choose from heavyweight sets or lightweight sets. This depends on your desired drape fullness and the kind of fabric that you will use. The general rule is that the total weight of the fabric must not exceed the weight of your pipe sets.


If you want to set-up your curtains drapes before the event, use lightweight pipe set bundles to easily transport your decors to the venue.

How to Set-up a Wedding Arch

Another DIY wedding decoration is the wedding arch. Use this as a focal point for your wedding ceremony and reception. This is easy to decorate using materials available on the CV Linens website. Wedding arches are also easy to transport so you wouldn’t have to worry about having to move around bulky decorations.


  1. Start with a Round Wedding Arch Backdrop Frame Stand 7.5 ft in Gold. You may also use geometric or asymmetrical wedding arch backdrop frames, depending on your preference.
  2. You will also need White Chiffon Fabric Bolt 58", about ten yards, and LED Light Backdrop with Warm Tone
  3. Lastly, included some White Silk Roses/Hydrangeas Flower Wall Backdrop Panel, or any other color of faux florals that may suit your wedding color palette.


Follow the easy steps on how to arrange your wedding arch in our youtube video above.

In the end, remember that weddings are about making beautiful memories and celebrating your love to your significant other. While you feel the need to put an effort on eye-catching and detailed wedding decorations, you don’t need to spend above your means while doing so.

With your imagination, and a little help from CV Linens affordable wedding supplies, you can create your dream wedding, without having to break the bank. If you are ready to purchase now, you can check out CV Linen's promo codes to enjoy the latest discounts and vouchers!

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