Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas to Try

Winter sprinkles magic on just about anything, especially a wedding. Even if the nights are colder and darker, the right winter wedding decoration ideas can make a couple’s big day shiny and merry. Saying “I do” during the cold season does not necessarily mean everything should be Christmas-themed.

The winter wedding decoration ideas that we will be presenting can transform a wedding into a breathtaking wonderland. Amidst the colder nights, the charm of a winter wedding remains unmatched. Avoiding a Christmas-themed setting broadens the possibilities for creating an enchanting atmosphere. 

Having perfect winter wedding decor ideas can make a big impact. There is no need to limit your vision of a magical winter wedding when you can explore many concepts for the wedding arch, backdrop lighting, centerpieces, tablecloths, and more.

What is a Winter Wedding Theme? 

Winter wedding themes welcome the essence of the season through captivating winter decorations for wedding settings. It captures the beauty of the frosty outdoors with subtle touches like delicate snowflakes, twinkling lights, and evergreen foliage. From enchanting winter wedding table decorations to incorporating cozy elements like faux fur or rustic wood, the theme evokes a sense of warmth and romance. Planning wedding ideas for winter involves infusing the venue with elements reminiscent of the season's charm, creating a memorable ambiance for the celebration.


What Colors Are Best Used In Winter Wedding Decorations?

The most popular colors for winter weddings usually include emerald green, red, navy blue, and burgundy. Choose from these colors, combine them, or opt for a darker shade for the wedding decor to raise the glamor factor. Add metallic silver or gold if you want a slight shimmer to highlight the day’s romantic and festive feel.

Here are some color combinations that would look good in a winter wedding:

Pink and Red


These colors are strongly associated with love, and what other ceremony can top weddings as a celebration of love?

Red and White


Red and white are the most classic combinations for wintry events like weddings. They remind guests about Christmas already, so you don’t need to incorporate holiday decorations, such as reindeer, Santas, or snowflakes into the reception.

Moss and Olive Green


These are muted colors best used in Old World themes, with dark wood accents, antique decors, and candelabras for weddings.

Ivory, Green, and Blush


Instead of going all white, you can use a mix of ivory and white with accents of green and blush. It still looks muted, but romantically so. 

White and Gray


If the couple wants a modern minimalist look, palettes of gray and white can help them achieve that. Give this theme some texture by introducing faux fur, raw silk, or velvet.

Light Blue and Silver 


A wedding with these colors may get a wonderland feel. They are great reminders of winter without being too modern or classic.

White All The Way


What better color is there to remind everyone of winter than white? Going all-white gives a wedding a neat, modern, uncomplicated, and luxurious look. But this does not mean everything should be white. For instance, you can add textures and layers to your winter wedding table decorations.

How Do You Organize A Winter Wedding? 

One of the most important parts of organizing a winter wedding is ensuring the comfort of the couple and their guests. It means booking an indoor venue with proper heating, sending out the invites early with details of the venue conditions, and reminders for everyone to dress appropriately. As the organizer, keeping guests warm might mean preparing hand warmers or cozy blankets while putting on scarves for the groom and faux fur for the bride.

Food and drinks must be entrusted to a reliable caterer who can make comforting food that will keep everyone warm. Food served hot should help guests get over the cold and save energy for some dancing later. After dinner service may consist of hot chocolate or coffee and signature cocktails to keep everyone warm. 

The venue should be somewhere accessible, regardless of what the unpredictable winter season might bring. It is also best to have one venue for the ceremony and wedding reception. Make sure the place is temperature-controlled and big enough to accommodate whatever winter wedding aisle decor and table decorations you have in mind. How about a tree-lined aisle, an altar with a cascade of backdrop lighting, chandeliers, crystal candelabras as centerpieces, and a winter-inspired wedding arch?

What Small And Intimate Winter Wedding Theme Ideas Should You Consider? 


Is your couple the type who keeps it small and cozy? If they are, there are lots of wedding ideas you can try, such as the following: 

  • Keep the aisle candle-lit to make the venue look warm. It will add an intimate feel to the wedding on top of having flowers running through the aisle.
  • Incorporate string light backdrop, lit candles on candelabras as centerpieces or large foam rose wall decors with lights. For instance, you can use a single 10-arm tall candelabra on one table and complement it with chair ribbons in the same color as the centerpiece. If you happen to buy one that requires assembly, make sure to follow the instructions to put it together. It will be a fun part of your wedding planning.
  • Warm centerpieces are in when it comes to winter weddings, so candelabras are a great choice. They will give off heat and make your photos look amazing. Candelabra centerpieces are effective in creating that warm ambiance. 
  • Marry under a wedding arch backdrop. It can be made of greeneries mixed with faux flowers. After the ceremony, you can move it to the reception and even turn it into a DIY photo booth.
  • Try some warm jewel tones to spruce the place up. They look intimate, warm, snuggly, and relaxed. You can incorporate neon lights to bring a bit of brightness to the decor. Including a neon wedding sign can add a modern twist and brightness to the decor.
  • Opt for classic winter flowers like roses, ranunculus, anemones, and hellebores for bouquets. For centerpieces, consider using evergreens, pine cones, or branches with delicate white blooms.
  • Welcome winter wedding table decorations with elegant snowflake-themed centerpieces, incorporating elements like snowflake-shaped napkin rings or table runners. Consider using wholesale charger plates as a base to complement the setting.
  • For a cozy ambiance, mix warm candlelight with the gentle glow of string lights. Improve your winter wedding arch with fairy lights or sheer voile for a dreamy effect. Trying out cool winter wedding arch ideas can make a difference. 
  • To infuse elegance, drape tables with a delicate white lace table overlay. This addition will add a touch of sophistication and intricate detail to the overall winter wedding table decorations.

Despite the challenges winter may bring to events, you can confidently pull off all your winter wedding decoration ideas if you plan everything to the T. It starts with helping the couple decide what wedding colors they want, what food should be served, which venue is appropriate, and what wedding crystal centerpieces and winter-themed decors to use. It helps to find a great partner for your wedding planning, from a good caterer and venue provider to a reliable event supply and linen company for your decor needs. Meticulous planning ensures a seamless execution of all chosen winter wedding decoration Ideas, transforming the event into a breathtaking celebration.

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