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A Guide to Maximizing the Use of Rectangular Tablecloth

Tablecloths are a cost-effective way of setting up an upscale look for any event. If you have a rectangular tablecloth, you no longer need to worry about how the table’s bare look will fit the party’s theme. Keep up with the changing theme of your events by investing in bulk tablecloths for sale from a trusted supplier like CV Linens. Shop for proper tablecloths, and every dollar spent will be worth it. 

When Do You Need A Rectangular Tablecloth

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Rectangular tables are often used in formal gatherings, such as weddings, corporate events, and banquets. Naturally, they need rectangular tablecloths to cover them up.

There are a few factors to consider if you are deciding between a rectangular or round table, including the following: 

  • Type Of Space The Party Needs

Decide if you want fine dining or a dance party. If you are looking forward to creating an elegant and cozy atmosphere with fine dining, it would be best to use round tables. Use rectangular tables to make the most out of your space to enjoy more dance floor space. The second option also allows non-dancers to enjoy a ring-side seat to watch close to the dance floor.

  • Number Of Guests

Your top priority is to make everybody enjoy the party. One way to achieve that is to give them much elbow room. It means choosing the right table size and shape.

An 8’ rectangular table can seat 8-10 people, while a 6’ table may seat 6-8. If you choose round tables, a 6’ table may seat 10-12, a 5’ may seat 8-10, while a 4’ option may accommodate 6-8 people. A much smaller round table at 3’ in diameter may seat 3-5, while a 2’ one may accommodate two people. 

  • Type Of Service Provided

Determine early on what kind of service you will provide to determine if you need a round or rectangular tablecloth with an elastic band. A full-service that includes staff serving guests meals and drinks would call for round tables. On the other hand, self-service hosting will require rectangular tables more suited for banquet-style dining.

What You Can Use Instead Of A Rectangular Tablecloth

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As an event host, one of the qualities you must have is to be resourceful. Find some alternatives if you’ve suddenly run out of tablecloths because you placed a bulk order at CV Linens too late. You may use the following: 

  • Regular fitted bed sheets
  • Chalk or craft paper
  • Scarves 
  • Placemats
  • Beach towels
  • Blankets
  • Shower curtain
  • Drop cloth
  • Rug
  • Gift wrap
  • Fabric remnant
  • Curtains 

It is a good test of your flexibility as an organizer to develop quick and practical solutions to find great alternatives to tablecloths. It is a good sign if you already know that you can use a rectangular tablecloth on an oblong table. However, it would be best if you reduced the risk of ruining the cohesive look of your event because of that alternative option. The safest thing to do is to order wholesale rectangular tablecloths from CV Linens. 

Determining The Suitable Rectangular Tablecloth Sizes

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Regardless of how luxurious your tablecloth is, it will look cheap if it is not the right size. You should know all about choosing the right tablecloth size. To do that, you should consider the size of your table and determine the overhang you want. 

The overhang or drop refers to the distance from the top of the table to the bottom of your tablecloth. It can set the tone of your event, whether it will be a formal, extravagant type or more casual one. Here are the three common types of drops: 

  • The full drop is ideal if you want an extra oomph. It can range from 40 cm to 75 cm.
  • The half drop is perfect for casual events. It can range from 25 cm to 30 cm. 
  • The puddle drop is ideal for a highly lavish event. It is longer than the full drop length to leave a puddle of the extra cloth on the floor. To get this kind of drop, you should pick a tablecloth that is at least a size larger than the tablecloth with a full drop size.  

If you are calculating the size of the rectangular table, measure their width and length and add twice the size of the drop. If a table is 100 cm wide, 215 cm long, and you want a desired drop of 30 cm, its size can be computed this way:  

  • 100 cm W + 30 cm + 30 cm = 160 cm
  • 215 cm L = 30 cm + 30 cm = 275 cm  

It means you should get tablecloths that are 160 cm x 275 cm. At CV Linens, you can find rectangular 90” x 132” tablecloths, 60” x 120”, 60” x 126”, 90” x 156”, 90” x 108”, and more sizes. 

How To Swag A Rectangular Tablecloth

An excellent swag can turn a regular table into a special table fit for upscale wedding receptions, birthday parties, bridal showers, corporate events, and baby showers. But how do you do it with a rectangular table cover? Here are the steps for a large swag: 

  • Hold the bottom of the tablecloth with your index finger and thumb. 
  • Put your middle finger, then pull together a few inches of the cloth and press it down. 
  • Create a pleat by pinching the cloth and the cloth you brought down.
  • Keep pinching the pleats and repeat the process until you have them on the side of the tablecloth to the top. 
  • Secure the pleats in your hand, then secure them with a headpin or safety pin.
  • Try to keep the pleats as even as you can manage.
  • Do the same process on the other corners of the tablecloth. 


The more swags you make, the more dramatic your tables will look. You can create as many swags as you like, even covering the back and sides of the table.

Give your events the treatment they deserve by using a rectangular tablecloth. Ensure that the event calls for rectangular tables, their potential alternatives, and what size you should get. Buy tablecloths and party supplies wholesale to enjoy lower prices here at CV Linens.

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