Behind the Design: Acrylic Crystal Drop Centerpiece

Behind the Design: Acrylic Crystal Drop Centerpiece

Acrylic Crystal Drop CenterpieceAcrylic Crystal Drop Centerpiece

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but acrylic crystals are a close second! Mimicking the natural beauty of a shining stone, it’s no wonder acrylic accents are so popular across all event types. From weddings to quinceañeras event, stylists love to take advantage of a glam tablescape. Our newest arrival, Acrylic Crystal Drop Centerpieces, will have your decor inspirations looking like a dream with an extremely easy to set up! Saving time, money, and getting a beautiful centerpiece? Count us in!

The Acrylic Crystal Drop Design

Piquing visual interest is a must for all centerpieces. As the essence of what a guest will experience during an event, not only does a centerpiece have to be functional, it has to be interesting.

Our Acrylic Crystal Drop Centerpieces features a multi-layered strands of acrylic crystals that varies in height between 4-17 inches. We chose to use three strand heights to mimic a cascading waterfall of faux diamond accents. Shying away from the standard column or spiral crystal centerpiece, the drop offers a fresh new perspective on a beloved piece.

When setting up a memorable tablescape don’t forget to take total advantage of your design space! The top silver plating of our Acrylic Crystal Drop Centerpiece is perfect for holding faux florals or additional accents, such as a table number.

Lastly, make your design shine by taking advantage of the acrylic base. The base offers the perfect opportunity to use lighting underneath to make a bold statement. Choose an accent light in one of your main color palette colors, or go with traditional white for a timeless and elegant look. Uplighting will reflect off of the shimmering acrylic crystals for a show-stopping look!

The Materials

Each Acrylic Crystal Drop Centerpiece is made from three main components:

    1. Acrylic faux diamond crystal strands
    2. Silver plated top
    3. Acrylic/silver plated center and base.

Standing at a regal 27 inches high (approx.), each durable centerpiece is built to last.

Acrylic Crystal Strands

The shortest, octagonal strands of clear diamond acrylic crystals measure approximately 4-6.5 inches. Each long strand elegantly hangs at 13-17 inches. There are 24 crystal strands in total encircling the acrylic and silver plated center. Each crystal is attached to the next by a metal ring at both the top and bottom. You can easily adjust the strand length to fit your preference and customize your centerpiece further!

Silver Plated Top

Lightweight yet durable, the top of our Acrylic Crystal Drop Centerpiece gives the overall unit a polished and complete look. Each silver plated top is easily attached by placing it on top of the crystal’s silver plated disc and tightening them both directly into the center pole. As a result, being attached directly to the core of the centerpiece provides extra security and stability.

Acrylic/Metal Center & Base

Steadiness is key for any centerpiece. You can count on the thick metal core with surrounding acrylic to maintain support of the rest of the centerpiece during set up, your event, and tear down. The clawfoot design of the acrylic base doubles up on security to ensure your centerpiece stays put throughout your event!

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