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Best Fall Wedding Dessert Ideas For Your Dessert Table

Best Fall Wedding Dessert Ideas For Your Dessert Table

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Fall is a time to fall in love. One season is not really better than another when you want to hold your wedding. But having your special day in autumn could be extra memorable. With leaves falling, it’s a unique way to celebrate and remember falling in love with your special someone.

Any wedding dinner is not complete without the sweet desserts to wish your relationship to become a happy ride. But for couples, nowadays, the traditional wedding cake might not be enough. And some other desserts that are out of the ordinary can be the centerpiece of D-day! Here are some of the best fall wedding dessert ideas for sweet tooth couples out there!

Apple Cider Doughnut

apple cider doughnut

Apple cider doughnuts truly bring autumn to your fall-themed dessert table. The aromatic addition of that fresh apple cider on everyone’s favorite holed sweet treat is a thing to long for. Pair it with coffee or hot chocolate for a dessert to cap off your wedding dinner with some spice. Arrange the doughnuts at the center of your dessert table with an acrylic cake stand to make them stand above the rest of your spread. 

Churros and Dip

churros and dip

Next up on our list of fall treat ideas are churros and dips. Who does not love a crunchy, chewy dessert that you can bathe in rich chocolate? Of course, you can also pair it with a caramel sauce topped with some cinnamon. You can place these yummy treats on a basket and lay it on top of a metal cake stand for them to get that little bit of much-deserved attention. A really exciting fall wedding dessert idea!

Oatmeal Cookie Cake

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If you’re interested in some fall wedding cookies for your dessert table, why not try a healthy option using oatmeals and bring that earthy touch into your sweet escape? Lace it with some ginger spice or cinnamon, and carefully arrange them in a fall-colored tablecloth to make them pop out of your spread. 

Mini Pumpkin Pie

mini pumpkin pies

Ah, pumpkin. The definitive food of the autumn season. Bring this classic fall dessert into your special day. When you bring this fibrous and tasty treat to your wedding dessert table, the idea is to emulate the feel of the season itself. The presentation does the trick. Arrange these mini pumpkin pies in levels using a wedding cake and cupcake stand. Doing so hits two birds with one stone. You get to be more unique with your fall wedding dessert idea, while maintaining and staying true to the concept of the traditional wedding cake as a centerpiece. 

S’mores Station

Homemade Marshmallows

Marshmallows roasting. Kids, and even adults, enjoy this exciting do-it-yourself dessert that they can mix and match with just about anything you can think of. Get a huge table, drape it with a tablecloth for weddings - any fall-themed color would do. Put your chocolate fondue at the center, your little fire station (don’t forget to ensure safety), and of course the marshmallows. Line the table up with different ingredients such as nuts, oatmeals, cereals, and other sauce options to create tons of fall wedding dessert ideas for your guests. You can even turn it into a contest for the most unique combinations!

autumn food concept

Of course, the sky's the limit when we’re talking about desserts. If you can, provide as many options as possible. The priority here is to show off the story of your romance using these different delicious desserts. You can even enlist the help of your best friends and family members to choose the perfect fall-themed dessert table. Check out our blogs and TikTok videos for a peek on other fall-inspired desserts to help you plan them out.

Then, present them all well. Your dessert table is a piece de resistance in itself. You can mark it with a wedding arch backdrop to tell them the room you’ve prepared these sweet treats. If you’re looking for other exquisite pieces to decorate your fall-themed dessert table, be sure to check CV Linens Rewards for the best products and sweetest deals around!

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