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Guide to Reselling Your Wedding Decor

Your party is over. With the inevitable post excitement-jitters, you are now the proud owner of several wedding tablecloths, chair covers, half-melted candles in painted mason jars, tissue paper pompoms…now what? 

Forget letting the remnants of your party bliss darken in your hall closet or garage! By reselling wedding decor for others to use you can give your linens a whole new life.

Believe it or not, many people buy used wedding decorations. And not only will it help recoup some of your overall event costs, it’s also eco-friendly.

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Guide to Reselling Wedding Decor

Step 1: Choose the Most Profitable Wedding Decor Items to Resell

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Here are some of the most sought-after wedding decor items with high resale value:


  • Tablecloths and Linens. Wholesale Table Linens in various fabrics, such as polyester, satin, or sequin, are always in demand for weddings and special events. They come in a wide range of colors and sizes, making them versatile for different themes and settings.
  • Chair Covers and Sashes. Chair Covers for Wedding are essential for transforming plain chairs into elegant seating options. Offering a selection of chair covers, sashes, and sash clips in different styles and colors can attract a wide range of customers.
  • Charger Plates. Charger plates bulk are decorative plates used as an elegant base for dinnerware. They come in various materials, like acrylic, glass, or metal, and add a touch of sophistication to table settings.
  • Centerpieces. Eye-catching centerpieces like candelabras for sale can elevate the overall decor of a wedding reception. Resell floral arrangements, lanterns, or other centerpieces that fit different wedding themes.
  • Napkins and Napkin Rings. Napkin linens in appealing colors and designs, along with coordinating napkin rings, are highly desirable for creating a polished and cohesive table setting.
  • Table Runners and Overlays. Table runners and overlays add texture and dimension to tables, making them popular choices for wedding decor.
  • Backdrops and Draping. Pipes and drapes and wedding backdrop stand for sale create stunning photo opportunities! These supplies for wedding backdrops help set the stage for memorable ceremonies.


Step 2: Remember! Photos Are EVERYTHING

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If you’re planning to resell your wedding linens and decor, ask your wedding photographer to take photos of anything you’re planning to sell before the guests arrive. 

The best time to do this is after the ceremony but before your guests settle into the reception area. While you’re trying to rope everyone into family photos, it will give the photographer a chance to slip away for tablescape photos. 

Do take into account the time it takes for a professional photographer to edit photos. It may be up to a few months before you receive your photos. You won’t be able to post your linens and decor until those photos are in your hand. Professional photos are definitely the best way to go, but if you didn’t hire a photographer- don’t stress! 

You can find a friend with a camera, or use your own with flash. Avoid cell phone photos. They won’t stand out in listings or do your decor justice.

Step 3: Clean Fast

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If some of your used wedding decor for sale needs to be washed from minor spills, make a plan for them as soon as they come off of the table! The weekend after your honeymoon is as good a time as any to spend an afternoon hand washing, hang drying, or in front of the washer and dryer. 

Be sure to follow careful care instructions for the type of material you’re using. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who wants to purchase damaged second-hand wedding decor and linens. Make the most of your time by wiping down and repackaging glass centerpieces in between loads of laundry.

The key to cleaning is to make everything look like something you would want to buy as a new bride.

Step 4: Know How to Sell Thrift Wedding Decor

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The goal is to get rid of it all at once. 

Do not sell two or three tablecloths at a time, or sell a few chair sashes apart from their chair covers. Keep everything together unless you get no offers after months of having your items listed. 

It’s considerably easier to sell 100 tablecloths rather than 73, and new brides start looking every day. Depending on the popularity of your wedding colors and theme, selling all of your used wedding supplies together as a kit is definitely a possibility!

Step 5: Try to Sell Locally First

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One of the best ways of reselling wedding decors is to connect with other local brides. Who doesn’t like having to not deal with shipping?

From Weddingbee to Facebook Groups, the age of technology makes this extremely easy to do as the internet is full of forums to start reaching out. If technology isn’t your cup of tea, try getting the word out to people in your town that you’re looking to resell your used wedding decor and linens. Everyone knows someone who’s getting married or has a big party coming up.

Step 6: Know Where to List Resale Wedding Decor

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eBay is always a popular option if you want to resell wedding decor and linens. Many people are familiar with how eBay works and are comfortable using it. The great news is wedding-specific resale sites have popped up just for resale purposes!

Among our favorite resale sites are Tradesy, Weddingbee, Reddit Wedding Swap, and WeddingRecycle. These sites are a wonderful resource where you can unload your wedding gear all at once! Be warned, browsing through decor may make you want to have another huge party! 

Step 7: List Honestly and Specifically

Let’s be real: your linens aren’t brand new. If there are flaws you need to disclose them in your wedding decor resale. 

The more details you can mention in your product description and the more photos you can add to your listing, the more likely you are to sell your items. Most buyers don’t mind fixing snags, or arranging their centerpieces differently if it means an awesome price!

Don’t Post: "100 White Tablecloths and Decorative Overlays $300”

Do Post: “100 Round Tablecloths 120″ Ivory, 100% Polyester. 100 Royal Blue Ruffled Organza Overlays. Used once, one tablecloth has 3-inch coffee stain (Photos attached.) Stain is hardly noticeable under overlay.”

Reselling wedding decors and linens isn’t too hard to do. Just be sure to practice patience and you’ll get the price you’re asking. We hope this guide to reselling your wedding decorations has been informative and helpful.

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