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How to Make Double Stuffed Balloons and Custom Balloon Colors (DIY Balloon Tutorial)

Make your balloons shine even brighter, and your event look more of a standout by learning how to make double stuffed balloons. Doing so creates unique and easily customizable colors to suit your party theme. You can achieve the pastel colors you’ve always wanted or darken the colors of the balloons you can find by double stuffing them. It only takes finding the right color combination to achieve the perfect balloon colors. 

Top Techniques for Making Double Stuffed Balloons

It is fun to learn how to double stuffed balloons. With the proper techniques, you can easily pull this off.

The first technique requires these steps: 

1. Prepare two balloons of the same size.


2. Stretch each balloon a little bit, then loosely roll one of the balloons and insert it into the other.


3. While inserting the balloon, try to pull the inside balloon to the bottom of the outer balloon.



    4. Fill the balloons with air and tie them up.


    The second technique involves the following steps:

    1. Prepare two balloons and a pen.


    2. Stretch the balloons a little, then roll the pen loosely into one balloon and insert it into the other.


    3. Remove the pen, then pull the inside balloon to the bottom of the outer balloon.


    4. Fill the balloons with air and tie them up.


    Pick any of the two popular methods on how to inflate double stuffed balloons. Find which one is the easiest technique to follow. 

    Fun combinations of custom balloon colors you can try

    You don’t need to change your planned color scheme because you cannot find the balloons in the exact colors you want. You can create custom balloon colors on your own. For starters, follow this double stuffed balloon color chart.

    Chrome Silver And Chrome Gold

    Go classic with this combination. It is the perfect color combo for golden or silver anniversaries or 25th and 50th birthday parties. Or, you can use this combination to add more shine or glitter to a party.

    Black And Pearl Gold

    These two colors complement each other so well that they have become party favorites. These are ideal for festive graduation parties and bridal showers.

    Blue And Light Pink

    This color combination is perfect if you want some candy colors for an event. Blue and light pink are complementary colors, too. They are best suited for baby birthday parties and baby showers.

    Parrot Green And Sea Blue

    Do you want to introduce some elements of the sea to the party? These are the perfect colors for pool parties in the summer.

    There are other combinations you might want to play around with. You can get chalky pastels if you put vibrant-colored balloons inside white latex ones. For instance, white and yellow get yellow chalk; white and spring lilac balloons create lilac chalk, and white and onyx black get charcoal chalk.

    If you want warm pastels, you can insert balloons into balloons with warm tones, such as blush, pink, and ivory silk. A balloon tutorial to get these colors may go like this:


    • Ivory silk and pink create soft pink
    • Blush and orange create orange peach
    • Pink and pale blue create pastel lilac
    • Blush and rose create rose peach
    • Ivory silk and coral create soft coral
    • Blush and coral create coral peach


    Linens And Decor In This Balloon Tutorial Video

    Do you have rare colored balloons in mind for your next party? Feel free to experiment with double stuffed balloons and combine different colors to get the custom colors you want using any of the two techniques mentioned and any of the color combos suggested. Customizing your balloon colors will go more smoothly if you can find the right linen and party decor supplier you can trust.

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