How to Transport Tablecloths Without Wrinkling Them

One of the difficulties in event planning is ensuring that tablecloths remain wrinkle-free during transportation. Linens are prone to wrinkles caused by folding, compression, or movement.

Keeping your tablecloths in excellent condition is essential for presenting a polished setting. A flawless, wrinkle-free tablecloth enhances the overall look of any event and demonstrates diligent planning. 

Preparing the Tablecloth

Stains and moisture can cause wrinkles to your linen, especially when it is folded. To avoid wrinkles during transit, it is important to thoroughly wash your tablecloths. Then, make sure that your tablecloths are completely dry before folding them.

Proper folding helps reduce wrinkles and creases in tablecloths. Begin by laying your table linen flat on a clean surface, such as a large tabletop. Gently pull the fabric taut to smoothen out any wrinkles or folds.

Fold the tablecloth neatly along the original seams to keep its shape. Opt for large folds rather than tight folds to eliminate deep wrinkles and evenly distribute the weight of the fabric.

Securing for Transport

Wrap your tablecloths to prevent wrinkling and damage while in transit. Here are a few methods to look into:

1. Plastic or Fabric Garment Bag

Wrap your linens in plastic or garment bags to protect against dust, dirt, and moisture. These bags keep them clean which minimizes the need for extensive ironing upon arrival at your destination. Choose a garment bag made of breathable fabric for better air circulation to minimize moisture buildup.

2. Rolling Around Cardboard Tubes or PVC Pipes

Rolling tablecloths rather than folding them helps to prevent wrinkles. Lay the tablecloth flat on a clean surface. Roll it tight around the cardboard tube or PVC pipe. Make sure to roll the fabric smoothly and evenly to avoid creases. Secure the rolled linen with rubber bands or straps to keep it in place.

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Handling and Stacking

To keep your tablecloths in the best condition, handle and stack them properly.

Make sure your hands are clean and grease-free before touching tablecloths. Handling fabrics with unclean hands could result in stains and discoloration. Gently hold the tablecloths at the edges or corners. Do not drag or tug them across surfaces as this leads to wrinkles and snags.

If you need to stack your tablecloths, arrange them flat. Lay out your tablecloths on a clean surface that will double as your stacking area. Place the largest and heaviest linens at the bottom of the stack. This will ensure that the weight is distributed evenly and does not crush lightweight tablecloths.

Place the stack on a container or bag to keep the table linens from moving around too much. Ensure that the container remains stable and flat during the travel to avoid shifting and sliding. You can also use straps and cords to keep the container from tipping over sudden stops or turns.

Unpacking and Care Upon Arrival

Once you arrive at your destination, gently unpack your tablecloths. Avoid leaving them packed for extended periods. Unfold each linen and place it flat on a clean area to inspect its condition.

Hang the tablecloths on a clothesline, garment rack, or sturdy hanger to naturally release the wrinkles. Gently tug the fabric to remove any evident creases. You can also use a spray bottle with water to do the wrinkle-releasing technique.

If the tablecloths are still wrinkled after hanging, steam them using a handheld steamer. Move it in a sweeping motion across the surface of the linens, concentrating on areas with visible wrinkles. You can also use a steam iron on its lowest setting. Simply put a clean cloth between the iron and the table cover to shield the fabric from direct heat.

How to Store Tablecloths Properly

Store your table linens properly to keep them looking their best after transporting and using them. Here are some storage tips: 

  1. Hang your tablecloths made of delicate and easily wrinkled fabrics on sturdy hangers. Choose ones with wide, padded shoulders to avoid creasing along fold lines. Hang the linens in a closet with plenty of space to avoid overcrowding.
  2. To minimize wrinkles, drape the tablecloths on padded hangers. These hangers give additional cushioning, lowering the likelihood of creases during storage. Hang the tablecloths in a cool, dry spot out of direct sunlight.
  3. Fold your tablecloths along their original creases to reduce deep wrinkles, and store them in a breathable fabric storage bag or container. This will protect your linens from dirt and pests. Avoid using plastic bags or containers because they trap moisture, resulting in mold growth.

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