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What are Spooky Table Setup Ideas for Kids Halloween Party

Decorating for Halloween can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. If you're on a budget and don't have much time, you can simply hang some orange string lights outside your front door and call it a day! Have a bowl of sweets ready for when the neighborhood kids come trick-or-treating, or send out non-food goodies like small toys or even cheap coloring pencils or markers for them to enjoy.

But if you want to have an extravagant halloween celebration for kids, don’t be afraid to go above and beyond with these affordable yet spooky table set-up ideas from CV Linens!

How do you throw a Halloween party for kids?

big pumpkin

For a lot of kids, Halloween is a celebration to look forward to because of the amount of candy they will get to receive and enjoy when they go trick or treating. Costumes and parties are something to be excited about, just like any other special holidays.

If you are planning a Kids’ Halloween party, make sure that you plan for food, music, and activities for the day. Kids are easily distracted, and would want to enjoy a variety of activities so if you plan to host a celebration, make sure to have a lot of fun things in store.

Kids are curious and imaginative, so decorations are important in setting-up the entire look and feel of the party. Pick a Halloween theme or color scheme that you want, and don’t feel it should necessarily be traditional Halloween decorations. After all, you wouldn’t want kids, especially the smaller ones, to be too spooked from your Halloween decors!

How do you entertain kids at a Halloween party?

halloween decoration

Kids love to move around. If you have a venue that would allow them physical activities, that would be great. However, if you have a limited space, small children restlessly running around might not be the best option.

One way to get their attention is to keep them busy with table activities. There are plenty of table decor ideas to match your celebration, and you can get kids busy with fun activities and eye-catching table decors.

Here are some tablescape themes for a kids’ Halloween party:

Halloween Kids’ Party Tablescape Ideas

1. Pumpkin Patch Theme

pumpkin halloween theme

This classic halloween theme is perfect if you want an easy-set up celebration with all the classic Halloween elements. Start your tablescape with affordable Orange tablecloths that you can buy in bulk from CV Linens, and complement them with black or purple table runners.

Add minimal decorations such as small pumpkins or candlelights so the kids can easily sit and enjoy their halloween activities. Get them to paint carved pumpkins or trace and paint skeleton figures while seated. 

2. Spooky Forest Theme

little girl on forest

If you want a little more spookfest for your Kids’s Halloween celebration, recreate an enchanted forest look and feel. Instead of using tablecloths, opt for wooden tables and chairs and decorate them with gray or black table runners and chair sashes. If you are using wooden stools as chairs, add fake spider webs as a decorative element. 

For the tablescape, use one or two Candelabras as centerpieces, and add colored candles to add a little color to complement the black tablescape. You can also use dusty blue or silver chiffon drapes, decorated with LED lights to add depth to the venue.

3. Halloween Glam Theme

princess costumes

    The Halloween glam theme is a common alternative to the scary-themed Halloween parties. If you have older kids as guests, or you are planning a Halloween party for tweens, this theme is perfect!

    Make them dress up like princesses, or add a twist to the celebration, by making them dress up like glam fairy tale villains. Use a wedding arch decorated with sequin fabric to resemble a magic mirror. Complete the sinister twist by hiring a face painter for the event, so your tweens can turn into glamorous wicked witches and fairies.

    To add a little shimmer to your celebration, glitz sequin is your go-to fabric for this occasion! Start with sequin tablecloth for your tables and match them with a more opaque fabric for your chairs, such as spandex or economy polyester. Also, because these sequin tablecloths are already eye-catching, you’ll need just a little more decor for your tablescape. Consider using acrylic centerpieces that look like precious gems, and use decorative gemstones to complete the look.

    For your place-setting, use a gold or silver charger plate and match them with napkin rings embellished with gemstones. You may also check out these easy napkin folds for Halloween and other fall gatherings.

    Additional Pro Tip: Use disposable plastic or paper cutlery and cups. They are colorful and attractive, but also cheap and durable  plus disposable utensils are easier to clean up. 

    4. Candyland Trick of Treat Theme

    colorful candies

    Why get tricks when you can get treats! Turn a spooky Halloween celebration to a sweet and charming candyland theme! Use pastel colors to decorate your Halloween Candyland with a variety of fabrics and decors from CV Linens.

    Pastel-colored balloons and wedding arch covers are perfect for candyland-themed celebrations- complete with neon signages or LED lights to add color. You may also use colorful chiffon curtain drapes to decorate walls. 

    For the tablescape, start with White Tablecloths and pastel colored table runners and chair covers. Scatter an assortment of candies around an acrylic cake stand with colorful cupcakes and other treats for the table centerpiece. Use colorful disposable utensils for easy clean-up.

    There are plenty of ideas to choose from, when setting a table for Fall celebrations. If you are planning a celebration with adults, you can also check out these easy thanksgiving table set-up ideas to make your simple gathering special and memorable.

    For more Halloween decor ideas, follow check out these decor inspiration from the CV Linens Pinterest account! 

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