Top 10 Decor Must-Haves for the Holidays: Elevate Your Festive Spirit

The holiday season is upon us, and it's the perfect time to transform your home into a festive wonderland. Decorating for the holidays, Christmas in particular can be a challenge. After years of searching and curating, We’ve compiled a list of must-have holiday decorations for you. Bring joy to your space and make wonderful holiday decor gifts with these top tips.

Whether you're experienced or new, these decor must-haves will boost your holiday mood. Let's dive into the world of the most popular Christmas decorations that will make your home merry and bright!

Top 10 Holiday Decor Must-Haves

1. Electric Candles: Illuminate the Season 

christmas gift boxes

When the days get shorter, battery-operated LED candles can create a cozy atmosphere with their warm glow. Scatter them around your home in various heights, and let the built-in timer handle the magic. The inviting glow will make your space feel festive and welcoming. Add some crystal centerpieces and charger plates to make the light bounce and get a warm and whimsical vibe.

2. Felt Garlands: Rustic Elegance 

girl setting up christmas decor

For a touch of old-fashioned charm, invest in a collection of felt garlands. Hang them on your Christmas tree, bookshelves, entertainment center, or buffet table.

The rustic appeal of felt adds a timeless elegance to your holiday decor. Purchase some wholesale faux flowers for a delicate holiday feel.

3. Christmas Gnomes: Whimsical Guardians

christmas gnomes

Embrace whimsy with Christmas gnomes, inspired by Scandinavian folklore. These cute guardians add a playful flair to your decorations while paying homage to tradition. Collect them over the years, and let these charming creatures safeguard your home.

4. Wooden Santas: Timeless Collections 

wooden santa

Build a collection of wooden Santas, each uniquely beautiful, to add a touch of tradition to your holiday decor. Explore creations by artists like Jim Shore to find Santas that resonate with your style. Your collection will grow richer with each passing holiday season.

5. Wooden Trees: Cozy and Seasonal 

christmas tree setup

Capture the cozy essence of winter with wooden trees. These wooden decorations are ideal for mantel displays. You can choose from a "White Christmas," red and green, or silver and gold theme. Add some artificial greenery to your living room and front door to add warmth to your Holiday decor. 

6. Cranberry Bead Tree Garland: Classic Elegance

cranberry bead decor

Adorn your Christmas tree with timeless elegance using cranberry bead tree garlands. While real cranberries might be traditional, these wooden bead garlands offer a reusable alternative. Create a classic look that withstands changing trends.

7. Straw Tree Topper

christmas tree star

Honor your family's Scandinavian heritage with a straw tree topper. Traditionally used in Northern and Eastern European cultures, straw adds rustic charm to your Christmas tree. Top off with some Christmas lights to add to the holiday cheer.

8. Kraft Wrapping Paper: Rustic Gift Presentation 

kraft wrapping paper

Wrap your holiday gifts in the charm of kraft wrapping paper. Create a unified look under your tree while adding variety with different prints and patterns. Let your gifts contribute to the overall decor of the room.

9. Lace & Transparent Ribbon: Elegant Finishing Touch 

christmas gift with ornament

Enhance the rustic charm of kraft wrapping paper with lace and transparent ribbon. This elegant pairing adds a refined touch to your presents while maintaining a homey and festive feel.

10. Command Hooks: Practical Decor Assistance 

christmas stockings

The unsung heroes of holiday decor, Command Hooks, deserve a spot on your list of must-haves. Use them to hang garlands, lights, wreaths, signs, and more. With various sizes and styles, they stay in place and make the end-of-season cleanup a breeze.

Mix, Match, and Celebrate in Style

Embrace the holiday spirit with these Christmas decor must-haves, and turn your home into a festive retreat. You can get all these must-have decorations at super affordable prices when you buy Christmas decor in bulk.  

Be on the lookout all year round to catch your favorite tablecloth on sale even before the holiday season. Get all the best deals when you buy wholesale tablecloths.

Decorating for the holidays or looking for a Christmas decoration items list? Use this collection as your guide. Wishing you a season filled with joy, warmth, and beautiful decorations!

Happy Holidays!

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