3 Ways to Throw a Unique Christmas Party to Remember

The annual Christmas festivities are quickly approaching, and this season is what most of us are looking forward to the most. The holidays are all about love, healing, and renewing strength after a year of hard work. We also don't forget that it's about rejoicing! We also share this season with those closest to us, making Christmas parties extra special.

In addition, this season is always exciting and challenging. It can be stressful and draining having to come up with unique Christmas party ideas. You might also be under pressure to achieve the expectation of throwing the best Christmas party experience for your company holiday party or your get-together with family.

Well, there’s no need to worry. Hold on to your sleighs and reindeer and let's begin exploring some unique Christmas party theme ideas!

Check out these awesome tips for a unique Christmas party this holiday season!

Unique Christmas Party Themes

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A Christmas party can be both simple and sophisticated. If you want it to be fun, try a new tradition or mix up the theme party.

What's a good theme for a Christmas party, you may ask? Here are our top three unique Christmas party recommendations that’ll surely warm up your winter holidays!

1. Hollywood Holiday Theme Party

red carpet

The holidays are a time to take a break and enjoy the best version of yourself. What better way to glam up during the holidays than to throw a Hollywood Christmas party theme complete with a red carpet? Your guests are sure to have a fun time walking down the red carpet in their fabulous looks at least once this year. This theme will surely be filled with unique red-carpet Christmas party ideas!

Set up a Christmas-themed photo booth with a photo backdrop stand where they can immortalize their Hollywood holiday outfits. You can even have a runway event where everyone can cheer as each guest walks down the carpet. This is a glamorous team-building activity everyone will want to post about their stories.

If you want to come in color-coded gowns and suits, you can announce a color theme beforehand. This way you can make sure your outfits go well with the event decor.

There are many ways to elevate your red-carpet party ideas with the right Christmas decor to achieve that Hollywood look. Pair your red carpet and Christmas tree with a red velvet tablecloth and Lamour Satin Chair Sashes in Emerald Green. Drape your venue with this Velvet Fabric Roll for a Christmas-y look. For more style ideas for your perfect Christmas table setting check out our tips here.

2. Cozy Christmas Sweater Theme – with a Twist!

christmas sweater

Christmas sweaters hanging all year in our closets. It’s the comfortable piece you fall back on during cozy Christmas mornings but wouldn't dare wear outside.

On the other side of our glam theme, throw an ugly Christmas sweater party and have your guests come in their favorite sweaters. No judgments here! Have even more fun by having them walk down a makeshift runway parading their sweats!

Put a twist on this classic theme by having your guests wear their most risqué holiday outfits underneath. Have them reveal their fantastic outfits under their holiday sweaters as they walk down your party venue. The best outfit reveal gets to bring home the gingerbread house! This is a unique office Christmas party idea your guests won't want to miss.

Pair this theme with some cozy food like hot chocolate and some Christmas biscuits. Maybe watch some old Christmas movies, do gift exchanges, or have some s'mores by the fire. 

We recommend using red accordion crinkle taffeta table runners. Enhance your charming table set-up with red and white gingham checkered polyester napkins paired with a striped satin chair sash for a candy cane Christmas look. Complete the look with party decor such as faux flowers in neutrals and warm red.

3. Superhero Christmas Party Theme

superhero costume

If you're looking for some cool Christmas party themes, here's an idea for you! Have your guests come dressed as their favorite Superhero! We guess it's not just Santa flying through the skies on Christmas Eve.

Have each guest present their costume and do their best impression of their favorite Superhero. This will surely be a unique work Christmas party idea your guests won't forget.

To get some major laughs, have one guest arrive as everyone's favorite superhero during Christmas: Santa Claus!

Have an even better time by playing the silliest Christmas party games while in full superhero costume! Imagine Batman doing Christmas Carols or karaoke. Maybe have Wonder Woman pin the nose on Rudolph the Reindeer or participate in a game of scavenger hunt.

You could even play Santa Limbo. Have each superhero attach a pillow to resemble Santa’s belly and do a limbo contest. Only the most flexible superhero will get to take home the turkey but it will surely make everyone laugh all the way home.

christmas lights
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Bring some life into your party with flashy Christmas lights and staple decor! We recommend this Glitz Sequin Christmas Stocking by the fireplace. Buy tablecloths in bulk and add a Glitz Sequin Tablecloth Overlay Topper that’s sure to grab your superhero guests’ attention.

Whatever theme you choose to use this Christmas for your ultimate unique Christmas party experience, what matters most is that you and your guests enjoy it! You can use these unique Christmas party ideas for work or with friends and family.

The best theme is the one that brings you all closer together. Ultimately, what makes a Christmas party special is the memories you create with the people you love. Your Christmas theme, holiday gimmick, and party decor will only help you create those memories by bringing out the laughter and the fun.

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For more unique Christmas party ideas and holiday decor tips, check out our Pinterest and YouTube channel!

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