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Alternatives to Wedding Bouquets

From charming tulip wedding bouquets to cheerful sunflower wedding bouquet arrangements, there are a ton of wedding florals to go around for your big day. 

But, if you’re looking for a unique twist to the old wedding bouquet, we’ve got you covered. Here we walk you through our top alternative wedding bouquet ideas.

Wedding Bouquet 101

colorful wedding bouquet

A wedding bouquet serves multiple purposes on your wedding day. Primarily, it adds a touch of beauty and elegance to the bride's ensemble, complementing her wedding dress. 

Brides carry bouquets as a symbol of fertility and love, as well as for the tradition of warding off evil spirits. However, alternatives to the classic flower bouquet have been gaining popularity recently. 

The cost of a bridal bouquet can vary depending on factors such as the types of flowers chosen, their availability, and the complexity of the design. On average, brides can expect to spend anywhere from $100 to $300. 

When it comes to the color of the wedding bouquet, it ultimately depends on personal preference and the overall theme of the wedding.

Some popular bouquet choices include the timeless white or lily wedding bouquets that give off a classic look. Paired with some white velvet tablecloth you’ve got a clean and polished wedding look. 

You can also opt for soft pastel tones for a romantic ambiance, or vibrant and bold colors for a more modern and energetic feel. Ultimately, the color should complement the bride's attire and the overall wedding aesthetic, making it a beautiful and memorable accessory for her special day. You don’t have to stick to the classic peony wedding bouquet.

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Top Ideas for Wedding Bouquet Alternatives

If you’re tired of the classic old wedding flower bouquet, you can come up with your own DIY wedding bouquet to save up on costs and still stay stylish. Here are our top wedding bouquet alternative ideas.

1. Bridal Wreath 

Bridal Wreath

Instead of a wedding bouquet, why not try designing a DIY bridal wreath? You can adorn your circular wreath with greenery and jewels for a touch of class as you walk down the aisle.

You can apply the same principles of how to make a wedding bouquet on your wreath base. Sprinkle it with a few florals if you want a soft touch. A bridal wreath offers a unique and enchanting alternative to the traditional wedding bouquet.

2. Wildflower Wedding Bouquet

wildflower wedding bouquet

If you’re not a big fan of the polished and formal mainstream wedding bouquets this earth option might be for you. Pick and gather some wildflowers, ferns, and lush greenery from your garden for a natural wildflower wedding bouquet.

This is a perfect alternative to the classic fall wedding bouquets. You can even save your collected wildflowers for wedding bouquet preservation. There are tons of online tutorials and DIYs on how to preserve wedding bouquet.

You can even assemble a mix of dahlias, hydrangeas, and cosmos for your table centerpiece. Pair your wildflowers with some fuchsia napkins and long and flowing tablecloths for a classic and elegant feel. 

3. Blue Wedding Bouquet with Balloons

bouquet and balloon

Who says you can’t have fun on your wedding day? Here’s a creative alternative to your wedding bouquet – bold colors and balloons! Get swept up with the light and airy vibe of blue balloons instead of your old wedding bouquet.

Adorn your balloons with lace and fabric embellishments for a whimsical and colorful vibe. Complete your blue theme with some matching navy blue table runner.

4. Boho Wedding Bouquet 

boho wedding bouquet

Try a boho wedding bouquet with this chic idea. Bring a woven basket filled with ferns and a splash of wildflowers. Dress the handle with some ribbons for additional embellishment.

The natural brown of your boho chic basket bouquet is sure to turn heads. Pair the brown earthy colors with dusty blue chiffon fabric to elevate your look.

5. Paper Flower Bouquets

Paper Flower Bouquets

If you are still searching for a wedding reception venue, consider one that offers table linens. Make sure to ask the venue provider so you will know if the linens are enough and how much it will cost you to use them. If you like their offer, it will solve your problem of having to look for linens from another source. However, you may also be limited with your choices of wedding table linens. 

Not only do they last forever as a cherished keepsake, but they also offer endless possibilities for unique and personalized designs, making them a delightful and sustainable choice for brides looking for something different.

6. Giant Pinwheels

giant pinwheels

Giant pinwheels bouquets bring a whimsical and playful touch to alternative wedding bouquets. These oversized pinwheels, often made of colorful paper or fabric, add a fun and vibrant element to the bride's ensemble. They create a visually stunning and dynamic effect as they spin and twirl, making them a unique and eye-catching choice for brides who want to make a bold statement on their special day.

7. Succulent Bouquets 

succulent bouquets

Succulent bouquets offer a fresh and modern alternative to traditional floral arrangements. These unique bouquets feature an assortment of succulent plants, known for their resilience and captivating textures.

With their diverse shapes and shades of green, succulents create a visually striking bouquet that not only lasts long after the wedding but can also be replanted and enjoyed as a living reminder of the special day.

Decoration Ideas Paired with Your Alternative Bouquet

wedding bouquet
brides bouquet

Of course a wedding isn’t complete without the matching wedding decoration to match your fabulous wedding flower bouquet.

Set a clean and polished look with some affordable table linens in matching colors of your bouquet wedding alternative. Go for long flowing tablecloths for a luxurious vibe. You can check out our tablecloth length chart to make sure you get the right length.

Choose the best fabric for ceiling draping and backdrop curtain to instantly elevate your wedding venue.

Glam up your tablescape with some inexpensive chargers for wedding tables. Pair these with some elegant cocktail table decor to liven up your wedding reception and complete your wedding look.

Mix and match your party linens and decor to match the relaxed vibe of your chosen alternative bridal bouquet!

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Throw a Picturesque Wedding to Remember

Put a creative twist on the old classic floral bouquet and walk down the aisle carrying a statement piece with your alternative wedding bouquet. Dress your venue in only the best party linens. 

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For more styling tips and design inspiration, visit our blog, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts for more styling ideas.

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