Tips and Tricks for Beautiful Wedding Tent Draping

With the growing trend of outdoor weddings, using tents has seen a rise in popularity. When it comes to using tents for weddings, tent draping is the go-to styling option. Draping a tent for a wedding sets the aesthetic for your wedding space. Choosing high-quality fabrics is crucial to perfectly envelop your tent.

Planning your tent drapes includes measuring your tent, choosing the material and color of your drapings, choosing a drape design, and accessorizing. This guide will go over all these steps to teach you how to drape a tent for a wedding. 

Understanding Tent Draping

Chiffon Fabric Bolt 58" x 10 yards - White

Tent draping is an exhilarating way to add a touch of class and elegance to your wedding. Tent draping involves using wedding drapes to dress your tent, raising the visual appeal of your event area. With careful planning, you can create an atmosphere of romance that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

Choosing the Right Linens

Choosing the right linens is always an important decision when it comes to planning a wedding. You’ll want to choose materials that complement your planned aesthetic while also considering their practicality.

1. Tulle

Soft Tulle Fabric Roll 54" x 40 yds - Kelly Green

With its soft quality, tulle is an enduring choice for drapery. With its light property, tulle is perfect for capturing a fairytale-like aesthetic.

2. Chiffon

Chiffon Fabric Bolt 58" x 10 yards - Blush

Chiffon imparts an elegant feel to your wedding space. This fabric flows well, making it a good choice for drapes.

3. Satin

40 yds Satin Fabric Roll - White

Satin is an easy-to-use, quality fabric that effortlessly adds a timeless look to your wedding.

When choosing the color for your fabric, go with colors that complement your wedding theme. You can’t go wrong with choosing white drapes for wedding ceremonies.

Preparing the Tent

Make sure your tent is prepped so that you will have an easier time once you start draping. Ensure your tent is properly installed and has any extra bearings to hold the extra weight of the drapes. You can also install pulleys and hooks to make hanging your drapes easier.

Measure the areas of the tent you plan on draping so that you can get the right amount of fabric. Keep the surfaces of your tent clean so that your drapes don't get dirty during installation and at your event. 

Draping Techniques

When it comes to draping your tent, you have a variety of draping techniques to choose from: 

Ceiling and Sidewall Draping - Achieve an ethereal look by covering the ceiling and walls of your tent with fabric draping. For the ceiling, go with an arched look by draping from one end of the tent to the other using the central bearing of the tent to hold the drapes. Cover the sides of the tent by using fabric draping for weddings as curtains. 

Swagging - Swagging is another excellent choice for draping that creates a wavy effect that adds visual appeal to your space. Run the fabric along one edge of the tent toward the other edge using the central canopy of the tent to hold the fabric.

Pole Drapping - For a more minimalist approach pole draping is a good choice. Wrap the poles of your tent with fabric to create an embracing feel to your space. You can experiment with two-tone colored fabric or go with a classic monotone look. Pole draping is a great choice for open-air tents. 

Accessorizing the Draped Tent

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By adding accessories to your decor you can add the finishing touch that elevates your event into one that you and your guests won't forget. For summer and outdoor weddings, incorporating hanging flowers enhances the natural feel. If you’re on a budget, faux flowers can achieve the same effect for a lower cost.

For night-time receptions, incorporating lanterns can help set an ethereal mood for your event. Whichever choice you end up making, accessorizing shows an added sense of care for throwing a mesmerizing event. 

Caring for Draped Linens

Once you’ve finished your party and taken down your drapings, the next step is taking care of them. Proper care and maintenance of your linens ensure they last long and are pristine for your next event. Ensure your linens are crease-free once you’ve taken them down. You can do this by hanging your linens and lightly misting them. This ensures that there are no strong creases once you store your linens. 

Draping your wedding tent is more than just decorating, it sets the tone for the wedding and creates the scene for the biggest event of your life. With some planning and creativity, you can turn your wedding tent into a captivating background that you will remember for years to come.

This guide has covered how to choose your wedding drapes, set up your tent, design choices for draping, accessorize your tent, and care and maintenance for your linens. We hope this guide will help you plan out your wedding. Get quality linens wholesale at CV Linens™ and create memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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