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How To Make a DIY Cinderella Table Skirt

Make your event decorations more appealing to fairy tale fans and use these princess fairytale themes that extend beyond children's birthday parties. With their captivating charm, Cinderella-inspired table skirts have become popular for weddings, baby showers, quinceaneras, and various other celebrations. 

Learn How To Design A Cinderella Table Skirt DIY

For visual learners, check out our step-by-step video tutorial here:

Materials You’ll Need For Your Cinderella Party Theme

  • Base Tablecloth
  • Velcro Table Skirt Clips
  • Two-Layered Table Skirt
  • Brooch Chair Sash Buckles

Cinderella Table Skirt Tutorial

Step 1: Add the Base Tablecloth

Step 1: Add the Base Tablecloth

Begin by draping the base tablecloth evenly over the table. Smooth out any wrinkles or creases to ensure a polished appearance. For an extra touch of luxury, consider adding a table runner that complements the color scheme.

Step 2: Attach Velcro Table Clips

Attach Velcro Table Clips

Securely fasten the Velcro table skirt clips around the edges of the table. These clips will provide a sturdy foundation for the skirt layers.

Step 3: Add the Skirt

Step 3: Add the Skirt

Gently attach the two-layered skirt to the Velcro clips, ensuring it hangs evenly and gracefully around the table's perimeter.

Step 4: Add Brooch Chair Sash Buckles

Step 4: Add Brooch Chair Sash Buckles

Take the outer layer of the table skirt and, using brooch chair sash buckles, pin the fabric to the top of it. Space the brooches evenly to maintain a symmetrical and elegant appearance.

Step 5: Complete the Outer Layer

Step 5: Complete the Outer Layer

Repeat the process of pinning the fabric with brooches all the way around the table, leaving an appropriate distance between each brooch for a cohesive look.

Step 6: Pin the Inner Layer

Step 6: Pin the Inner Layer

Now, pin the inner layer of the table skirting at a lower point between the previously pinned fabric. This will create a beautiful cascading effect and add dimension to the overall design

To summarize everything, choose a high-quality base tablecloth in a color that complements your overall theme. Light hues like pastel blue or soft pink work wonderfully for a Cinderella-inspired look.

Ensure a secure and seamless attachment of the table skirt by using Velcro table skirt clips. These clips will hold the layers in place and maintain the graceful drape.

Opt for a two-layered table skirt to create depth and texture. The cascading effect will add to the magical ambiance of your event.

Elegant brooches will play a pivotal role in holding the outer layer of the table skirt in place, adding a touch of sophistication and refinement.

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Decorating Your Events With Cinderella Table Skirts

Cinderella table skirts are versatile. These captivating skirts can be used for various table types, including guest tables, cake tables, sweetheart tables, and quinceanera head tables. The fairy tale charm they exude perfectly complements the celebration's atmosphere.

If you're looking for an alternative that uses a different fabric but is similar to the Cinderella table skirt pattern, consider gathered Lamour skirts or chiffon tulle skirts. These skirts offer luxury and sophistication that can elevate any event.

As an alternative, you can also use chiffon tulle skirts which add a different character to your event decor.

For other great ideas, you can always refer to our ultimate guide to table skirt clips and the table skirting guide

Cinderella Stringed Table Skirting For Your Parties

Apart from these magical Cinderella table skirt ideas, don't hesitate to explore other princess party decors as well. Princess fairytale party ideas like Beauty and the Beast Inspired Events can also bring an element of magic and nostalgia to your celebration.

These Disney-themed party events are perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, and weddings, among others. We have Cinderella table skirts for sale along with other princess theme designs.

To complete the fairytale ambiance, consider incorporating elements like balloons, pedestal stands, or marque numbers. These additions will showcase the milestone celebration in a truly enchanting light.

Creating a DIY Cinderella skirting is a magical journey that will enhance the ambiance of any celebration. With simple supplies and a bit of creativity, you can transport your guests to a realm of enchantment and wonder. Let your imagination soar, and bring the charm of fairy tales to life with this captivating table skirt that will leave everyone in awe of your event's elegance and grace.

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