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Are Curly Willow Table Skirts Widely Used in Events

If you’re decorating for a fun birthday party or a whimsical wedding reception, these curly willow table skirts are perfect for you.

Curly willow table skirts are cascading table skirts are usually made out of tulle, a light and airy fabric. Others used different materials, depending on preference. These delicate tulle table skirt decorations are a good way to add a dash of color and texture to your dinner table set-up. These curly table skirts are popular among children and teen parties for its unique and fun design.

Curly Willow 14ft Table Skirt - Pink
Curly Willow 17ft Table Skirt - Turquoise
Curly Willow 14ft Table Skirt - Baby Blue

How to Make a Curly Willow Table Skirt

It's super easy to make your own curly willow table skirt. If you’re more of the crafty type, you can definitely do a DIY curly table skirt.

1. Using a rectangular tablecloth, cut this out into 4 equal parts. With your tablecloth stacked on top of each other, cut out a large circle. It doesn’t need to be perfect. 

2. Cut a spiral pattern into your circle. Start from outside going into the center. At the end of your spiral, leave a 1 inch margin from the center. 

3. Stretch out your cut out table cloth. You will begin to see it curl when held on one end. If the cloth is too long, you can cut it in half. Separate the curly strands of table cloth. 

4. Repeat these steps until you have enough curly willow tablecloth strands to cover the edges of your table. You can use different colors and alternate these for a colorful table skirting set-up. 

5. Using a roll of paper streamer, measure the length of your table edges. Cut out the paper streamer at the desired length with some margin. Tape the curly string cut outs to one side of the streamer. You may also use a glue gun to secure your tablecloth cut-outs. 

6. Pin your paper streamer, with the curly tablecloth cutouts attached, to the edges of your table. Secure them into place and voila! You have your DIY curly willow table skirts. The more curly cut out strands you make, the more volume your table skirt will have. 

If you’re in a rush to decorate your party or are simply too busy to make curly table skirt diy, you can always order curly willow table skirts online.

There are tons of online decor shops that offer table linens and table skirts. Some shops even offer matching Curly Willow Chair Sash for the ultimate party experience.

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What is the main purpose of table skirting?

white table skirt

Table skirting is mainly used to hide your table leg, especially if these ruin the aesthetics of your party. Event organizers often use table skirts to hide what's beneath party tables. They also use it to decorate your dinner party set-up. This versatile decor item can both hide unsightly table legs and give an elegant look to your venue.

For wedding parties or formal parties, event designers often use white tulle table skirts. This gives off a delicate and innocent look.

For a more mature and luxurious look, decorators might use curly willow table skirts champagne in color. The willowy curls add a whimsical vibe while the deep red color balances it out by exuding a rich and elegant feel. 

If you want to complete your look, consider using matching chair covers and sashes. We've got New: Curly Willow Chair Sashes for Special Events.

What kind of cloth is best for table skirting?

polyester fabric

The most commonly used fabric for table skirting is polyester fabric. Polyester is a cheap fabric that is easy to clean and maintain. It is also resistant to wrinkles and stains. 

However, this fabric is often too heavy for tutu table skirts or curly willow skirts and sashes. The most common fabric for curly table skirt decor are tulle, taffeta, and organza. These light-weight fabrics allow for the curly design to hold itself in place for willow table skirts.

You can shop for easily attachable curly willow decor with our New: Curly Willow & Chevron Satin event linen options. You can also shop for matching taffeta and organza Event Draping & Backdrops.

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What are the table skirting styles?

There are different styles of table skirting for different party themes. Our top 5 table skirting are:

1. Bow Tie - this pleating features a wide and flowing drape around your tables. It gives off an elegant and clean look perfect for weddings and formal affairs.

2. Box Pleat - this simple pleating is one of the most common styles used in parties. The cloth hangs flat around the table and pleated in small, continuous folds. Its a simple way to neatly cover your table legs. 

3. Continuous - this pleating style feathers large continuous folds that are pinned flat against dinner tables to give off a neat and crisp edge. These are perfect for conferences and show booths for a clean presentable look.

4. Shirred - Shirred pleats are made of cloth gathered in portions by elasticized threads. This results in a more relaxed look with a more flowy and playful drape. These are perfect for more casual occasions. 

5. Accordion - this pleating style allows for widely spaced pleats for an elegant look perfect for formal dinner banquets, weddings, and anniversaries. This is a fun way to add volume to your round table skirt.


These are some of your options for table skirt pleating. You can use different styles depending on the mood of your event. If you’re not one to go for the formal pleating designs, you can opt for the more spontaneous curly willow style. 

Table Skirts to Add a Dash of Color

silver curly willow table skirt

Table skirts don't only hide table legs and unsightly edges. They are also a fun way to add color and texture to your party. 

Try out different colors to make a statement at your next party. Use a yellow curly willow table skirt for a children’s party. You can use a curly willow table skirt aqua or blue shades for an outdoor pool party. For more formal events, you can opt for a burgundy curly willow table skirt.

Curly Willow Decor for All Occasions

butterfly kids party
pink curly willow table skirt

We’ve gone through basics of curly willow table skirts, different colors and table skirting ideas, and even how to make your own DIY curly willow table skirts.

Dress your dinner party in style with this whimsical decor. Add to cart some curly willow sashes to match your willow table skirts. Our Curly Willow Chair Back Covers are Here for a more coordinated look. 

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