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Why We Love Old Hollywood Glam Themed Events

Old Hollywood glam round tablecloths crystal centerpieceOld Hollywood glam round tablecloths crystal centerpiece

Revisiting Past Hollywood Glam Themed Events

If you’re thinking of having a glam Hollywood party there are so many different routes to take with it! Some of our favorite ideas include an Oscars or awards party, a costume party, or an event that honors a famous actor. Occasions that fit perfectly with this theme include weddings, Sweet 16 parties, or a small birthday gathering.

Dress Up the Decor

We can guarantee you this: decorating for an old Hollywood glam party will be a blast! Old Hollywood glam requires floor-swept round tablecloths, a crystal centerpiece in the middle of each table, and romantic candlelight to make your glitz sequins shine. A primarily black, white, and red color scheme is the perfect starting point. It’s your choice when it comes to silver or gold accents!

Integrate black and white photographs of famous actors into your decor by hanging them on walls, placing them on buffet tables, and propping them behind bar areas. Include red round tablecloths, black chair covers, and red/silver chair bands to mimic our mock up above. Finish your tablescapes with elegant gold charger plates, printed menus, and black napkins.

Need help and tips on folding a Swirl Napkin for your special event? Check out how to create a swirl napkin fold on our YouTube channel!

Make it a Memorable Time

For a great party addition include old films projected at the venue as guests mingle and dine. You can also hire individuals who look like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, or Audrey Hepburn to interact with guests. Be sure to have a marquee board announcing the party and a red carpet at the entrance!

Other special touches could include Oscar-worthy invitations, a champagne fountain, and candy bars with wrappers that depict scenes from old movies. If it’s an adult party, stock the bar and feature old-time drinks such as Manhattans and Old Fashions.

About Our Old Hollywood Glam Mock Up


Difficulty Level: ★★☆☆☆ (relatively easy)
Set Up Time: Approx. 30 minutes with drapes

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Round Tablecloths, Sequin Drapes, Crystal Centerpieces – Oh My!

Your old Hollywood glam event will have everyone excited to attend! Every detail of the party, from the fantastic decor to the luxurious round tablecloths, will lend itself to even more creative ideas for future events and gatherings.


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