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Perfect the Pyramid Napkin Fold

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The Pyramid Napkin Fold Will Transform Any Event

Worried about how to jazz up an upcoming event? No need! We’ve created an instructional video on how to fold a napkin into pyramid fold (also known as triangle fold.) Material used in this video is our Glitz Sequin Napkin, but this fold can be done with ease on a variety of wholesale napkins including polyester, satin, and taffeta napkins. Use the wholly versatile pyramid napkin fold for events ranging from a chic wedding to a low-key barbecue.


There are Quite a Few Advantages to Purchasing Wholesale Fabric Napkins


1. They are the Cheapest Napkin Option in the Long Run

Yes, paper napkins are initially less inexpensive. However, they cannot be reused, and you keep replenishing the ones used. Cloth napkins, on the other hand, can be found at low prices and can be reused over and over again, meaning that overall, you would spend much less on cloth napkins than you would on paper napkins. They are also very strong and easy to wash and dry so you can bet on them being used for quite some time. 


2. They are Economically Friendly

Paper napkins are used once and thrown away, oftentimes barely used. This takes up a lot of natural resources, mainly trees. Cloth napkins are reusable and extremely durable; just wash and dry them after they have been soiled and they’re ready for more use!


3. They are Elegant

Cloth napkins seem to convey the message that you are in a special place and the meal you are about to eat will be one to remember. When restaurants or wedding receptions use cloth napkins their guests and diners expect excellence in the service, the quality of the food, and overall come away with a better perception of their experience.


4. They are More Absorbent

Spills are a frequent accident at meals. This can sometimes be devastating if something that stains spills across the table, landing on the lap of whoever happens to be in its path and staining his or her nice outfit. Cloth napkins are highly absorbent and are able to quickly mop up whatever has spilled without it expanding further.


5. They are More Sanitary

Paper napkins cannot be washed and have been on a variety of surfaces, especially if they are in a dispenser at a fast food restaurant or small diner. Cloth napkins are washable and dry thoroughly; you can rest assured they have not been anywhere questionable once washed.

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